Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 16 (ADULTS ONLY)

We Talk the FIRST THREE episodes of SEASON 3!

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this.  Very, very, very mature language in some areas.  Some adults shouldn't listen either.

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  1. I agree with you guys about how it would have been nice to see what exactly made Chuck change his mind about leaving with Sarah in 3.01, but I don't really think the train scene was too off or out of character for Chuck or Sarah. I'm sure that Chuck would have taken the time to tell her all the things he said in 3.02 to Sarah on the platform, but I would find it really hard to believe that Sarah would let him. The show makes it obvious that the train they are supposed to be on together is leaving *very* soon and I wouldn't put it past Sarah to use that as an excuse to get away from Chuck as quickly as possible. Like Bryce said in S1 - she's not good with talking about her emotions and Chuck just broke her heart in ways that she has probably never experienced and definitely never expected coming from him. So he's got maybe a minute to lay it all out to her and as we see in 3.02 it takes more than a minute for Chuck to get everything he wants to say out. All in all I thought these episodes were a pretty awesome start to S3! LOVED THEM! (& nice podcast btw ;D )

  2. But Chuck had some time to decide how to talk to her about it. And his decision was to not tell her exactly why he was doing it. It is my only big problem with the new episodes but it is pretty big. Not that it takes anything away from my enjoyment of the show. I just wanted it on the record what bothered me. :)

  3. Aaron - Long IslandJanuary 12, 2010 at 3:31 PM

    I agree with your take that they should have shown Chuck dwelling on the decision to remain in spy school some more. As it played out, I thought it seemed somewhat out of character based on what we knew about him from the first two seasons. While I understand that they are establishing that the character has changed and now has new priorities, it would have been nice to actually see a point of catharsis.

    I cried like a baby at the end of episode 2 (damn lady feelings). Based on what you've said elsewhere, I'm surprised you didn't talk about that scene more in your roundtable discussion.

    I wish I thought that some of the things you talked about for future episodes were only conjecture on your part, but for some reason I doubt they are. I hope, whatever happens, I can still enjoy the series and I apologize if worrying about that makes me a crazy shipper.

    Thanks for the podcasts and effort within the fandom regardless.

  4. First off, love your podcasts, and this one is no exception. And for whatever reason, I believe what you say about spoilers. I'm not sure how you'd know anything after Episode 5, but...whatever. That being said, can you elaborate on the crazy shippers jumping off bridges? Does whatever you're talking about ultimately tarnish Sarah or Chuck's characters? The whole Chuck and Sarah winning the Superbowl but getting their Superbowl rings next season is all fine and good; I just hope they don't slaughter the characters before that happens.

  5. when have these writers ever slaughtered the characters? This is a myth created by fan fic writers and then perpetuated by them and their 12 accounts all over the Internet and people have just picked it up as fact. The writers have created rules for the characters and stuck by them. The only people who have trashed their character have been "fans" who make an effort to find problems with every single thing that happens that doesn't conform with their demands.

    People can't accept that their version of the show would suck.

  6. Lost me with the fanfic references. Simple terms, and I'll try to use your definitions.

    Do you think fans (regular fans, not crazy shippers or romance fans) who cheer and root for Chuck and Sarah be upset in the future?

    The writers have never slaughtered the characters before. The first two episodes, despite being emotionally dark and slightly uncharacteristic, were likely in my top five favorite episodes.

    "The entire show is based on the fact that she is in love with him."

    I agree with that; the same goes with Chuck. Sarah getting "plowed" by Shaw doesn't quite match up. That's my concern. She pushed away Cole Barker because of that reason, and then this time, she gets plowed? They're further along now then they were then, at least in my opinion. I think that would hurt her character. Maybe that's just me, but I think it would tarnish Sarah.

  7. I think some of you are missing the sarcasm. I am mocking the notion that she gets "plowed." I find it beyond ridiculous that some "fans" think the writers are going to have Sarah sexing up Shaw at the drop of a hat.

    I also find it ridiculous that in 2010, if a woman does what a man does, then she is considered a slut. Chuck can have sex with another character but Sarah cannot. It is silly. In any event, I can't tell you what is going to happen because the writers would not be happy about that. So, you will just have to use deductive reasoning to figure it out. :)

    But holding Sarah to a higher standard than Chuck demonstrates chauvinism.

  8. Alright, I missed the sarcasm. That's my issue. I have a fair amount of faith in the writers, but on the other hand, I believe what you say. Therein lies the conflict.

    As for the chauvinism comment, I agree. It isn't fair to hold Sarah to a higher standard. I don't, and I'm sure few others do. The reason I didn't mention Chuck is because Hannah has been said to be "not what she appears to be" and is only in a couple episodes. I currently assume she's a mark or spy (something of that nature). I can't wait for Lester and Jeff to interact with Hannah though. Comedic gold right there.

    Thanks for clearing that up. I don't need to know, or even really desire to know what happens, so long as the show remains as entertaining as ever. And that includes the well developed, awesome characters they've created. It's no longer a concern of mine; I'm at peace.


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