Monday, August 10, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays today and in the future

As I have said in the last two postings, our plan for today, August 10th, is to tweet both the hashtag #chuckmemondays and the non-hashtag chuck me mondays. So, your tweets should look like:

I love Sarah Walker! #chuckmemondays chuck me mondays

However, in the future, and perhaps NEXT WEEK, we will likely adopt a new strategy. tweeting the name of the episode we are watching. Therefor, in the future, we might be watching an episode and tweeting something like:

I love Chuck and Sarah in first date on chuck me mondays


I love Chuck and Sarah in First Date

Just know that this idea is out there and that it is in the pipeline for the future. This should suppress any belief that Twitter is banning our tweets and also be easy enough for people to remember to do as it is episode specific. Please comment on this idea. I have enabled anonymous comments for those who are too lazy to create accounts.

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