Wednesday, November 2, 2011

CHUCK Vs. the Bearded Bandit 5.02 - Promo

Yeah, this thing has been around for days but I do what I want, man!


  1. wasn't Rebecca Romijn suppose to guest star in episode 6?
    Anyhow i am confident Carrie Ann Moss is going to be awesome this season

  2. No worries, I will update it with the right promo once I find it. :)

  3. It's not you. They didn't actually have a "bearded bandit" promo. It's more a "future episode" promo and everyone has labeled it incorrectly.

  4. This is actually related to the Chris Fedak conference call - can someone please tell him that he needs to stop describing everything related to the show as epic. Most of the time, he's way off base.


  5. Most of the time ?


    Fedak drives me nuts with all his " if they survive til the end of the season "mumbo jumbo . One tweet I read from the conference call was something like " that's if Chuck and Sarah & Casey survive ep 13 " or something to that effect ( I probably took that out of context , but you can get my point ) .

    Fedak , I dare you to kill of Chuck or Sarah - I DARE YOU !!

    For all the good and love he has/done for the show , he is one showrunner ( 1 word , 2 words ?? ) that should NEVER do interviews to try to get people excited about CHUCK .

    I still love though :)

  6. If anyone gets killed off this show it will be one of the supporting actors.

    Probably Adam Baldwin or Josh Gomez.

    I could see Chris Fedak doing that.

    I thought Carrie Anne Moss was suppose to first appear in episode 3.

    I bet it's Beckman Chuck is talking to at the end.

  7. I wouldn't be surprised if Casey "dies" in some heroic fashion, only to reappear in another part of the world under a new identity. He was born Alex Coburn, then he became John Casey, maybe he'll end up as Mr. Verbanski.



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