Monday, August 1, 2011

Geek Furious Podcast #2 - Exclusive! (Adult Language)

This podcast is kind of a CYT/GF mix, which is why it is being posted here and via ChuckYouTuesday.  Enjoy.

In this episode of our epic podcast, Siskj and DR talk about Chuck, Fringe, Falling Skies, Alphas, Harry Potter, Captain America, X-Men, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and much, much more. Also, some super duper insider exclusives are discussed including some Chuck and Fringe spoilers. We also talk about things we probably shouldn't have talked about relating to dangerously insidery info we have on your favorite actors.

We also discuss NerdHQ's superiority over SDCC and some of the issues related to that.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the player here (ADULT LANGUAGE):

Music used:
Sepultura - Desperate Cry
Fear Factory - Descent


  1. What did YS do to earn such an "bad" reputation ;P ?

  2. You will never know.

    And that was years ago anyway.

  3. I haven't listened to the podcast yet.

    Are You revealing spoilers about X-men and the Harry Potter movie?

    If you are then i shouldn't listen to the podcast.

  4. No spoilers about X-Men but we do talk extensively about Harry Potter, so you should skip that until you see it... but come on, the movie has been out for weeks!

  5. Nice pod cast ! you had some great topics like most of the times :))
    Magnus, you are actually a very very nice guy, didn't see that one coming with all the mocking and explicit language :D
    But the way you handled the Yvonne slip was very nice and you balanced it with a moody Zachary story to point out everyone has his bad days.
    Although i'd lie if i'l say i'm not a bit curious which actor felt the "wrath of the Blond Shemale" =))

  6. Yvonne is wonderful. She has had bad days like everyone else... that's all I was saying. :)

    I did misspeak, though. When I said Zac was testing out NerdHQ, I meant TheNerdMachine.

  7. Thanks for the podcast! Enjoyed hearing both your thoughts on Chuck and other stuff, especially Harry Potter, nice to know I wasn't alone in some of my thoughts on the ending scenes.


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