Friday, January 15, 2010

Why We Trend - Or How Millions Can Learn to Love CHUCK

First off, to maximize Twitter trending potential and keep it simple, from here on in we will only try to trend one term and hashtag:

#Chuck or simply the word Chuck

While I am at it, you might as well follow @ChuckMeMondays on Twitter (if you don't already).

We had a lot fun over the last 8 months trending many different terms but we are now in the big time!  And we need to make sure everyone, including anyone not reading this site, is doing the same thing.

During the 2-hour premiere on Sunday, January 10th, we trended #Chuck and/or Chuck for over 6-hours and went as high as 5th place on an extremely busy night.  I counted over 25,000 tweets in that time.  It took us until we reached 4,000 tweets before we trended.  Great job.

However, on Monday we seemed to split our hashtags and terms across too many options and that caused us not to trend.  So, keep it simple.  #Chuck (or Chuck).  An example tweet would look like:

I love this show! #Chuck is adorable!

But why is trending important?  Does it really matter if we trend?  Many media types like to say that it is not important since a few thousand fans can do it and therefor it gives the illusion of interest.

What these people fail to realize is this:

  • Trending on Twitter means MILLIONS see the topic and click on it to find out what it is about.
  • Those who click may be fans or may have never heard of the show.
    • Fans who see it may not even be aware the show is back or when it is on.
    • Non-fans may feel the need to check the show out since people seem to be talking about it.
  • Even people who say they have no interest in the show are more likely to check it out because they keep seeing the topic trend.
  • It can also act as a reminder to people who otherwise don't watch NBC that the show is on.
  • Nielsen family viewers, who are in the thousands but represent a hundred million homes, could see the trending topic and make it a point to watch, immediately increasing the ratings of the show.

To give you an idea of how important that last point is, ONE Nielsen family home in a major metro area can represent hundreds of thousands of people in the 18-49 demographic.  That means a SINGLE HOME could be the difference between CHUCK season 3 being it, or the show carrying on for many more years.  That is right, the system is ridiculous but that is how it works.

So, do your best every Monday night to help trend #Chuck or Chuck so that we may reach out to the people who will keep our show on for a long time.  The survival of our show depends on it.  Thank you.



  1. Tending is great, but some people see it an tweet asking what it is about (not to one of us necessarily). What about throwing a URL to one of the sites?

  2. Trying to trend and pointing to a site is considered spamming and is against Twitter rules which will get you banned.

    What some of us do is watch the trending topic and see if people ask about it. We then respond to them pointing them the sites that explain what CHUCK is all about. We have been doing this since June of 2009. :)

  3. Please Help in reminding Chuck fans to Set up the Nielson boxes if they have them for Monday's episode. My next 2 Mons I get out 8pm & 8:30pm respectively.

  4. I am pretty sure that I have been doing that from day one. :) Isn't that what this blog touches on?


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