Monday, August 1, 2011

Head of NBC: CHUCK Is Definitely Over

Head of NBC Entertainment, Robert Greenblatt states definitively that it is 13 episodes and done.

Update: I have been contacted by a couple of people who want me to correct my projection. The head of NBC did not, in that interview, specify 13 episodes. He specified the season was its last.

My source at NBC still says it ends at 13, though.


  1. Bollocks !!

    As long as we still have " Annie's boobs " around and Magnitude ( PoP- PoP ) , I' think I'll survive .... barely :)

  2. We get 91 episodes after almost losing the show at 35. Nothing to be sad about... at least not until the series finale when we know it is all over.

  3. Good. I'll be glad to see a series finale that I know is definitely the series finale. The open-ended finales have really hurt the show, I think.

  4. Heh... I bet they got for an open ended finale anyway.

  5. I'm predicting right now that the finale will end with Sarah somehow coyly hinting at pregnancy to Chuck. It's schmaltzy and stupid, so they are for sure going to do it.

    That said, when was it NOT confirmed that this was the last season? Wasn't that basically in the press release announcing renewal?


  6. Razorback,

    I'm confussed.

    When wasn't Seasson 5 going to be the last of Chuck????

    Also is season starting this fall or Feb of 2012?


  7. Season 5 is its last. The question has been whether it can get more than 13 episodes.

    The season starts October 21 and supposedly ends February 3.


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