Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays Sept. 14th until March 1st STRATEGY

First! NO HASHTAG for September 14th. Instead, we will type out  We Heart Chuck as three separate words, in honor of the American Heart Association fund raising effort by the campaign of the same name.  That is right, absolutely NO HASHTAG for this week.  It is time we test to see if we can trend common words as opposed to hashtags.  Might as well start now.  So, your tweets could look like:

Chuck and Sarah are so cute together in this episode! We Heart Chuck

Second, we may be changing terms every week.  So, check back here every Tuesday or Wednesday for the new strategy.

Third, now for the strategy:

Based on the poll, the majority want to continue into Season 2 of CHUCK in order.  So, we will do that.  However, since there are some people who can't find it in their wallet to spend $2 to $3 a week on CHUCK (I spend more than that a day on tea), I am going to offer up alternate strategies for them.


We watch Season 2 in order from First Date to Ring.  You can purchase the episodes via iTunes, Amazon, Playstation Network, and XBOX Live or find some other method I don't want to know about (well, not publicly at least).

AMAZON - $1.99 per SD episode; $35.02 for the whole season (savings of $8.76)

AMAZON - $2.99 per HD episode; $52.62 for the whole season (savings of $13.16)

iTunes - $1.99 per SD episode; $39.99 for the whole season (savings of $3.79)

iTunes - $2.99 per HD episode; $59.99 for the whole season (savings of $5.79)

Playstation Network - $1.99 per SD episode; no full season price offered; no HD offered (no link either)

XBox Live - 160 points = $2.00 per SD episode; no full season price offered; no HD offered

Watch any random episode from the second half of Season 2 on, selected from Third Dimension to Ring.  Fans will watch at the same time as the main strategy group and tweet as normal.  You will likely annoy the rest of us with your tweets about Best Friend and Colonel every week, but whatever.  If you can't afford the episodes, or find some other way of acquiring them (I told you!  I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!), then this is at least a way that you can join us and help the trending. :)

Alternate Strategy #2
Watch Season 1 over again.  I don't care in what order.  Just tweet like a maniac.

There you go.  I do not recommend buying the entire season yet, unless you really want to own it now.  NBC and WB might have the correct order of episodes coming for online viewing (looks like NBC's license for the second half runs out on the 20th of this month).


  1. Why do we have to change the name we are going to be why can't we just stay the same Hashtag every week so people don't get confused and also so they don't have to wonder what the hashtag or words it going to be

  2. Because there is a belief that Twitter is blocking the hashtags once we trend them. So, we are going to change the hashtags and terms. It isn't really all that difficult. Just come here before each Monday, and find out what term we are tweeting for Chuck Me Mondays.

  3. I am not say it's hard to do it's just annoying that can't just stay on one hashtag

  4. I am not just changing the tags and terms because it pleases me to upset you. There is a reason for it. I would love to keep the same tag for the entire period, but it is looking more and more like that is not going to work... at least until we get more people to participate.

  5. Greg: Let's just play along, it is no big deal in the overall scheme of things. See you Monday!


  6. I am happy that I have finally located the place to find out what ep and what phrase we are using.

    I will be watching on my DVR as I can't "find it in my wallet" to buy episodes that I will eventually get on DVD (my best friend bought me last season (otherwise i would have watched my home made DVDs), and a Scott fan offered to buy me season 2 (if it ever comes out).

    Why do people believe season 2 will be online soon? Isn't there a 17 day window during which the networks can stream their shows without having to pay the people who made them? I would think that window has long since passed.
    It would be nice, though (just not on the netbook, it's too tiny) (yes, I got the netbook, used, from ebay, during one of the 5 weeks I had a full time job. and it has a crack in it or it would have cost much more)


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