Monday, October 31, 2011

EOnline Spoiler: CHUCK 5.02

Ronnie in Anaheim, Calif: Morgan in Chuck's season premiere was really funny, but I feel like Chuck should be the one with the Intersect.
We're totally picking up what you're putting down, but now it's Morgan's (Joshua Gomez) time to shine. In the week's episode, an overly eager Morgan is willing to do whatever it takes to be taken seriously....


  1. If you don't mind i wish to not read any spoilers about the show.

    I've heard good things about episode 2 & 3 and don't want to know anything beforehand because it will spoil the surprise.

  2. Well, you don't have to click any spoiler links, then you won't be spoiled. :)

  3. No no no Morgan! This show should be called morgan!!! It's enough!!!!
    Chuck should have download the intersect.... It should have happen to him....Why morgan Whyy????

  4. I just need




  5. I prefer Chuck not having the Intersect. I like him in the leader role, having to use his brain instead of some artificial tech to defeat the bad guys.

  6. To be honest I think that's what the 5th season should be about.
    Chuck being a competent spy without the intersect.

    In season 1 &2. He was an ordinary guy that the CIA and NSA just used to identify bad guys.

    In season 3 he was learning to be a spy because he had a new version of the intersect.

    In season 4 he was a competent spy because of the intersect.

    In season 5 they should focus on him being a great spy without needing the intersect (Which they did in episode 1)

    I was disappointed by the final two scenes in season 4. Morgan being intersected and Decker's speech to Chuck.

    I liked how Morgan was used in season 4 there was no reason to give him the intersect.
    At this point this show doesn't need to use the Intersect anymore as a plot device in my opinion.

    Decker's motivation for going after Chuck in Season 5 should just be that he's afraid they'll spill the beans on the Agent X debacle and he wants them all eliminated. instead it's some conspiracy thing.

    That being said episode 1 was pretty good and Morgan being the intersect hasn't bothered me so far.

    I expect the overall story arc in season 5 to not be very good but i'm hopeful that they will have some good individual episodes like they did in season 4.

    I'm hopeful will see some good character development, some good guest stars and some good individual scenes between the characters.

    The promos did a good job of getting me even more psyched for season 5.

  7. I like Chuck with the original intersect . Info flashes are the best , if they could give that back to Chuck without the Chuck-fu . I'd be in heaven . The fighting stuff was cool at first , but I think its run its course for the show . My favourite Chuck sequence would be something like Chuck flashes on some piece of intel he hatches a plan . Sarah and Casey kick ass and Morgan does something Morgan(y) lol . Rinse.Repeat. etc etc

  8. "I liked how Morgan was used in season 4 there was no reason to give him the intersect.
    At this point this show doesn't need to use the Intersect anymore as a plot device in my opinion."

    Agreed... which is why the name of the show is CHUCK not THE INTERSECT.

  9. I just don't care about Morgan. He should be in the background. He should be at the Buy more and not imvolved in the spy team. I wish it had stayed just Chuck, Sarah and Casey.

  10. I love Morgan. I just don't love Morgan as the Intersect.

  11. This is the whole idea Magnus they turned a funny side kick into show runner and i don't think its working that good
    Yes Chuck got his minute to shine in the end when his plan saved everyone but until then he played second violin
    Besides some one liners Casey didn't have much to do the entire episode(hopefully that will change once Carrie Ann Moss comes into play)
    And Sarah was reduced from the usual kick ass spy status to Morgans date for the mission

  12. Show runner? Why are you misusing terminology like that?

    Plus, Morgan isn't the main character, even as the Intersect. So, you are just making an effort to add more importance to him, while deflating the importance of other characters in the episode, so that you can elevate your negative argument against him.

  13. Its just my opinion but i have to ask if i am only "deflating the importance of other characters in the episode"
    Then please point out what was Casey importance in the episode?
    Or how was Sarah(hardcore spy,CIA's finest) relevant for the mission besides being Morgan's Baby Doll?

  14. While i think Chuck got plenty of attention and general focus in this episode...but more Morgan meant less Sarah/Casey as an active characters. At least Casey has an upcomming storyline, but Sarah seems to be reduced to the sideline act and i really don't want her character to exist only to pat Chuck on the shoulder saying "You're doing good Chuck".


  15. "Then please point out what was Casey importance in the episode?"

    Can you point out Casey's importance in a majority of the episodes in seasons 3 and 4 compared to this episode?

    And Sarah had let me see... THREE one-on-one scenes with Chuck. A dance sequence with Morgan. The same level of importance as Chuck at the beginning. She was Morgan's backup during two parts of the mission. She wasn't relegated to the back of the bus or anything. She has had less to do in episodes in previous seasons.

    Siemon, Sarah has been what you call a "sideline act" in a number of episodes in previous seasons. The episodes sometimes focus more on one or two characters than others.

    This episode was about Morgan being the Intersect and Chuck dealing with no longer being the Intersect, while also setting up the house story. It's not like the whole season is going to be about Morgan.

  16. But what i found disapointing is that they are paying more attention to Morgan in the first 3 episodes, than to Sarah and Casey, that are for me far more important characters.

    And while i'm sure the whole season won't be completly focused on Chuck/Morgan stuff, they wouldn't be spending so much time setting a story for those two, if they didn't plan to use it more later.

    Also the lack of any story setup for Sarah in the first 3, makes me worried they don't have much of a plan for Sarah character this season (and i'm well aware Sarah will be getting one episode down the road, but one episode is not a story..and i just hope there is more for her).


  17. P.S. I know it's selfish approach, but since this is last season, i just want to get as much story about characters i care about (Casey/Sarah), rather than about someone i don't (Morgan).


  18. i appreciate you listed all Sarah scene from the first episode but that was not my question
    "Or how was Sarah(hardcore spy,CIA's finest) relevant for the mission besides being Morgan's Baby Doll?"

    that's the reality she was reduced to play Morgan's cover date
    Sarah has played this role before being Chuck's cover date for missions but at least back then we could get to see her kick ass on her own or do a nice spy couple fight routine with Chuck like they did in Honeymooners

    My problem with Morgan as the intersect is they are not using it for hilarious moments or to create a better team chemistry
    From my point of view they are using it to make Morgan look cool to highlight the dramatic moment when the intersect will not work normally in his head

    While Morgan is a great goofy side kick he is not as good as a main character and even worst as The cool spy
    In other words with the new dynamic they are not using the characters for what they are good at anymore : Morgan(Comedy) Casey(Action,Comedy) Sarah&Chuck(Action,Romance,until season4 sexiness)

  19. I think maybe all these anti Morgan people are just elitest(!/?). If you look at some of the scenes in season 2 where the buymore lined up when addressed by Big Mike or Emmette and Chuck sticks out like a sore thumb! lol, he is much better looking and fitter and taller and sexier then them and fans can call him a geek all they like and all that but come on! If you look at the Joel Mchale scene from physical Education when he does the strip pool match the guy is an adonis...the rest of the people in the background are normal like Morgan.

    I think that is the point, people like Zach and Joel are adonises, they are gorgeous, they are better then people like Morgan in the looks department and this appeal and fans want that and want it badly.

    The AV Club said it best when reviewing the pilot...if one were to see Chuck and Sarah at a a Starbucks having a coffee...they would not even flinch, they would say to themselves cute couple and not think twice about it. That is the problem with Morgan getting the intersect or being front and center....he just does not have the same feel as proper leaders like Zach and Joel...I can see why fans are freaking out.

    Sadly it proves that the geek never really got the girl, the geek is what she was attracted to in the first place, hehehehhe. Morgan like those people watching Joel Mchale play pool should be in the background!

  20. To be fair to Fedak, we have only seen the characters for 79 episodes, he has seen the actors everyday for like 5 years. Maybe he is immune to their hotness and what makes them addictive to audiences? you never know, maybe he just had a brain meltdown or was smoking some pot or had a mini stroke or is just gone never know.

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  22. CIA's finest or not, every mission has its own requirements. If creating distraction and acquiring keycard requires posing as a trophy girlfriend to a rich man then that's what you do. After all seduction is an old and efficient method used by real life spies too.

    Naturally the mission could have been written so that Morgan and Chuck pose as a gay couple while Sarah crawls trought airducts and Casey sits in the van, but I don't think that would have been much better option.

  23. Ah the tortured whining of fanboys. How I missed thee Chuck.

    If theres one thing we as a fanbase major in it's hyperbole and over reaction.

    I've rewatched the Zoom a few times over now to make sure I hadn't missed the rename of the show, and it's fine. Not exactly what I wanted from the show. But it's still perfectly enjoyable and funny. JG is bringing the funny. Meanwhile I'm not seeing where Chuck has been relegated to a side character at all.

    I also notice a lot of the folks whining over S3 (a lot) in the past seem quite content right now. Proving that you can't please all of the people all of the time.

  24. A person at work who watches Chuck, but is not obsessively online about it like we are, approached me yesterday.

    She said, "they have to get the intersect out of Morgan."

    Based on what I've heard, this plot is leading to a good episode(503), but if they don't at least de-emphasize Morgan and the intersect after that, I think it's a big mistake.

    I don't care if it's back in Chuck. I think it's funner to see him in situations like the massage scene that he can't use kung fu to get out of.

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  26. I just wondering: morgan's intersect, trojan, morgan's changing are whole story??? Whole season will build on morgan and his intersect and his intersect effected by trojan???
    NO NO!!!
    Somebody tell us that this story will end at the end of episode 3!!1 Please....
    I can't stand Morgan become an intersect. He should stay at the buy more like season 1 and 2!!
    I love Chuck and I love Chuck with intersect but without fighting...
    is there anybody care what we write???

  27. @esozanesk

    The short answer is no, lol. You have to deal with it. This is now the Morgan show, my mom is a casual viewer and the last episode she saw was back in may and she does not go online. When she watched the premier even she said WTF? I mean they have destroyed the intersect mythology...and kind of sidelined Chuck a little too much...Morgan has to die by episode 4, awesome!

  28. @MediaSavant i agree with everything you said especially at the part where Chuck doesn't need the intersect anymore but Morgan having it changes they dynamic of the show

    Unfortunately for everyone who is not happy with Morgan becoming a pivotal part of the show i read in a recent interview with Yvonne where she says its a lot easier for her and Zac in the final season now that Josh is the one doing the fight routines in their place

    So that probably means Morgan is going to have problems with the intersect but he most likely gets to keep it
    And that's even worst then the intersect working fine
    having problems with it will draw the attention to him even more sidelining the others in the process

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  30. Amrit its a recent interview(not an interview from episode 1 or 2) posted on October 28 by Hollywood reporter

    excerpt with her discussing fight scenes :

    "We just watched you practice some fight scenes. Are they keeping you on your toes with those this season?

    Strahovski: I've had a bit of a break. Josh Gomez took a lot of the pressure off of Zach and myself this season. I feel like I've had it very easy, because he's been sweating it, doing all the fight stuff for us."

  31. @Gina
    Thank you...
    When fourth season ended all fans said Morgan with the intersect was terrible idea...

    Chuck was about Chuck with intersect and his adventures...
    Morgan with the intersect will change all the dynamics of the show...

    @Gina You're right The show should be called Morgan:((

    Writers keep writing about morgan what can we say more...

    if the show will go on with Morgan and his problems I don't want to watch it either...

  32. Is it just me, or has this discussion gone off the rails? Again.


  33. "So When actors are interviewed it may be wise to remember when they get asked questions and when in the shooting timeline they get answered questions. "

    They are also given talking points to follow. They stick pretty close to them. The guidelines include them not talking about certain plot points beyond certain episodes. Even if they are filming episode 8, they'll talk only about stuff through the episode they are allowed to talk about.

    The press was on the set during episode 5. That's when most, if not all, of the interviews you are seeing occurred.

    You also can't take their words literally. "All the fight stuff" is clearly not literally true.

  34. Addendum:
    Zac had two fights in episode 1 and Yvonne had one.

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  36. I am starting to get annoyed with one specific person who can't seem to stop babbling about the same point over and over. So, now I am just going to start deleting their comments.

  37. I hope, that Deleting my comment was just an accident. XD.

  38. Has a promo just for this specific episode been released?

  39. oh ok :).
    I was worry, I may cross the line or something, good to know I'm not .
    so the point is :
    Spoiler TV doing some Q&A with Chris Fedak. and you have a chance to send some questions

    and I also said, every time when a fan have an opportunity to ask a question from the crew or producers, they usualy ask some very stupid thing, but never those what is bothering them.
    But I remember you said something similar back then , last year on the ComiCon, when the Chuck panel run out of the time, and the fans was no chance to ask any question from the crew.

  40. What many fans on the Internet still can't seem to wrap their brains around is that:

    1. The majority of viewers probably don't think like they do.
    2. Questions selected for Q&A questions are often safe/lame because the interviewer doesn't want to piss off the person they are interviewing.
    3. Mo Ryan asks awesome questions and is one of the few truly legitimate online journalists in the biz.
    4. Most online journalists are nothing more than glorified fan bloggers.

  41. And no, Mo Ryan is not at SpoilerTV. I just wanted to toss in that she will ask awesome questions and everyone else sucks.

    Though, Sepinwall did have a good interview last season at some point.

  42. I watched the episode with an open mind. I am a girl so I like to watch Chuck, Devon, and Casey...not so much, Morgan. I like Morgan as the sidekick.

    Didn't like the opening Morgan fight scene. The stunt double was so obvious it was pathetic.

    Didn't like the Morgan and Sarah dance scene. I didn't think it was played for laughs, but it was surely laughable.

    Didn't like that there was no Devon and too little of Casey.

    Did like that Chuck in the end saved the day with a witty (even though realistically deadly plan--but then it's Chuck) and fun-to-watch plan.

    Did like the Ellie and Chuck scene.

    Overall, don't like the intersected Morgan. However, I will continue to watch with an open mind.


  43. 1.
    I agreed on that one. and understood. But also the majority of viewers, probaly not even a harcore fan. Oh how can i express this without I sounds like an idiot ?! :S.
    I mean like Castle watched by 10 million peple , but only well 1-2 maybe 3 million is the one who is actualy a hardcore fan, who go to online reading interviews go forums and blogs to talk the episode, analyzing the characters and , buy DVDs. The regular or average that is the right word average viewers they not realy care about the show overall.
    For matter , if Chuck win this TV Guide Cover, I hope we will I voted to like a crazy person :)
    what actualy will change? first of all the majority of viewers probaly not even voted , and also possible most of the people who reading that Magazine no idea what is this Chuck. I mean if Chuck win then the Ratings is increases by millions? .
    So when there is a Q&A with the writers, is should ask those questions what fans care about, but what I said, that the fans are the one who ask the same old same old questions all over again.

    But if I misunderstand something then I sorry. it could be :)

    Then what is the point in these Q&A if they can't ask questions , becasue they afraid, or because it may uncomfortable.

    3. Yep Mo Ryan Awesome.

    4 absolutely right

    once again if I misunderstand something then I sorry :)

  44. Fans rarely ask good questions. When I see alleged "journalists" asking fans to submit questions, my first thought is that if this journalist knew the show, they would have their own questions. My second thought it that they are just trying to get followers or draw attention to the fact that they get to talk to X you regular people don't.

  45. My theory is that less than 3% of fans are what you could call "hardcore." And most of them post on Internet forums and such. And that when shows lose rating, these nutjobs always think it is because the masses agree with their negative views of the show. But virtually all shows lose ratings from season to season.

    Call if viewer fatigue if you like, or perhaps people just like to watch the newest thing and abandon the older stuff. You know, like they with with tech, clothes, and other fads.

    I doubt quality is the main determining factor in viewership. It's about what people think is cool to like. SEINFELD took several seasons to get an audience but once it did, it was huge. What happened? Suddenly the quality of the show improved ten times over? Nope. It became the cool thing to like.

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  47. Well you tell everything , so I can't really add anything more. :D

  48. Its the first time iv watched chuck and just thought what am i watching. I no shows change but thats going two far. And i think some poeple who watched that first eppisode will just think im not watching another eppisode. Abit over the top maybe but that first eppisode was just two cringey it was horrible. Im never ganna stop watching chuck but you would think they would give me an enjoyable last season to watch. And i think the rating for the next eppisode are ganna be dven worse. But hay thats just my oppinion .... jamie

  49. And also i thought we had the slightest chance just the slightest we could get a few more eppisodes out of chuck if we did well. But now i think weve got more chance tryna milk a cow for orange juice.......jamie

  50. I think everyone gets it...some people just cannot except Morgan as the intersect. But if you listen to Magnus' last podcast...they are most likely using an abandoned story arc from season 3, in other words...they have run out of ideas big time.

    Have fans noticed that they are now doing a casey love arc, they are bringing Sarah's mom back and her handler. Basically they are doing loads of small arcs and in turn this season might turn out to be a hodgpodge of episodes strung together. This season could be just a bunch of random storylines mashed together...but to be honest, what did people expect from CHUCK?

    Getting more episodes might actually be the worse thing ever, lets hope the episodes that do come at least hit the mark some how.

  51. BTW the last comment by me was meant as a positive not a negative. All I want from this season is for them to get Chuck and Sarah right, that is it.

  52. Oh yeah... they ran out of ideas, no doubt. The only thing that is new is the Decker thing and they are just trying to figure that out as they go.

  53. If they've run out of ideas, good thing it's the last season.

    Just give me a great finale, don't ruin Chuck & Sarah and put Morgan in the back as just the comedic role while focusing primarily on Chuck, Casey and Sarah and I'm set.

    Oh and a few actual proper Charah kisses without panning away or quick pecks would be nice. I'm not even asking for sex. Just stop with the pre school kissing.

  54. Whatever is going to happen, has already been shot or written. So, just deal with what comes or quit now. :)

  55. Oh yeah Mo Ryan is awesome, especially her interview with Fedak post Other Guy. She just laid into him with every question that a fan would want asked...asked! Obviously he ducked for cover and never admitted to anything, but she never gave up. Thinking back if you read her openning paragraphs she was already calling the show out for its problems with pacing, plausibility and plotting. It is amazing how she just like hit on everything that was one does that! or I mean no critic would do that! I loved it! To be fair to Fedak he invited Mo back to host a Chuck panel in chicago and so let bygones be gone by the wayside (I love Archer). I love Mo Ryan!

  56. Has there ever been a good show that you really enjoyed and that you have agreed with the creative direction of it 100%.

    I say this because fans of any respective show will complain about the creative directions that they personally don't like.

    Fans of 24 don't like season 6.

    Fans of Dexter complain about season 5 a lot.

    Fans of Roseanne didn't like them winning the lottery or any of season 9.

    I don't agree with every creative decision Chuck has made but i still really enjoy it.

    Beyond a certain point it's pointless to complain about creative directions that you don't agree with.

    Chris Fedak is the showrunner of this show and he's telling the story he wants whether you like it or not.

  57. To me, I don't mind the kind of review that Magnus did where he laid down not only what he didn't like but what he did.

    There's nothing wrong with disliking parts of the show. There's nothing wrong with talking about them as part of critical discussion.

    It's the nature of human beings that we are more vocal about what we don't like than what we do.

    The only people who I've never understood are the people who don't enjoy ANYTHING in the show anymore EXCEPT complaining about it. And they are the ones who tell you about it everyday. Let's call them "uber-kvetchers". It's not about the show. It's about them.


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