Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays Strategy for September 21st = No Change!

Everyone did a great job last night using We Heart Chuck as the new term.  We tweeted the term over 1,400 times even though some did not even have the episode (come on, NBC & WB).  We did not have much of a chance to trend last night as Parick Swayze's passing dominated the trending list (RIP & Red Dawn ruled!). 

It will be interesting to see what happens from here on in as shows come back next week and will likely dominate the trending list.  If, for whatever reason, we cannot continue to trend the topic (well, we certainly can if everyone joins in), then I have a backup plan ready to be sprung. ;)

As the title of this posting says, there will be no changes next week.  We will continue to use We Heart Chuck in our tweets.  However, the following week I am hoping we can get as many people as possible to join in to wish Zachary Levi a happy birthday.  His birthday is on the 29th so we may have to return to the scene of the crime the following day to try and get our favorite guy a nice birthday gift.

Speaking of birthday gifts, http://www.weheartchuck.com/ is rolling along strong in its reboot efforts to raise money for the American Heart Association in the name of Chuck Bartowski, closing in on $20,000 in total.  The current campaign will take your donation and allow you to send a birthday card to Zac!  You can give as little as $5 (the cost of the card) but more is always good as well.  His publicist has indicated that Zac will read every card he is sent, so get involved now so he gets your card on time.


  1. Marcus, Don't know if this is the right place to comment on the latest CYT, but I'd like to take a stab at Rachel's (or was it Siskj's) question about why men age 30-40 are, um, "well represented" in the audience.

    Well, I'm older than that. I identify with Steven, and root for Chuck-the-character as I would a son. I made his nerd-mistakes 30 years ago, so like any father who lives vicariously, I like to see him "get the girl" despite having made them.

    As for the 30 yr olds, they still see themselves in the character, of course, and are still on some sort of "quest" in which they will live or die gloriously. 40 yr olds still *think* they're that young, and can still win that "quest".

    The fantasy is very real, which is why no one ever questions the show's main conceit - that Chuck is born with a unique talent and *is* a super-computer. Everyone wants to be "special".

    How's that?

  2. Marcus? My name is spelled all over the place, come on now. ;)

    I think the point that was brought up was about why women don't watch the show more. Granted, more men should be watching CHUCK. It is the perfect show for men of all ages (well, within reason)... and women too. :)

  3. Don't even think twice about it... except the next time you use my name. ;)

  4. When I am on twitter, a lot of the fired up and active fans seem to be female, and they all dig them some Zach. I think that the show was initially a tough sell to females because NBC didn't bother promoting the show. This year is about spys and not geeks, which should be a major leg up.

    I think the reason that men watch the show is obvious...that blonde super agent. I think that the reason a small and persistent group of men whine about the show so much is because they are losers that are hard up and the internet is their little soapbox.

    I think that those of us who are men with real relationships in our life may be frustrated by the choices that the show creators continue to make but just can't be bothered to bad mouth the show in a self indulgent fashion. It is what it is. If you can't enjoy the entertainment aspect than tune off the show. But that is a judgement call that we can't even make for another six months.

    At some point the show will revolve around Charah, and in my opinion it is worth the wait. The constant harping of some men who frankly make me feel uncomfortable to even be a man is a lot more difficult to overcome than rumors of a love triangle IMO. They have managed to taint the offseason for all of us to a degree. I left the discussion boards because I have no ability to fight them off without devolving into arguments. They have stolen a part of my joy for Chuck the same as if they looted my house or took my car stereo. And I know their names. But what can you do?

    I want to get past Season 3 because frankly the Charah resolution is coming and that seems the only way to get back to enjoying the show without constant distraction. None of us have any idea why the creators of the show flat out just don't get it about what the fans actually want, but the course of the story is going to bring us there REGARDLESS if we show some freaking patience and humour their silly triangles a bit longer.

    I think your blog made some great points.....my favorite aspect of this show is when Charah are together but bickering. That is such a wonderful thing! I watch Cougars and DeLorean over and over to feed off that vibe...they love each other but drive each other crazy DUE TO LOVE...that is Moonlighting style humor.

    The thing about HATESHIPPERS is that they have forced us to constantly micro-examine every bad thing about the show instead of allowing us to just watch the show. I am watching moonlighting right now, and frankly the only part about the show which is not CRAP is the relationship. With Chuck, every aspect of the show is so unique and fresh, and once the creators get past their self imposed obstacles for Charah, the show will blossom.

    I think people are going to tune in and check the show out. People are suckers for any kind of buzz, like moths to a flame. Chuck continues to generate buzz and even the constant whining of HATESHIPPERS may have the opposite effect in making people curious about this love triangle stuff. It sure sound juicy in the media.

    I think for those of us that are mature enough to keep this show in perspective, we need a new approach. We have tried engaging the HATESHIPPERS, did not work. We have tried finding positive ways to look at season 3, no dice. We have tried telling them to STFU and drop dead, epic fail. The only thing left to do is simply laugh at them and move on. Seriously. It is so pathetic that you can only laugh. Let's sell this Season 3 to the media on buzz and love triangles and hot steamy good times. Let's just flat out embrace it and leave the HATESHIPPERS in the dust.

    I yield the soapbox back to you.


  5. Dave, you need to go start up a blog, man!

  6. When I can troll your blog????


  7. I don't know if it's just me but don't you think we would get more people to show up if it was at 7pm or 8pm. The reason why is alot of people are going to want to watch shows like heroes that starts at 9pm and that would take away i would say aroundmaybe 40% or 50% of the people that normally comment. and if not change the time change it to tuesdays at 9pm

  8. Any day is going to be a difficult day to get people anyway since regular TV season is on. But I like going up at 9PM ET since Trauma is on. :) Going on earlier isn't going to work since most of the west coasters don't get home until around the time we do it now.

    As for your percentages... where are you getting these statistics?

  9. I just guess to tell you the truth

  10. I know. Let's deal in facts, Greg. :)

    But I do appreciate your input.


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