Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear DR: 2011 brings pain and suffering!

You asked, I answered.

Please do not copy and paste this to your site.  Please link at the top of your posting to this article and write a short summary.  Thank you.

Hey love your site and I just want to say how much it has saved me during the 7 week hiatus. Anyway on to my question: Is there any thing you can tell us about the episode Carina makes her return on? -- Sadie

It digs a bit into Sarah's past.  I imagine it won't be the last of her back-story we see this season.

Dear Great One and Master of the Internets, can you help me recover from my New Year's hangover by giving any further details on this Chris Fedak comment from the EW article?:  “Our team finds themselves in a terrifying situation, which may be Chuck’s worst fear." -- Rachael 

That is certainly NOT what I told him to say.  But you know show runners... always going off script.  I imagine he meant Chuck's fear of losing those he cares about very much... or being abandoned by them.

DR you are the greatest. My question is with Roan and Carina coming back is it possible that they will comment on Chuck and Sarah's life since they last saw them? -- Amrit


Any comment on Seduction Impossible episode, like will there be any fun scenario regarding Moroccan general and his female army ? -- Harku

You can count on a number of seductions.... and at least one member of Team B will need to seduce one of those ladies.

Look at the question and now at yourself and now back at my question and now I am guessing by now you know you are better then the Old Spice guy who was on CHUCK. So my question is Morgan and Alex, are they ever going to show them going out on a date? Because they could get kidnapped and Casey would have to save them. -- Greg

If that is planned, I don't know about it.

DR, you're awesome! I love your site, spoilers, podcasts... just about everything! Question to you: I know Roan and Carina are coming back this season, have you heard of any other returning characters from previous seasons that are coming back? (for example: Cole Barker, Jack Burton, or anyone from the dead) -- Steve

Not yet.  But I would not be shocked if one of those individuals shows up at some point.

They should refer to Devon as Captain Adequate because you are the true Captain of Awesome. My question is, Will Chuck and Sarah have any conversation or interaction coming up where Chuck is the supportive one? Will he get to be there for Sarah a little? -- Sue

Ummmm... yeah.  It is safe to say Chuck is going to get a moment like that in the next five episodes.

Hey Magnus, thanks for all the work you put into this site, you're awesome. In a previous Dear DR, you mentioned there wouldn't be any Sarah/Ellie scenes. Do you know if this holds true for the back 14? Phil Klemmer's back, and I remember he wrote some memorable scenes between the two of them. -- Anonymous Dippy

NO NAMES! There is a Sarah and Ellie scene in one of the early back order episodes.

Dear great, awesome, powerful and wonderful leader. Sir DR, I notice the lack of spoilers about Buy Morons of late. Anything interesting coming up in relation to Jeff, Lester or Big Mike that can be revealed? -- Rob

They get involved in the arrival of Baby Awesome in more ways than one.  Think baby names... and they certainly have opinions about the push mix.

Dear DR in all your awesomeness, another website--which I choose not to identify by name--made some noises a while back about Chuck doing a crossover with another TV series. As I recall, they even asked for fan suggestions of which TV series. They said the suggestions would be passed on to the producers. Was there anything to that? Is Chuck really considering a crossover? -- Diane

Sounds like a website run by idiots who couldn't come up with an original idea unless they stole it.  No.  There is no cross-over... at least so far.

Almighty DR, ruler of the Chuck-verse and consistently-reliable teller of the spoilers, as awesome as I anticipate a little bit of Chuck/Sarah angst to be, is there any chance of some epic, happy moments before/during/after this angst? -- James

Yep.  4.11 is going to have some pretty sweet moments.  They even shot a really hot moment for 4.12, but I don't know if it made it into the episode.

In your latest Dear DR, you said that very soon Sarah would come to a realization that some fans would "rage against". Was that hyperbole? On another note, I'm really looking forward to the return of Roan Montgomery. Your teasers and the EW article both imply that there will be a lot of seducing going on in this episode. Please tell me that Chuck is involved in at least one of the seductions. -- Anonymous Nutbag

You didn't praise me or anything... why even bother responding?  But it was a good question so I will give you this one.  Was it hyperbole?  Probably.  Especially since I don't know how it is executed, or how they edited pieces together.  So, I can't fully judge how some people will react.  But if people don't react negatively to it, then I will be surprised.

As for Seduction Impossible, there are a number of seductions and Chuck has one of them.  As do two other members of Team B.

Are we going to see Alex and Casey on a mission together at some point? -- Bert

Not that I know.

Dear hot, intelligent DR, just wanna say I love your podcasts and your site is definitely THE best Chuck site there is, it has for sure saved me during these brutal weeks without Chuck. Love you and love your teaser spoilers, but I was hoping you could give us something a bit more straight forward about the whole Chuck and Sarah drama that seems to be coming, please? Like is the Sarah leaving Chuck for another man thing because of a mission? P.S. sorry for the length of the question and I donated, hope it helps :) -- Amy

First, thank you for the donation.  Those who donate can make their questions as long as they want!  Sarah's decision to leave is not easy to describe without giving away big plot points.  Her decision isn't because she finds a hotter guy.  It does appear to be a personal choice, though.

DR, leader of leaders, king of kings, supreme master of all Chuck spoilers, teasers and podcasts ... and generally an awesome person, what are the chances that Volkoff will not be killed or permanently sealed off in a secret CIA prison by the end of the season? -- Luk

I have no idea what they plan to do with him at the end of the season.  Well, maybe I have a little bit of an idea but since those episodes haven't been written yet, I can't say for sure.

Dear DR, me dumb ... you all Chuck knowing ... would you tease/spoil more about 4.13 other than a baby arrives? -- TS

I think Chuck is going to need a bigger poster this time.  We also find out what kind of music Devon likes.  I was devastated.  I thought he was a Toad the Wet Sprocket kind of guy.

Oh Dear DR, in all your awesomeness, king of the internet, master of spoilers, we all know that you love to tease with your spoilers and we love that, but I was hoping you could clarify a bit on the spoiler "Sarah attacks Chuck with passion." Good or bad ? And when? -- Anonymous Momo

HOT.  4.12.  Unless they cut it out of the episode (they better not).

Dear DR, I've already told you that you are the SINGLE reason Chuck has stayed on the radar for the last five weeks (until Mr. Fedak finally showed up) and if I were either Schwartz or Fedak, I'd offer you a well paying job to do just that - a job you probably have too much integrity to accept. My question, such as it is, is about shippers - you have already stated you believe they will go nuts over 4.11 and rage over 4.12. What do you believe shippers will do after 4.13? -- PeterOinNJ

They would never offer me a job and I would never accept as long as I had to work for WB.  I would happily work for the producers, though.  They are nice people.  As for your question, a baby arrives so they should be happy.  After all, you know it is going to affect Chuck and Sarah in some way.

DR, you are the hottest thing since ice cream. And no, I don't think that's weird coming from another heterosexual man. Now onto my question: Can we expect a new big bad for the second half of the season or is the Mama B / Volkoff storyline going to continue past episode 13? -- Michael

Inappropriate!  Anyway, as of this writing, there is no new bad guy story line.  Is that because the current bad guy is still a threat?  Or because the writers are lazy?  Tune in to find out.

Will there be an episode or two where - for one reason or another - Casey is not around? -- Max

Without giving anything away, or being able to clarify, I will say... yes.  Don't read anything into that!

Alright, that is it.  I answered almost every question except for those I felt I couldn't answer or were already answered.  If you don't like the questions, then ask a better one next time.  Enjoy!

UPDATE!  I forgot to include one question:

Can you tell us anything about my favorite relationship, Sarah and Casey? -- Burkey

Casey and Sarah will have a very emotional moment together... a moment that will dwarf all other moments in which Sarah has called him "John."

UPDATE 2, from the comments section:

Hi DR, never posted before, but have enjoyed observing from the sidelines all the wit and wisdom you provide on a regular basis for my favorite show. Thank you so much. I know you can't specify when or in what episode the proposal is going to happen with Chuck and Sarah, but how do you think fans will react based on what you know about it? -- Melissa

I have a rule: I will not discuss the Chuck and Sarah engagement story line other than to say that it was decelerated once they got the extended episode order.  However, I will tell you that in 4.11 you will get more than a glimpse into the romantic mind of Chuck.  And by that I mean that he has been working on a plan B... or C... or D... F... G?


  1. Dear DR,

    You are the man! I thank you for giving us poor Chuck starved views and fans something to cling on to during this 7 week break. For me this break feels 3x longer than the normal break between end of spring to start of fall. I can't wait for Jan 17th!!!


  2. Dear DR,

    Thank You! Im in such withdrawal from lack of Chuck I've started dreaming plot lines. You at are helping ease the pain.

    Shannon :)

    p.s. For this, I give you a new donation for January!

  3. Awesome, you are the man DR. I decided to come back to your site and have a go at these teasers. I'm just glad Sarah and Chuck aren't breaking up being the shipper I am. 4x12 has got me wondering what could be worse for Sarah and Chuck than them breaking up?

    I hope it's resolved by 4x13 and thanks for the spoilers.


  4. Hi Magnus,

    Do you know if there are going to ever get a line that beats casey's in honeymooners - morgan "give the guy a break he has the world's fate resting in his hands!", casey - "Oh I'd say he has got something else resting in his hands", oh the sexy connertations! great line! will we get a zinger like that?

  5. Awesome Chuckme3ways says,

    Is muddying the Chuck and Sarah waters the way to go? Using a sports metaphor for the delayed proposal. That is like you are 1st and goal and your team fumbles the ball and they other team returns it to their 50 yard line. I wish I was excited but the writers messing with Chuck and Sarah again are getting on my nerves. Would love to say I sm excited for the back 14 but I am kind of blah about it. Please tell me we don't have another shipperpocalypse because after shawgate I have no patience for it.

  6. Dear DR,

    A follow up question to my Roan and Carina topic, when they comment on chuck and sarah's life will it be:

    1) Complimentary?
    2) Derisive?
    3) First derisive and then a learning moment and finally a complimentary moment?

    Please do not say one of the above or one character says one of them and the other say's another.....

  7. Hello DR.
    Based on what you know about the next 4-5 episodes, what you think which is going to be your favorite episode and why :) ?
    oh and Happy new year ;)

  8. "Casey and Sarah will have a very emotional moment together... a moment that will dwarf all other moments in which Sarah has called him "John." "

    Thank you for the last minute update. Now I really can't wait!

    And thanks again DR - you really have made this wait tolerable. It must be satisfying to see the official spoilers repeating what you told us in December. Like I said, I'd hire you.

  9. Dear awesome DR, thanks for the wonderful spoilers. I am dying to find out what will be the emotional moment between Casey and Sarah!
    Thanks for making the hiatus bearable.

  10. "a moment that will dwarf all other moments" Now I'm excited, the ending moment of american hero probably is up in the top3 of best scenes in s3 for me. I really like the kind of relation they have.

    But well I'm still most excited for an awesome baby to be born!


  11. Magnus,

    You've mentioned that (some) shippers will rage, etc. at 4.11/4.12. However, leaving aside Chuck/Sarah issues (which are always temporary, usually short-term, and often very satisfying in their resolutions), can we expect some overall "epicness" in those two episodes? Or is all that reserved for 4.13? I for one would welcome some non-Chuck related Sarah awesomeness somewhere in there.


  12. Thank-you a million times over. Your site has definitely gotten me through the past weeks. I am, however, getting that nervous pit in my stomach about Chuck and Sarah with all of this about her leaving. Please, can you say something to reassure me that my favorite couple will be ok - even if it's not in the immediate future? Pretty please with Subway on top?

  13. Jim, I didn't say shippers would "rage, etc. at 4.11/4.12." I said that about 4.12. And I said it about Sarah's actions.

    As I have said many, many times at this point, I think 4.11-4.13 all sound like pretty great episodes and that only a certain portion of the fandom (focused on specific and negative elements) will find problems with them.

    Tommy, I have no idea what is going to be my favorite. They all sound like they could be candidates.

    Adrienne, you need more reassurance than Chuck and Sarah will not break up?

  14. thx - don't know if you had the experience of returning to your parent's house for college holiday break and finding romance, but visiting your site this holiday has seemed like such a holiday 'fling', knowing it will end but really enjoying the time?

    you have taught me a thing or two about how to view the show for enjoyment, I don't exactly know why, I tend to laugh at most ships (smallville was hilarious to me, so is castle), but for some reason, chuck and sarah got to me.

    And ... to followup on peter's theme, did you email the NBC / WB promo people your teasers before ep 4x9 and Fedak b4 his interview, or do you make them view your site same as the rest of us?

    A quick ? - your favorite of 4x11,12 or 13? Thx again

  15. Diane...

    I know I'm just adding to the chorus, but, thank you very much.

    Excellent blog post. You've managed to tease and excite without giving away too much that will truly spoil our enjoyment of the episodes.

  16. What's so bad about episode 12 that will make people rage?

  17. Jason, I think several people just laughed out-loud reading what you just asked me. :o)

    I don't ask permission. I don't get permission. And I certainly don't talk to anyone "official" at NBC or WB. I am all rogue, baby. Well, maybe Josh Schwartz and I have shared a moment or two but they are always on the down-low (I am kidding, Josh... come on, brother... they're just jokes... how's that Nielsen blog working for ya?).

    Diane, thanks!

  18. Anonymous, if that even is your name, nothing. 4.12 is awesome. Don't worry your pretty little head over it. Enjoy.

  19. "Jim, I didn't say shippers would "rage, etc. at 4.11/4.12." I said that about 4.12. And I said it about Sarah's actions."

    Right...4.11 = 'shipper crazy', 4.12 = 'rage', 4.13 = 'Chuck awesomeness warranting a bigger poster'

    I'd just like some Sarah awesomeness too, and not necessarily related to Chuck this time. You know, like beating up Thailand. Only this time, maybe it could be Pittsburgh. Hate that place; went to school there.


  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. The short synopis for 4x12 kinda gives away in what direction it's all going.

  22. Harku, then you don't need me. :)

    JaneMaria, you just made me throw up in my mouth! Sarah and Casey have a romantic encounter?!?! Not even in the worst fan fic ever.

    Jim, didn't I already say in the last one that Sarah is pretty great in 4.12? Or did I just mean to say that? Damn flu.

  23. Well I'm glad we cleared that up - sorry about the vomit man.

  24. I removed the comment - don't want all of fandom barfing!

  25. Nah, i really really like this blog, it's fun and often funny read. Besides i love to speculate based on those teasers and then i like to watch how all this will play out during the episodes.

    But like i said the synopis while gives away general direction (or i think it does), does not show how it'll play out and those teasers give better insight in some details...and i thank you for making waiting for next episode much more berable.

  26. Glad you enjoyed the 'teaser is in the email' quip - I was shooting for getting you to LOL - maybe casey saves sarah's life, possibly at great risk to himself, the emotional moment would be a chance for sarah to say goodbye and thanks to casey, even if he happens to die next door to the ring's tissue regeneration chamber? Maybe too fanfic'ish, but seems to follow the gist of the teasers - maybe?

  27. What's the synopsis for the gobbler?

  28. "Jim, didn't I already say in the last one that Sarah is pretty great in 4.12? Or did I just mean to say that? Damn flu."

    Yeah...All I remember is something about talking McNuggets :)


  29. I love you, my hero. Marry me?

  30. Anonymous, if that even is your name, are you female? Because while I may support gay marriage, I am not prepared to enter into one.

    Jim, I had McNuggets last night! Woohoo!

    Harku, I read the short synopsis and it is definitely missing context. It will be interesting to see what the full synopsis says.

  31. Do you know if Adam Baldwin's absence was a financial matter - like Ellie and Awesome only being in a certain # of episodes - or a request on the actor's part for some time off? I was under the impression that the three leads were supposed to be in every episode. Also, does the Sarah/Casey emotional moment happen by 4.13?


  32. Readers of this BLOG.

    Like the writers of Chuck DR Magnus likes to take a idea and twist it to make us go crazy. Example : a teaser/spioler for ep09 : Sarah hate new boyfriend! Sarah SMASH beer bottle! (addendum: I considered making this spoiler "After Chuck and Sarah are split up, Sarah asks for a new boyfriend.")

    Now we all know Chuck and Sarah's relationship didn't split up then so why should we think that is going to happen now???

    Keep us guessing DR !!!


  33. Lucia, I can't really elaborate... I was responding to my interpretation of the wording.

  34. TS, Sarah did in fact smash a dudes head into a beer bottle after he asked to be her new boyfriend... and then asked if anyone else wanted to be her boyfriend.

    All facts.

  35. DR.

    Yes they are facts.

    But some could read the teaser and think OMG Sarah left Chuck for someone new! Now Chuck has to win Sarah back again!!!

    That's what I'm talking about. Facts that with the wrong reading can cause wrong conclusions.

    Keep up the good work Dr!!!


  36. TS, perhaps after 2-seasons people would realize how I play. :)

  37. It could be , a fear of death and phase three type episode duo , just this time, Chuck is the one who not agreed with this things, and Sarah is the one, who go by Herself just like Chuck did
    and may be Sarah and Marry will ended up in danger, and may be this time Chuck is the one who need to save them ? :) May be I just want to this happen,. :).
    And I realy curious if may be we get some angry Chuck, angry for everyone including Mama B , becasue, she may be put Sarah life in danger .

    well, obviously this is not gonna happen :(.

  38. Well sometimes, the Dreams comes true :).
    But not in this show, so, like I said, its probaly not gonna happen. I won't be disappointed if its not gonna happen.
    It was just a bad theory ,

  39. Dreams can come true... but they also pass in time.

  40. I think I need to give up, to create theory, becasue, usualy I always ended up wrong :S.
    funny, I have no idea where the story goes. The season 3 was a little bit more clear :) . And in this season , I always wrong XD

  41. Magnus, when do they actually start shooting again? If they have through 4.14 done, then talking 5 weeks next Monday till Cat Squad. Seems tight...

  42. Sarah leaves Chuck just like Mary left Chuck. That is cold no matter what the reasons.

    Your spoilers make sense now sort of. Lol

  43. Geez, I thought it would be fun to read some Chuck spoilers, but halfway through the page I quit, disgusted at how arrogant and self-centered the author is.

    Yes, all the work you've done for the show is great, and thank you, but does that really mean that you need to be treated like the Messiah of the Chuck Universe?

    I realize it's probably a joke, but it's mostly just annoying, and I'm not really laughing. Just please stop it.

  44. Any chance of a Langston Graham callback/revelation?

  45. Honorable All-Knowing Magnus, when Lester comes to Big Mike for love advice, will he actually get a girlfriend? Because it's hard to imagine such a sleazeball like Lester actually trying to woo a girl. And will any character on the show tease Lester about this?
    Will it put a wedge in the Jeffster duo relationship?

  46. Thanks so much for sharing all these spoilers!! It definitely helps with surviving the Chuck drought. :) I for one, am more excited than ever for the back 14 because of the teasers. Thanks!


  47. "Geez, I thought it would be fun to read some Chuck spoilers, but halfway through the page I quit, disgusted at how arrogant and self-centered the author is.

    Yes, all the work you've done for the show is great, and thank you, but does that really mean that you need to be treated like the Messiah of the Chuck Universe?"


  48. Magnus,

    Stop forcing people to your site with a gun. It's not like you can just not visit or hit the x in the upper right box or something. No, instead you should try to ruin the fun for everyone by making stupid comments in an effort to annoy the host.

    For the life of me, I am incapable of understanding people who visit a site just to complain. Just stay away.

  49. chuckfan6408, but how do I stop doing that? I mean, I fly all over the world and climb through the chimneys of people's homes and force them at gunpoint to... holy crap! I AM FRAKIN' SANTA!!!!

    With a gun and a really horrible disposition.

  50. Too much negative people :) Well, I'm negative too, but in a different way XD
    never minde :)
    So DR. just a few question in my mind, most qouestion is probaly make you tired :).
    there will be some consequence about Sarah's behavior ? well it is not realy important but, never mind, I keep dreaming XD
    So 4.12 is Sarah big episdoe, rigth, she is awesome, and bad ass and hot and everything, so Sarah is the GOD.
    Wich episode will be Chuck big episode, when you sit , and you say
    " Yeah Chuck you are the MAN "
    There will be situations where Chuck save Sarah,

    ( Snips
    I don't like this nickname, may be I need to choice a better one :) )

  51. Damn. I was only one good question , and of course I deleted with this silly " google translation"
    so my only realy great question i think it is a god one :)

    Wich episodes you propose to re-watch from the old episodes,
    I mean which episodes are simmilar to the next 3 episodes .

    at least this is an intresting question right? :)

  52. Snips, 4.13 is Chuck's big episode.

  53. Hi Magnus looking forward in your opinion are the plots simple or complex? I ask this because I see fans or alternative podcasters who say that they expect big things only for the show to chicken out. For example end of last season they had a great set up for chuck to take on orions work and do awesome stuff....I mean it is like they forgot that papa b's message mentioned mum but also that chuck had to take over his work and all these evil organisation, the show has forgotten about these big bads. Another one is chuck losing the intersect, it does appear that him losing was to slow the story down and given sarah (yvonne) her moments to shine, and then they gave it back to him straight away and the story continues, are we expecting too much from the show? should we always expect the simple solution?

  54. Jacob, I think you should expect from this show what it has always delivered.

  55. I am appreciative of NBC for continualy bringing back chuck when they do not want to but I have to agree with what Fienberg said the other day, he blames them for the pacing because they realise at the last minute that chuck is better then most of their alternatives, I think that is what causes these problems in storytelling.......

  56. I don't know if I can ever blame NBC for the pacing of the show. I mean, cable shows do the same thing with 13 episode orders. Why is CHUCK always better in the later episodes? For whatever reason, the creativity seems to increase as they go on. That doesn't happen with a lot of shows.

  57. Thanks for the spoilers.

    "I think Chuck is going to need a bigger poster this time."

    Hearing that I assume there's a massive game changer happening at the end of E13? I do hope that they continue the Volkoff arc long past 13 because I think there's plenty of story left to tell.

  58. But with cable shows, they may only get 13 episodes but if their ratings like psych or burn notice are solid then they can create seasonal arcs. With chuck it is 13 episodes and that is it, so they rush to tell everything they can, and butcher some elements and when they get the extra episodes it seems that they relax and tell a better story.......One thing I do hope happens if we get a season 5 is that NBC says 22 episodes and your out.....I know sacrilidge but still....

  59. Jacob, they don't need to rush to tell anything. They choose to do it this way. The only thing they have rushed is the Chuck and Sarah romance. And I mean rushed as in moved it forward faster than most TV shows would.

    The problem with any story telling elements have to do with the writers room. Perhaps they have too many ideas when they start the season and are able to slow things down as the season goes on, making things seem better constructed.

    Having said that, I think this early season is a major improvement over last season's first 10 episodes.

  60. Well I can understand that, last years first 10 concentrated solely on what the producers/writers wanted to see in the story not what 75%+ the fans wanted to see, in the last 7/8 episodes they wrote material for all the fanbase (chuck and sarah fans/shippers/crazy shipper/stalkers) and continued that this season and funny enough.....fans like seeing what they want to see, amazing! is it not! lol. Well enough of that, thank you for satiating my curiosity.

  61. Thanks Dr. :)
    personally I do not mind that they move forward faster the Chuck and Sarah romance I like it, may be I'm the only one :).
    one thing I hope, that they not will always use, the Sarah backstory ,to creat angst, but show us, how much supportive boyfriend Chuck is :) .
    May be Carina, and the other girls after when they finish making jokes about Chuck and Sarah :)
    at some point they would be jealous at Sarah a little :) , that she has someone, you know :). Someone who protect her, in every way, someone who be there for her :)
    I'm in romantic mode sorry :)
    And I would so love to see some vulnerable Sarah moment, but in happy way, if even it is possible at some way ?! :S
    vulnerable but in happy way, is that possible ? I don't know :)

  62. Yes, I'm a girl-anon!

    When's the wedding?

  63. Man... I really need to come more often to the site I don't even knew there was going to be a new Dear Dr. I couldn't make any question. Next time will be.

    Anyways. Dear Dr. Like I said before you are the man. Thanks for this man you really helps us with the hiatus. I really apreciate your work.

    Can you explain me what this means. but of course you don't have to if you don't want.

    "I think Chuck is going to need a bigger poster this time."

    What do you mean with this exactly? The only thing it came to my mind was Chucks is making/will make an investigation on his own again. like in season 2. but I'm very, very bad guessing.

    And I have to say I really like the last question and the answer. Sarah and Casey bonding will be great to see.

    Keep up the good work


  64. Oh holy one:

    How do you know it's "HOT" if you haven't seen it? Are those the words your SSFI used or did you read a script?


  65. what about the agentsamlisa route for releasing [abstract] spoilers?
    especially in light of upcoming events, could be interesting


  66. Dear amazing DR,

    I have become a little obsessed with the "Chuck is going to need a much bigger poster" spoiler. How awesome will this new storyline be? Groundbreakingly awesome or just kinda awesome?

    ps.1: Instead of getting a new, bigger poster, he could just get a Tron 2 poster and glue them together.

    ps.2: Why would you never work for WB? Do you hate them or do they not like you? How can someone not like you? You are funny, have secret information, lashes on crazy shippers and apparently has an army of minions who should bow before you...

  67. Mamemimomu, I can't say why I wouldn't work for WB.

    And I have no idea what level of awesome it deserves.

  68. Hmm, you are misterious indeed.

    Now, you could tell your minions to go build you a shrine :)

    ps.1: Do you have any other blog about any other shows? Like Psych or Castle? 30 Rock? I know they aren't spoiler-y shows, but it would be nice to read a non-happy-go-lucky blog about those shows too.

  69. Dear DR,

    Thanks for the spoilers and the podcast and being overall awesome! I would like to say something to all crazy shippers, podcasters and fans who keep on dragging up season 3.0 and bagging the show at any opportunity, please let it go! Whatever they did the show runners, right or wrong they have paid the ultimate price, their show was dragged through the mud in the press during mask, chris fedak had to conduct an interview with mo ryan who basically lambastered him and she came out and said brandon routh sucked, that yvonne was disserviced, that the ratings suffered due to their poor choices, that they should have changed show mid-season when it looked at mask that things were not working (shaw romance), that kristen kreuk was awesome (well I like that one).... that interview was very harsh and these guys have copped a lot of flak. I am a fan of the show and every element, I do not like seeing anyone in any job get that kind of pasting, especially when it was not that bad.... Please move on and enjoy the show and whatever it brings up, how controversial and dark, these guys have paid their dues.... thanks.....

  70. Well "Chuck vs the Gobbler" short synopsis is out there now.
    The teasers and spoilers are making more sence now.
    Man I really can't wait till the 17th.
    Anyone got a time maching I could borrow?


  71. Toby, people like to pretend that they are super critics and that their opinion is sitting on the pulse of the majority opinion, so they restate over and over what they feel is the most accepted argument. Which is why they keep bringing up season 3. It is kind of like how people argue politics or sports. Only a small percentage of people ever truly know what they are talking about. The rest are just parroting what they have heard so as to sound smarter.

  72. I have no problems with fans being critical, I heard everyone of your podcasts during that period (and agreed with your assessment) and your episode 36 where you went on to say that they sucked the love out of chuck in those first 13. But you left it there, you said your peace and moved on, why cannot fans do the same? I guess you were right (in episode 36) it is going to take fans some time to forgive the creators, which is sad since we need every fan we can get now that we are coming off a long break.....

  73. Toby, when I said they sucked the love out of it, I meant the actual LOVE that had been the focus of the show for two seasons. I was still enjoying things but I couldn't really remember, or feel, what it was about Chuck and Sarah that I loved. And Other Guy didn't remind me of it either. It was Honeymooners that brought me back.... a bit. But I essentially shifted my focus from the Chuck and Sarah story to Morgan and his journey around Beard, and have been there ever since.

    Having said that, and riding the wave you started, I haven't felt the need to whine about how the writers MADE ME change my focus in season 3. I just got bored of Chuck and Sarah. I got bored of the writers wanting to make me still care about them. But I MOVED ON. I found other things to focus on and enjoy. And while I have certainly not felt the same love for the show that I had in season 2 (at least not for any sustained period), this is still clearly my great love... or I wouldn't keep putting so much time into it.

    So, Chuck and Sarah being one of the main reason I was watching simply shifted to a new focus when that element became tiresome for me. But those who continue to pine for a time when they were so deeply in love... hell, I think it is time to break up. Find a new love or find something new to love about your old love. Because constantly talking about how she cheated on you 30 weeks ago is BORING.

    Why did you take her back? If you can't handle it, walk away.

  74. Yeah I must admit I kind of took the critism of fedak (especially) personally, it is because I am a PR Director for a multinational organisation and when I conduct interviews all people want to do it concentrate on the negatives...not that we have a high employee retention rate during the recession, that we donate a lot to charities, that we have programs that employees help out local schools with reading and math programs for struggling children.... and so on and so forth...so I was little hot under the collar. I love chuck and I see the interviews that they do and the gag reels on my DVD's and the cast and crew look like they all have a lot of fun, at my work place we have loads of fun and it is relaxing so for any outsider to be over critical or not see the big picture irrates me a little, well.......I am looking forward to the return of chuck....

  75. Lou Diamond Phillips is the baddie in the Cat Squad episode? My lord that's epic!


  76. Toby, most people focus on their dread/failures and attempt to achieve success. Successful people acknowledge weaknesses but focus on strengths and don't hope to reach the finish line, they know they will. I could pretty much guarantee a successful work force purely using a hiring practice based on the people who complain the most about the show writers vs. those who don't.

    The complainers would bog down my operation. The non-complainers would increase efficiency and be dependable. ;)

  77. J, if only he wasn't just a baddie of the week. He is one bad mofo.

  78. Dr Magnus,

    Does Lester fall for a new charactor or one we have seen before (Greta, Carina, Anna Wu?)


  79. Magnus, I can see why other guy did not bring your love back for chuck and sarah, it showed that chuck and sarah were an after thought for the writers in the first 13.....what happened to sarah being upset with chuck for burning manoosh, pulling casey's tooth, taking laudonal and almost killing a guy, the constant lieing.....they did not leave enough room to resolve these issues and swept them under the rug.....it turns out all sarah cared about was that chuck did not kill someone, well if that was the point then why show sarah all season moping and complaining that chuck is changing, yeah chuck and sarah were an after thought for the writers and like you man, honeymooners just about stop me quiting the show......

  80. Dear Dr. Thanks for this you really help us to survive this hiatus. I Love your podcast they're so much fun!!!

    I have a Question. I didn't have a chance to get it in the Dear Dr. but I hope you answer me.

    Can you tell us something about Lester and his love problems. Will he fall in love? Will he get a girlfriend? Is it Posible that a girl fall in love with Lester?


  81. James, I wouldn't say I was close to quitting the show. I just changed what I cared about.

    As for the Lester questions... you will know soon enough! :)

  82. If sarah were to leave team B, for another job, is it possible agent forest (is that her name, from your earlier teaser) takes sarah's place, and that is lester's crush?

    I also have a guess for a former member of team B tries to kill a current member then, sarah tries to kill her replacement, who turns out to be volkov?

    Finally, one you probably won't answer, does sarah have intercourse (Roan's term) with her mark that she seduces - I don not ask from a shipper POV but rather trying to piece together some of the other clues?

    Funny, I did not realize that season 3's bad got to you that much, you did not ever show it, I am OK with S3 now, all shows have bad arcs / seasons - my son told me this, not about chuck, but about Friday Night Lights season 2.

  83. Jason, season 3 bad got to me? What do you mean?

  84. I think he means that part of the season altered you perspective of certain elements of the show.....Jason I do not think magnus is alone, I do not like crazy shippers or any of the nut jobs who crashed sepinwall's old blog, but even I felt sorry for them when they waited a year for only 5 minutes of chuck and sarah, I mean....never mind, shaw is gone and hopefully will never be back, bare with me while I go and say a prayer.....

  85. Magnus, is there anything nobody's asked about, that you want to tell us anyway?

  86. Jordan, I never felt sorry for crazyshippers but I understood why they were upset. However, my distaste for what they did with Chuck and Sarah was in execution NOT in keeping them apart.

    Anonymous, if that even is your name, that is a good question. I don't think so. I mean, I had a bunch of spoilers I had intended on releasing that I nixed... but there is nothing I feel I need to share. We are 1.5 weeks from a new episode. Official spoilers/teasers will be coming out soon. I can mostly relax and just answer questions here. :)

  87. Magnus - I was referring to your 9:59AM answer to Toby about season 3, I liked your answer, just seemed a little different than usual, might simply be my own context - which is pretty out of whack most of the time - meant as a compliment.

  88. Jason, I have remained pretty consistent on my dislike for Mask and specific parts of Fake Name as well as American Hero. I was also way underwhelmed by Other Guy. However, I loved the rest of the episodes.

  89. Magnus,

    You forgot your utter distaste of them letting kristin kreuk go! that has to be the worst part, surely brother!

  90. I maintain that keeping Brandon and getting rid of Kristin was the biggest mistake the show ever made. But I also thought Hannah should have been Morgan's girlfriend and stayed on the show.

  91. You have inside knowledge, why did they get rid of her when clearly her and zach were fireing on all cylinders and she was going great what did your insiders say?

  92. That was just how they wrote the part.

  93. I don't get the worry about Sarah actually sleeping with a mark. She's more likely to try and knock them out after getting the information she wants. I mean it's perfectly possible that before she committed to Chuck she might have excercised her perogitive but now especially after making the mental commitment to marrying Chuck. I can't see it, seems like a lack of faith in the character. Now I bet Chuck would cause a fight over this, as he has always had a problem with Sarah seducing anyone (bar the little period where he knew he'd totally blown it with Sarah in S3).

  94. it did seem rushed how they built up a nice 3 and 3/4 of nice hannah episodes only to have chuck dump her like that. It appeared that the writers enjoyed creating scenes for her I do not know why they did not make her a secret agent.....she really fit nicely into the show...can they bring her back in any form? she was lovely and I liked her interviews, she looked like she really enjoyed her time on the show....

  95. Hello Dear DR.
    I asking something. What they need to do with Chuck and Sarah , that make you feel again fall in love them ? . You think they need to break them up again, or whatever woudl you love to see.
    just ask :)

  96. Snips, I am fine with Chuck and Sarah right now. I doubt I will ever be as in love with their story as I once was but I have no problem with that. The only thing I would really like to see from them is more fights. I like when they fight.

  97. At some point I understood what you feel , but I dont want to make myself Depressing so I stop it :)
    More FIGHTS, and make-up sex after right ? ;).

  98. Wow i like the only person who liked Shaw. He was awesome as the villain i thought. Think about it he slept with Sarah and also has an intersect he on paper make a great villain. I a Chuck and Sarah fan to the end but i still did not have a problem with the early part of season 3 except Mask. That one i did not care for

  99. Just watched a montage of the little bickering fights they used to have when they were a fake couple which were caused by all the UST. All very funny and there was slightly surreal feel to it because some of the stuff they would argue about was pretty daft. I do miss the occasional stand up row with door slamming.

    When they fight now it's either niggly point scoring at your partner (Suitcase) or genuinely hurtful (Fear of Death), it's different now because real emotions are involved on both sides now. The stuff they fight about now is 'real' stuff as opposed to the silly stuff before. I wouldn't mind a proper two way row like the one in Crown Vic as opposed to Sarah shouting at Chuck. There were a few with Sarah busting Chuck's balls in S1 which were quite good mind you.

  100. I think everyone loved Shaw when he first show up, and everyone loved him as a villain. The problem was the love story with Sarah. I think that was unnecessary. He was not great villain becasus he slept with Sarah, and BTW the Real Name, and slept with Shaw together was a little to much for me, but.....
    He was great villain because he has reason to kill both Chuck and Sarah. the whole love story, hurt his character to, not just Sarah IMO. :). We can find out that Sarah killed his wife, in episode 7-8 .
    I don't think the whole PLI was necessary, in both way.
    The whole : I leave with Bryce, let's runaway together, let's be spy together, it make Chuck and Sarah a bad Joke, and it was a bad Joke, because of the Honeymooners, proved, it was a Bad joke and just to make even bigger Joke in the end of the Day Sarah not leave the Spy game, so... .

    The Three Word ending is not going anywhere, and Chuck became a spy without Sarah be there with him,
    although I do not have problem that Morgan was the one who help him, but it would be more epic and my be better, real romantic Chuc kand Sarah story , if Sarah is the one, who hep him, when he was in the Darke place , and all this thing like Real name, and even the Red Test. She told to Chuck not Shaw, but
    never mind :)

  101. eaglemomomom, what about their argument in Role Models or Sarah's snap at Chuck about what he says when he thinks they are going to die in Suit Case, or their back and forth "time machine" in Cubic Z, or when Chuck is talking about the book in Coup D'etat? These are all great little arguments mini-fights. I love that stuff.

  102. Hi DR,
    Never posted before, but have enjoyed observing from the sidelines all the wit and wisdom you provide on a regular basis for my favorite show. Thank you so much.

    I know you can't specify when or in what episode the proposal is going to happen with Chuck and Sarah, but are you able to explain how it will compare to what Chuck originally drafted up with the proposal plan? Do you know if it will it be just as romantic and creative as what he originally had in mind? How do you think fans will react based on what you know about it? And by fans I mean sane/non crazy shippers who have real relationships in their life and don't live vicariously through that of one created by TV.

    Again thank you so much for your continued dedication to this show. No matter what anyone says, you put the "class" in classified information:)


  103. Melissa, I have a rule: I will not discuss the Chuck and Sarah engagement story line other than to say that it was decelerated once they got the extended episode order.

    However, I will tell you that in 11 days you will get more than a glimpse into the romantic mind of Chuck.

  104. Fair enough. Thank you for your response.

    See everyone...use a little kindness, add a pinch of patience,and finish with a dash of generosity you'll find that DR is awesome, not awful.


  105. I respond to sweetness and anger. ;)

  106. "I respond to sweetness and anger."

    couldn't have said it better myself. want something answered? get ANGRY

    above in the stuff about your favorite fights between chuck and sarah you mentioned the part where chuck says the wrong thing when he thinks he is going to die in vs the suitcase. I believe that if you listen to that episode's podcast you here yourself say something along the lines of you didn't care for the way they inserted that form of petty angst, or something similar.

    I suppose I could be wrong though.


  107. "Casey and Sarah will have a very emotional moment together... a moment that will dwarf all other moments in which Sarah has called him "John."

    like when Casey tries to kill her?


  108. Kevin, I don't remember saying that... granted, I was really sick during that episode.

  109. Time Machine was a lot of fun but I didn't think that was a squabble. Just Sarah working herself up. That's what I meant each of the others were triggered by a life and death situation so the argument and the grievances are a bit more real. The daft silly random arguments in S1 are still funnier IMHO. You know the ones caused by the constraints of being in a fake relationship and the attendant frustrations. I don't think that can ever come back and what we have is a lot richer now. Just not as laugh outloud funny, different and amusing in different ways (usually oh no he didn't), again IMHO.

  110. There is NOTHING funnier than the "All Jenny's boyfriend needs to know" from Cougars or the guns argument in Role Models. NOTHING!

  111. I agree there is nothing funnier than a lot of Cougars. The Sarah specific episodes where she's off balance tend to have some fun lines and situations. But role models that was amusing IMHO. Hard Salami now that had some grade a squabbling especially when they are locked up in the car. Better yet Chuck is being spooned by Sarah and they're both too angry/jealous with each other to even notice.

  112. Both times it was a very angry sarah! could it be that you only enjoy the fights when it is a very angry albeit adorable sarah! me too. For some reason maybe it is schadenfreude but when she gets that worked up stuff usually comes up and things get resolved. I mean in those two instances the second sarah was actually learning how to be in a give and take 50/50 relationship instead of the lone wolf and the first she finally gave herself the chance to be open and vulnerable with chuck when she said he could ask one question. The fact that he knew her past hurt her and let her enjoy her burger is a great moment. I am with Magnus and like when they fight like that it makes the learning all the more valuable and adorable! awwwwww.

  113. I also think that they missed out on some of the deleted scenes in all seasons, an example is when shaw is first explaining what chuck has to do on his solo mission and sarah makes him leave the room, that was adorable and funny, she just said "now" and he left. Magnus you probably can tell that I just love sarah bossing chuck around, it is the way it should always be!

  114. Tess, agreed. Sarah should boss Chuck around all the time!

  115. Magnus, one question, anything else you can add to the laptop/PSP storyline? Is it finished or will we see more about it? Mary's comments about Stephen just don't fit with it being over yet. I still believe he was her contact with the outside world.

  116. Have a nice day Dear DR.
    What you think, this Chuck and Sarah angst , which is comming, hip hip hurray XD.
    The question is, are we gonna feel the same what some of us felt in the season 3, you know , lot of us, was like , let's jump the 3.14 and let's start something new?!
    my only frustration, is I'm afraid, that with all this whatever angst is comming , they make Chuck and Sarah not matter anymore ?! , Like you said, you probaly never gonna fell the same love for them. But you was able to move on, but honestly, I don't lnow if i can move on, I mean, for me the others elements in the show , is not enough strong. I like them, I don't have problem with Buy More, or Morgan , but when I try to move on, and try to focus to Chuck journey, then it's became not intresting , becasue of what they did with him in this season, may be this is the only element of this season wich I don't like, and probaly I won't like, what Sarah will do, but that is an another stroy XD.
    this was a long post.
    I'm just a little worry , but my new year "vow" is, I try to become, more positive
    so the near future you are not going to see more annoying comment from me ;)

  117. Ok, since you probably gave away everything you could about the future episodes, maybe you can comment on something else. What in your opinion ofc sounded great on paper and than didn't quite pan out in execution in season 3 and by comparision how those ideas TPTB had in mind compare to what we saw on screen in season 4 episodes so far at least.

    Thanks and did i say i really really like your blog :> .

  118. I disagree. I didnt mind Sarah wearing the pants in the past because that was realistic and true to character, but we are far past that now.

    We have been past that since Chuck figured out where Shaw was taking Sarah and blew up Shaw's chest with hot lead on the Paris bridge and saved her from certain death.

    In reality, the series should have ended there because Chuck came full circle from a scaredy cat who had to be told what to do, to the absolute hero who used his intillect and his courage to save the day.

    This show is better served now by Chuck being more assertive and having way more say in their relationship. It makes way more sense for Chuck to be the dork that everyone looks at and thinks...

    "How does that dork have so much sway with that super-spy goddess? What is his secret? How is it possible that she listens to him when he tells her what to do?"

    It gives the hope to all nerds everywhere that not only can a confident, beautiful woman fall in love with them, but also be so smitten with them that they listen to what their nerdy true love tells them and lets them wear the pants. Chuck is a lot like the movie 'Out Of My League' in that regard... except now that the nerd has got the girl, the next step in the proccess it to wear the pants and take the power. JMHO


  119. Role Models:

    "Honey, what did you do with our small cache of guns"

    "I got rid of them"

    "Why did you do that!"

    "Because you told me to!"

    "You actually listened to me?!"

    "I can't quite believe it myself"

    Just off memory, I think I'm right though =) Funniest moment ever.

  120. Sarah bossing Chuck around from a work point of view is always funny, but on the flip side Sarah nearly always caves into Chuck in their personal life. It's rare that she doesn't end up doing what he wants.

  121. Is Sarah's revenge on Morgan related to previous events or is it self contained in an episode.

  122. This has been an interesting little discussion. You're right Magnus, there is NOTHING funnier than the "All Jenny's boyfriend needs to know" from Cougars or the guns argument in Role Models, except maybe the scene in the trunk of the car in Hard Salami, or just before the first kiss in that episode. There was no scene in S3 that showed as much intensity between the two than the bow fight scene. And you are right, there are a lot of great little examples this season. Their arguments really show their passion for each other - as long as you keep in mind that hate or anger is not the opposite of love, apathy is. For me, that's one of the things that was so wrong with the execution last season. The two main characters really became apathetic - toward each other and toward others. It really got worse somewhere around Mask.
    My primary interest in the show has always been the hero's journey. Chuck is my everyman, and I want to see him become the hero he is destined to be. You were right when you said the writers have made Sarah an integral part of that journey, so the relationship does matter to me, because it matters to the hero. But while it's not really important to me that they get engaged or married - it is important that I see that passion between them. Looking at your teasers, and really spec'ing here, I would be more upset if Sarah DIDN'T get b****y with Chuck if she has set her mind to something and he objected; I would really worry if Chuck DIDN'T show concern or was upset or "horrified" by something Sarah did that he objected to. Let all that stuff happen. It makes them more compelling, for me anyway.

  123. Hi Magnus, I love the show so much and so what I am going to ask is not a critism but just your opinion, you say that when the show keeps moving past plots instead of exploring them it is because the writers having lots of ideas and want to move quickly to use all of them. Could it be that Fedak and the writers think that what is happening is implied and so they just moved on, for example when chuck and sarah got together in other guy a lot of fans asked what was the point of sarah being moppey all season if all she cared about was him being able to kill....I mean does fedak think when she says you have not change then that means all the rest she did not care about it was only what it ultimately could lead upto? him killing? I mean when they change direction sometimes I think great more story but sometimes I would like something fleshed out and talked about to see why these characters act a certain way instead of guessing their motivations! or is it not important and only the destination matters? I hope I made some sort of sense.

  124. Is it crazy that I, as a shipper, am both dreading and looking forward to the angst coming our way in the next few episodes? I just hope it doesn't last too long though. ;)

    P.S. Thanks for the spoilers Magnus. You really are awesome. :D

  125. Thanks, RM. It is all true what you say about me.

  126. eaglemomom, it is revenge for surprising her in a previous episode.

  127. revenge for morgan hiding behind the door and scaring the s*** out of her.


  128. I know we have beat this arc to a pulp, but I just want to point something out that maybe people have said all along. I just watched fake name and I realized that there is absolutely NO reason for Sarah to have told Shaw her real name. (as far as the plot goes)
    Shaw was approaching her anyway for the kiss, she kinda had to stop him and tell him her real name, the extra info wasn't necessary
    Chuck already got the trigger to wake up from the hannah dream by hearing Sarah opening up to another guy and about all the ways he is hurting her
    The title of the episode already had two meanings, it could do without the third.
    Sarah already told Shaw she wanted to try being her old self, she didn't need to "put a name to it"

    BIG ruined moment. If I had reason to believe that Sarah was telling Chuck her real name in season 4 (and it hadn't been ruined in 3) I would probably be looking forward to it much more than either the proposal moment or maybe even the wedding. It would be EPIC wholesome shipperiness.

    that is all.


  129. I also think one of the reasons they haven't again addressed Sarah's real name since Fake Name is because since they revealed it the way they did, they are gonna have to have a dam good reason for Sarah or Chuck to speak of it again. but it seems to me its gonna be unavoidable in this season if there is proposal and marriage coming up. II don't think there is any way they can avoid the concept of sam if they want the marriage to mean what it should to Chuck and Sarah: finally a complete commitment and understanding of eachother.

    maybe what we get to look forward to now is seeing how they are going to use Sam from here on out.

    but if it doesn't crop up again, that will be an even bigger waste of the anticipation they built up for TWO AND A HALF SEASONS. writers, if you are listening, I expect perfection. you hear me? PERFECTION.

    now, that is all. I will go back to watching from the dark black margins of this blog.


  130. I think you guy's who think that they will give you perfection are asking way too much. When chuck said no to her that was contrived and a hollow moment, the way they got together in other guy was contrived and a hollow moment and everything in between was meaningless because they never addressed it, something you fans have understand TPTB and the writers DO NOT CARE ABOUT CHUCK AND SARAH! if they did then when they thought season 3.0 would be their last 13 episodes they would not have sucked the love out of the chuck and sarah relationship. So whatever happens chill out!

  131. Now I just remember a question that I forgot to ask for this DR. Is there any upcoming scenes from Chuck, Sarah (and Morgans?) apartment?

    There really have not been any this season excluding the bedroom scenes. In s3 we had almost one in every episode. As it is now we don't even know if Morgan still lives there. I just think that there is some unexplored potential for comedy with the 3 of them living together:)


  132. K. IMO Sam will never be spoken of again, ever. Simple solution is Sarah changed it legally to Sarah Walker. The name reveal was so poorly executed and to many is the symbol of everything wrong with the first 8 episodes of last season that I highly doubt it is ever mentioned again. And that's fine with me.

    They blew it and they know it. To me it is the biggest thing that diminished the specialness that was Chuck and Sarah. This season they are trying to bring them back to that level and mentioning would only damage that.

  133. Diane says...

    I don't see the name thing is as important as it was before Chuck and Sarah became a real couple. As they were getting to know each other, it was a symbol of how they truly didn't know each other and how little she let him know about her.

    But, now he "knows" her in so many ways and she has opened up to him in so many other ways besides telling him her original name.

    Whether it comes up in the marriage depends on what her legal name is. If her legal name is "Sarah Walker", there's no reason her original name should really come up.

    Another thing we have to remember is that there are a lot of conversations between these characters that aren't on screen.

  134. I like Fake name even less than Mask, and I think that the only good use of "Sam" was the scene in Subway when Shaw calls her like that and she was so pissed off. But I also think that this is a fake problem: Chuck alway said that he loves Sarah Walker, not Jenny Burton or Sam whatever, or any other name...

    Now the question: in one of many end-of-the-year's polls ZL was nominated as "Best actor in a comedy", and YS as "Best actress in a drama". When (or if) can we expect to see some funny Sarah moment? I think that except for mrs. Charles in Honeymooners we almost didn't have any, and that we missed something...

  135. Maybe Sarah developed better feelings with her name "Sarah" than her real name "Sam" since "Other guy", because as Sarah she (re)discovered her real self, not in the least because of her connection and relation with Chuck. Maybe because of that she decides to change her first name to Sarah officially before a marriage takes place. I my opinion also a thoughtfull gesture to Chuck and all her (mew) friends (Chuck's family, friends and Casey mainly) who know he also as Sarah and a token of acknowledgement of her changed life. Would solve a lot of problems too.

    I'm also curious what the writers have in store for us regarding the name issue. To leave it like it is now seems also impossible to me. Guru DR alias Magnus do you have any insightful thoughts about this?

  136. Chuck and Sarah's leave will last longer?

  137. Terrance, that is deeply ignorant and pure hyperbole for the sake of hyperbole. Of course they care about Chuck and Sarah and things have not been meaningless since Other Guy.

  138. looks like I livened up the blog a little : )

    "I think you guy's who think that they will give you perfection are asking way too much"

    There is a slight possibility that I was being sarcastic.


  139. I did not mean to insult the show runners, I just think the fans should not expect something from the show that they ultimately cannot deliver. If you look at other guy objectively that DYLM moment was a little hollow because it did not explain any of the characters actions during the season, but because the actors are so good they sold the moment. The same could be said of leftovers, not a great episode in terms of plot and other stuff but Timothy Dalton was so awesome that I did not care. I read these posts and fans are building up the engagement alot and I mean alot, I just do not think that show can deliver on such high expectation especially when they ignore things like the bracelet and the name reveal (oh they screwed up there). My point is just enjoy what they deliver and do not expect the writers to deliver what is in your head because it will never match up......

  140. So with full synopis out, how much you think it gives away?
    SARAH EMBARKS ON A MISSION THAT COULD BE HER LAST – MEKENNA MELVIN, LINDA HAMILTON AND TIMOTHY DALTON GUEST STAR – Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) takes dangerous measures to help Mary Bartowski (guest star Linda Hamilton) bring down Alexei Volkoff (Timothy Dalton), as Chuck (Zachary Levi) worries that she may be getting in too deep. Sarah, though, must enlist the help of Chuck, Morgan (Joshua Gomez) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) to complete her undercover mission. Meanwhile, Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) are at odds over what to name the baby. Scott Krinsky, Vik Sahay and Mark Christopher Lawrence also star.

  141. Terrance, using hyperbole automatically nullifies your argument. You can make that point without saying "TPTB and the writers DO NOT CARE ABOUT CHUCK AND SARAH." That is as crazy as anything a crazy shipper might say.

    Harku, it gives away what Sarah is trying to do but every important moment is still mostly intact. People will still be shocked.

  142. and this moment, that 'people will still be shocked' over and crazy shippers will hate, this is good for the show exactly how?

    My original thought was that someone from team B was going to be the 'mark', since sarah may be working for the bad guys it might make sense that her mark would be someone from the good guys, but that would not be very shocking, unless taken to some extreme?

    Seems more likely the mark is a bad guy, and in order to be shocking, would have to be taken to some extreme?

    Interesting, sounds like whatever happens it will get over pretty quickly?

  143. "Interesting, sounds like whatever happens it will get over pretty quickly?"

    Well, you would know better than me.

  144. I think this explains a lot but at the same time only makes me more excited to see it. That's what a good synopsis should do. Sarah attacks Chuck with passion because she knows it may be their last time together. That's a hot scene I really want to see!

  145. WOW DR/Magnus,

    You are certainly giving Terrance a hard time, aside from his crazy shipper line about TPTB.....not caring about chuck and sarah, he does bring up a point that you have also said on your podcasts about the fans having too high expecatations, the prime example being the bracelet....looking at all the fan forums, the newest big chuck and sarah topic is the engagement. I agree with Terrance about not placing too much emphasis on it being everything fans could dream of and more, by doing that it may suprise us with what they do.....so if his point is relax fans and let yourself be suprised then I agree with that....if it is a dig at TPTB over season 3.0 then go back to your hole crazy shipper!

  146. Ryan, I am giving him a hard time because it is a ridiculous thing to say. The writers care more about Chuck and Sarah than probably any other element on the show. He can make the same point without resorting to hyperbole... especially when it is hyperbole that is so far off the mark it loses the point. By saying it he motivates more idiocy from crazyshippers, not less.

    uplink, bingo.

  147. not sure how I would know better than you? I guess you would know better than me, why I would know better than you? A little princess bride conundrum.

    Will the shock will rock the show for seasons to come, the way the mask, fake name, etc did or get over in an episode or two?

  148. I have to say those still complaining ad nauseum (I won't use the exact words that cone to mind) about Sarah's real name reveal months and months down the line after Chuck and Sarah have got together, moved in together and gone to some pretty extreme lengths to protect the other when they were helpless about the loss of the 'specialness' of the relationship probably need to take a long time away from the Internet. I mean really? At the time of the name reveal there wasn't much of a relationship left there thanks to Chuck being a grade A ass (and I'm glad they explored him becoming an ass). The couple have moved way way past the implied intimacy of sharing her real name to actual 'real' intimacy seems special enough to me.

  149. Sarcasm, people, sarcasm.


  150. J asks ...

    In the upcoming episodes , 4.12 and 4.13 is Mama B considered a " current member " of TEAM B ?

  151. I think those fans who look at mask and fake name and complain about certain elements and continue to crucify the cast and crew for those episodes have to bear one thing in mind.....even the great and brilliant lost producers and creators team darlton admitted that they had a worst episode (stranger in a strange land) and that there were things they would have changed if they knew they had a fixed timeline from the beginning. If a great show like lost can produce these types of episodes then why not chuck? it happens, it is so difficult to consistently live upto everyones expectations and there are bound to be moments where they do not get it right but to judge an entire relationship on that is deeply unfair and well unjustified....if they knew they had more then the 13 episodes it could have been different but we should live with what we got, no more or not less.....JMHO

  152. BSG had a great series of episodes in season 2 and then followed those up with Black Market... a horrendously awful episode that could make Mask seem good.

    It happens. They are only human.

  153. Also when they did bring shaw back for subway/ring part 2 shaw was punched in the head by sarah, he got thrown about 100 feet from the truck due to a missile, chuck gave him a beating and then sarah smacked him in the head with a pipe. I mean for 2 hours he got beat up almost half that time, lol, what more can fans ask for? Also he may or may not have been blown up in the buymore and even if he has not he has no governor, what will his brain be now, put it this way he is suffering....

  154. I assuming, that : Sarah attacks Chuck with passion. probably going to be the only part that Shippers will like. in that episode, and who know ?
    may be the things between Chuck and Sarah never will be the same. well, at least for a while
    But in the positive side, at least if we consider the Show histroy, they always ended up stronger, so :)

  155. Ways Sarah could be a b to Chuck:

    Fall asleep while Chuck is being 'hot'.
    Tidy the house, binning all the classic computer games.
    Runaway with Awesome.
    Get steaming drunk and mistakenly cop a feel of Morgan thinking he's Chuck.
    Get steaming drunk leaving Chuck to try and get his out of control girlfriend home, whence she has a tear filled beery screaming match with him.

    Any others?

  156. I think Magnus, you have done your job well. I am now thoroughly looking forward to Sarah's behavior through 4.12. As we all know Yvonne is an amazing actor, and super emotional yet one-track-mind Sarah is awesome Sarah.

  157. eaglemmoomin

    she could tell chuck:

    cole is a better kisser
    shaw is a better lover (he had the books)

  158. I have sort of a random question, not sure if you could answer but I will give it a shot.
    Im wondering if you know anything about why Chuck season 4 is still not on I Tunes? Also, I have discovered you can no longer purchase season 4 eps on Amazon or anywhere else similar where that was available recently. Now it just says "Due to our licensing agreements this video is currently not available for purchase or rental".
    This is bumming me out :(


  159. she would tell chuck that this is my job, I can't just ignore it, I know we had a great time in france last week that was really romantic, But I still need to do my job regardless of our feelings and whether or not I am risking my life. [cue story about part of her past that gives evidence for this?] and when Chuck tries to stop her by telling her she needs to consider him before a spy, she tells him to f*** off and goes and risks her life anyway.

    I think THAT is what Sarah could do to "be a b" to chuck.


  160. Shannon, I have no idea. Obviously there is some issue with the WB license but I don't know what.

  161. J says...

    Chuck S4 has been available for purchase in the Canadian iTunes store through Warner Brothers for quite a while now. Even better the season pass is only $34.99 .

    As Morgan said in Honeymooners , " Oh Canada "

  162. Kevin,

    I am starting to put clues together, the episode where sarah helps mama b is 4.12. In that episode chuck is in prison atire and casey and morgan are either guards (most likely) or cops. Now if chuck is in prison...sarah could be a b word to him by refusing a conjugal visit, lol. She may say look you need to be a spy first.....then lovey love time late sweetie....or chuck could become her b**** in prison and she handcuffs and tortures him for the purpose of prison and not intimate time, oh the possiblilites...

  163. Canadian iTunes obviously made a deal with WB that they liked.

  164. Actually thinking of my jail theory why would chuck want to be the inmate instead of casey and morgan? how did he draw that short straw? chuck is too pretty, he would be fresh meat for the inmates, at least casey could win a few yard fights and well morgan would be killed within an hour, so casey it is! anyone with me?

  165. I suppose my reaction is very disturbed, then wondering where people keep getting this thing about a prison. what spoiler am I missing?


  166. Kevin you missing the spoiler photo's posted by spoilertv of zach in prison scrubs and yvonne dressed in all black. Also josh gomez tweeted a photo of him and casey in guard or cop uniform....So if sarah needs help then something must go down in prison, maybe she needs chuck, casey and morgans help to infiltrate a volkoff prison in order to gain valuable intel, when chuck and co fail to extract information then sarah has to seduce a mark infront of chuck in order to gain said information! All speculation but could be true, only magnus knows, he remains suspiciously quiet, hmmmmm!

  167. @uplink: I love your scenario. It is going to be an epic scene!!

    @Amrit: You made me smile, haha. They really got Shaw’s ass kicked and you summed it up pretty nicely.

    @Magnus: you are the Master of spoilers!!! Your spoilers just make me want to watch the episodes even more instead of ruining the episodes for me (like most spoilers on other sites about other shows do). Please keep writing your mystery spoilers!!!

    I am also very afraid of what kind of music Awesome listens to…they better have him shirtless while revealing his musical bad taste…so that it can ease the pain a bit :)

    It is so much information right now that it is just too much to even start with my imaginary fanfic …I am just waiting and wondering. We have:

    a) prison outfits + Sarah as a brunette,
    b) Linda Hamilton,
    c) Timothy Dalton,
    d) Lou Diamond Philips,
    e) the return of Carina and Roan,
    f) a Charlie’s Angels-esque plot,
    g) hot mercenary women’s army (and I am a girl, but that is super cool),
    h) Sarah attacking Chuck with passion,
    i) Sarah being a b**** to Chuck,
    j) an emotional moment between Sarah and Casey,
    k) Sarah leaving Chuck,
    l) Chuck having a hero/“I’m the man” moment,
    m) more of Sarah’s past,
    n) Awesome Baby,
    o) game changing event that would mean needing a bigger (Tron) poster,
    p) a Sarah-Ellie scene,
    q) more insight into Chuck’s proposal plan.

    Did I forget anything? This is just soooooo great!!

  168. Sarah and Chuck will be a serious difference of opinion how long do they remain separate? I would not be such a thing:)

  169. dear dr
    I would like to ask you .. Sarah and Chuck is taking place at a time when the separation soon, could you give some more information about this topic. Thank you in advance


  170. I smell an episode 4.12 cliffhanger - and the return of Chuck the hero in 4.13 - twice!

  171. I just thought of something because in season 2 Perseus said that there was a team that made the intersect. So I was thinking maybe there could be missions to find the rest of the people that created the intersect to improve it? What do you think Magnus?

    PS it was in Season 2 episode 16 Chuck vs The Lethal Weapon

  172. Once again thank you for your teasers/spoilers. They are as always a treat. You help us all through the long wait for new episodes. I will admit I am a little afraid of Awesome's mix.

    I'm a little giddy at the moment. Watching football. A big upset so that's always fun to watch and what comes on a Chuck commercial. I was shocked and almost missed it. However, it ended with Sarah in the wig, leather outfit, and a little bit of attitude saying "Hello boys." Indeed.

    I do have one question this season has been connected very nicely. Each episode seems to building to the next and future episodes. From what you know does that continue?

  173. It continues for at least the next few episodes.

  174. If anyone finds a link to that promo, please post it. It doesn't look like anyone has uploaded to youtube yet.


  175. any chance these next couple of episodes can put the spark back in your relationship with chuck and sarah? and I realize that that doesn't require being all lovey dovey all the time cause maybe that was what put you off a little?


  176. If you think there is no spark, then... no. There is no chance.

  177. Kevin

    Not great, but all I can find


  178. I also posted the video on the front page of this little site.

  179. Can't wait for the Tron Legacy poster reveal :)

  180. Ok, now that everyone is excited on the new promo we can go back to the discussion...

    Imho, season 4 is having the exact opposite problem that season 3 had: last year, they had to hurry up things because they knew of the extra episodes too late, so they pushed a lot of things in the first 13 episodes, and evidence is that they had to have two "fillers" like Honeymooners and Role models before starting again with the Ring/Shaw arc.
    This year, they started with the same pace, then they knew that they had more episodes, and decided to slow things down, and this is where the "bumps" come from.

    Am I far from true, or this makes some sense...?

  181. aww cmon, I thought you just got done convincing us that although the love was still there, the spark was lost!
    the question still stands, but it seems you aren't planning on answering. oh well.


  182. Henry, this is a common theme in every series that is not a procedural...a show like lost did the exact same thing all the time and they knew they had x amount of seasons and still did it....even if chuck knew that it had 24 episodes this season there would still be filler episodes that had to bridge arcs....

  183. Kevin, I like Magnus fell out of love with chuck and sarah the moment she fell for shaw....the smell of shaw on sarah will never go away....it is smell of epic disgust and making me want to vomit everytime I think about their romance the worst in tv history! I could take cole and Bryce they had at least redeeming qualities in that they were nice people deep down and they did care for chuck on some level, but shaw just sucked and the fact that they writers tried to OC or Gossip Girl up the series and make her fall for him was the worst thing they ever done...oh wait that was the second, the first was hiring the guy who played shaw.....wait third the first was getting rid of Kristen (I love her in my soul) Kreuk....

  184. Joe, I didn't fall out of love with Chuck and Sarah the moment she fell for Shaw (mostly because she never fell for Shaw). It wasn't like falling out of love. It was more like still being in love but accepting that it wasn't going to be what you once hoped it would be. And unlike you, I am not angry about it. I am more than fine with it. Though, I think the writers didn't intend for that to happen. They goofed up. Oh well.

    Get over it. I did.

  185. I am not angry.....I just think they should have really thought long and hard about the shaw character and tried to bring in someone who was charming and charismatic and....came off a little like cole or Bryce. Now I understood that they could not have used bryce because he was dead but why not cole....I would have accepted cole, nice character and good guy...also if they thought they were going to do a romance why not conduct a chemistry test? and even when they saw that it was a bad romance why not change course....As I said not angry just a little dissappointed, they took something special and diluted it a little. But it is only one element of the show and I love the rest, the action, comedy, drama, etc....except the buymore, please blow that up!

  186. Let's just enjoy season 4 people!

    @Henry: No tv show will be ideal and none of the seasons were ideal, there was always some episode to be criticized, the writers strike shortening the 1st season, the Shaw debacle, etc etc. Season 4 has been good so far and we should be thankful to be getting extra 11 episodes.

    BTW, now that the first reviews of "The Cape" are in, it seems that we have a new case of "Undercovers" aggravated by some Summer Glau jinx. Bad for them, but if the ratings end up being less than satisfactory (as the reviews are suggesting will be the case), is it somehow good for Chuck, which is still performing steady on mondays? With Chase and The Event far from the ideal and a less than promising The Cape, it would seem to me that Chuck could have a better shot at a 5th season. Am I too wrong here?

  187. Joe, they thought long and hard about it. These writers do nothing all day but talk about characters and story ideas and what they should and should not do. No one thought longer and harder about it than they did. They just screwed it up. Simple. It happens.... on every show.

    Mamemomomoeumeifhfh111coco, Summer Glau isn't called the Grim Reaper for nuffin'! We can talk about what it all means when we see what kind of ratings it gets tonight and then in its regular slot. And what CHUCK does next week and the weeks after.

    Right now, saying whether things are good for CHUCK or not is way too premature. There are four months left before those decisions are made.

  188. The smell of Shaw on Sarah!! Wow I bet that first morning in Paris and every time since has been really confusing for Chuck. He did look a bit excited to see Shaw in Subway and he did chase after him.

    All I want to see really is to see Sarah make a crack to Chuck about his brunette problem.

  189. @ Mike and Mamemietc...

    I am not criticizing those episodes, they were both enjoyable, in itself. What I meant is that in season 3 they tried to say too many things together, and they ended by messing things up. Or, like Magnus rightly said, just "goofed up".
    In season 4, we know that the famous engagement will arrive, and that she will say yes, it couldn't be put more clearly. But now, they have the problem not to make it happen too soon, and that's why they need some "bumps" in the C/S story.
    And I can imagine that the shippers won't like it, at least those who want the engagement, and if possible the wedding, asap.
    (by the way, I'm not in that party...)

  190. Thank you for the awesome spoilers Magnus the Perfect Doctor.
    But I'm still puzzled over this upcoming break-up. You said that Sarah's decision was not easy to describe without giving away big plot points, but as you did not reply the question by Amy at Q&A above "Like is the Sarah leaving Chuck for another man thing because of a mission?" directly by saying "yes" or "no", I still think (or 'hope' :)) it can be about a mission.
    Can you pls highlight it a bit more?
    Thank you again for the gorgeous spoilers.

  191. Hey Magnus,
    I know that you are probably sick of hearing this by now but thank you for providing us Chuck fans with spoilers and teasers to hold us over for the long break. I have reading your teasers and reading as people speculate and try to figure them out.

    My question for you is can you give away any more about what this Sarah Morgan sub-mission will be about? You have already said that it occurs in 4.11, but the synopsis says absolutely nothing about this. Thank you once again and keep up the good work.


  192. AB (weird, that is what they call Adam Baldwin in certain circles), I never grow tired of praise. ;) And the synopsis usually leaves out about 70% of what happens in an episode. It is just there to give a general idea about the episode. And though you praised me, you will just have to wait 8 days to find out. :)

    Zeynep, well... she is obviously not leaving Chuck to spend romantic time with another man.

  193. "All I want to see really is to see Sarah make a crack to Chuck about his brunette problem."

    ahhhh.... 'twould be awesomlarious.


  194. No worries, there will definitely be talk about her being a brunette.

  195. hilsome! (not nearly as good)

    did you confirm that during the 3 hour gap?


  196. J asks ....

    Dear Mighty and all knowing god of Chuckverse :

    1) Does Sarah have Brunette/Black hair for just the 1 episode ? ( hopefully )

    2) What did you think the Cape ?

  197. J, good question. I have never thought to ask anyone how long she has the black hair. So, I don't know... for now.

    And while I thought THE CAPE had its moments, ultimately I found it didn't click with my taste. Now, if it becomes a huge hit and the writing improves, I might check it out later. But for now, it is... a... PASS.

  198. Hi Magnus,

    I know in your podcasts you really go after fans who just complain about the show not going to places that they want them to go and not accepting what they deliver, but do you know if they are going to let chuck go all competant and awesome in any of the remainging episodes? I mean I love what the show delivers but I would be lieing if there was not one episode, just one where chuck, sarah, casey and morgan go all badass in an adrenaline filled shoot them up step by incremental step where a mission just goes all epic while all the time there is a catchy tune like this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imamcajBEJs) in the background. Oh how epic.....will such an episode ever happen?


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