Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays - Response and New Strategy

Based on the responses I received from various sources regarding my Chuck Me Mondays post, here is what we will do this coming Monday.

We will continue to use the #chuckmemondays hashtag (this will prevent total confusion from reigning over the effort).

We will begin to use chuck me mondays in every tweet (a space between each word).

Whether you capitalize letters or not makes no difference but for ease of use, make it as simple as possible.

So, your tweets during the next Chuck Me Mondays event should look something like this:

That fight scene was so awesome! #chuckmemondays chuck me mondays

Please pass this on to your friends and ask them to follow @ChuckMeMondays on Twitter for the most up-to-date direction on the matter.

Should this not work for whatever reason, do not worry. We are currently working hard to get more exposure on different fronts. Just keep joining us each week and we will rule the Internet again. ;)


  1. Let's try it, but I feel like taking out 30 characters out of the 140 will reduce the quality of the posts, forcing us to write shorter sentences.

  2. This show is Awesome =) I really hope is gonna go on for an other 2 seasons or even 3. Show ur supports fans ! tell your friends about the shows, because this is one of the main reason why "Chuck" also shut down, not enough viewers/profits.

    PS: Sarah and Chuck make such an awesome couple !

  3. the hashtag #chuckmemondays or #chuckmondays?

    My only complaint about this new tactic is that it forced me to be even more concise in my tweets which is not my strong suit. But the discipline'll be good for me.


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