Friday, September 4, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays - Sept. 7th, 2009 - Watch, Give & Buy Chuck for Labor Day


Monday, September 7th, is a holiday in the US: Labor Day.  While many people will be away, those of us not going anywhere too far away from our computers, will be watching CHUCK episodes together for a few hours and trying to trend #FREECHUCK yet again on Twitter.

The episodes, as voted by the fans, and the times we will watch are (yes, we will watch 13 and 14 in the correct order, as originally intended):

5PM ET - Episode 13: Chuck Vs. The Best Friend
6PM ET - Episode 14: Chuck Vs. The Suburbs
7PM ET - Episode 16: Chuck Vs. The Lethal Weapon
8PM ET - Episode 21: Chuck Vs. The Colonel
9PM ET - Episode 22: Chuck Vs. The Ring

The times have been set so that everyone around the world can participate at some point.

We will be using the NBC Viewing Party whenever possible.  Anyone who hosts a viewing party can bring 10 people into a room.  It is highly recommended that anyone who hosts have a good computer and a good Internet connection.  The older the computer and the slower the connection, the more problems for everyone who joins.

I created a little video for people who want to use the Viewing Party but were not sure how to do it.  Hopefully this helps:

If you cannot join a viewing party, you can also watch the episodes on by using the links I have provided above for each individual episode.

While the Viewing Party feature has its own chat room, it would help our effort the most if you used a third party Twitter application like twhirl or the more popular TweetDeck both of which are far more useful than the normal web browser version of Twitter.

FYI, you get 150 API requests per hour on Twitter, per account.  That means anything you do on Twitter counts against that.  Once you reach that limit, you will be blocked from tweeting for that hour.  Here are the limits as per Twitter Support:

  • 1,000 total updates per day, on any and all devices (web, mobile web, phone, API, etc. )
  • 250 total direct messages per day, on any and all devices
  • 150 API requests per hour

So, while trying to trend, limit how often your refresh or receive updates, if you want more of your tweets to count in the trend.



We Heart Chuck needs your donations they are doing it via birthday cards to Zachary Levi.  Please give at least $5 (to cover the cost of the American Heart Association sending the card to Zach).  Zach will read all your cards and has already commented on the campaign.  So, whether or not you are able to watch and tweet with us on Monday, you can still do some good in the name of CHUCK.

Please go to the site, follow the directions on how to contribute, and give.  The AHA and Zachary Levi will surely appreciate it.



Subway is the reason we got a third season of CHUCK and they deserve our patronage.  So, please go out on this day and purchase at least one $5 footlong and enjoy a great sandwich while watching CHUCK.  Or, as with We Heart Chuck, even if you can't watch with us, you can still stop by a Subway.


  1. Great line up of episodes! The Cole episode was the only 'surprise' on the list and just goes to show that all the episodes are amazing, regardless of the 'angst' level. I personally think Lethal Weapons is a great comic episode, and of course no surprises with the other episodes chosen either. I voted for Broken Heart instead of Lethal Weapons but all my others made the list!

    Another 'surprise' for me was that people are ready to start season two at the beginning regardless of whether NBC provides them to us or not. Another testament to Chuck fan spirit.

    I plan on giving what I can comfortably to the AHA charity, money that I will not miss greatly but will help greatly when added to the collective pot.

    To me this CMM movement more than anything else captures all the good qualities of Chuck fans. These are the fans that I want to be a part of, the most exciting and positive place on the internet to be is CMM.

    Dare I say it is Chuckgasmic?


  2. Lethal Weapon is one of my favorite. Probably third on my list. Cole was the first agent to treat Chuck with respect (though, not in Beefcake) and to give him credit. At the end, Cole looked at Chuck as someone far more capable than most gave him credit. Also, in Lethal Weapon, Chuck took control of his feelings for Sarah while also revealing that he had taken control of his life (the end, with the poster).

    I have no clue why some fans think Lethal Weapon is anything but a great episode, but I am glad others voted it in. :)

  3. so, I finally got a fast computer. no more wireless B, this must be a G, dual core, 2GB of RAM (doesn't make facebook move any faster, alas) - unfortunately it has a 10 inch screen and speakers that can't be heard over my air conditioner.

    oh well. (i'm sure using twhirl would cover the episode part of the screen, but hey, at least I can spell it - I had to learn during those 4 days when I couldn't get it it to *work*!)

    anyone have a version I could install on my suse 10.2 linux DVR? I tried but apparently the repositories can no longer be found for suse 10.2 The one click download version doesn't work for anything under 10.3 and there is no way i am versed enough to upgrade the *kernel* on a machine I use to watch TV.

  4. Pamela, It seems like every technological advancement I have made lately has been related to Chuck, lol.

    Wish I could help but it was a big step for me to figure out what the heck twitter is.


  5. Dave, that's funny! All my friends have said the same things about Scott Bakula. We learned a lot of things just so we could see him. (and then, thankfully, we acquired some fans who know how to extract video. we are going to put the post office out of business. we used to send a lot of tape.)

    I went to the site, got one ep to work, the column on the side can't be seen on my netbook. width problems.
    Oh well. I have season 2 on my DVR.

  6. PS - taught best friend Twitter last Monday night. I had to do it as I was explaining it cause I couldn't remember otherwise.

  7. I learned Twitter only a few weeks before I put together Chuck Me Mondays. :) Hell, I am STILL learning Twitter.

  8. Twitter,, podcasts, DVR recording, and even just going to TV fansites and learning about neilsen ratings...all new to me.

    Heck, even eating at Subway was new to me.

    Donating to charity was a first for me (and second).

    I am more internet aware because of Chuck. Now I check twitter just to see what Chuck fans are up to.

    Hope tonight rocks!

  9. Chuck has made people more aware and civic. :)


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