Friday, July 29, 2011

CHUCK premiere gets "super actor" Craig Kilborn

Glad to see CHUCK getting non-actors for season 5... will make for weak performances and undercut the writing.


  1. That link text just made my morning! Thanks buddy!

  2. Who is this guy? I mean Mark Hamill will be cool, but I never heard of Craig Kilborn.

  3. Who did you expect with their budget ? Pierce Brosnan ? :))
    I think season5 will be worse then season4 and not only because of the smaller budget but from what i read in some spoilers they are going to sideline the Chuck & Sarah relationship to give characters like Morgan,Awesome,Ellie more screen time.
    And that's by far the worst approach i can think of especially for the final season.
    To sideline the thing that constantly worked for the show and got great feed backs over the years...
    What do you think Magnus ?

  4. What do I think? Or what do I know?

    Because what I know is much worse than what I think. ;)

  5. The character sounds like someone who will lose most of Chuck/Sarah money they got last season, so they'll have to relay more on the Buy More for income.

  6. I love when new peeps come here and start questioning my legitimacy. :)

  7. Can you do both Magnus ?:) if not only what you know :)
    I'm really interested about Chuck & Sarah relationship cause it seems to me that's no longer an main interest in the storyline.

  8. Well due to the shows budget or lack of, they had to do a reset. At least it is better then another ahem reset the show did (hint hint the year was 2010 and it happened in a premier) but chuck and Sarah may not be billionaires in terms of cash at least they are billionaires in terms of love awwwwww. Bring on the cheese! Lol.

  9. OK the following will perhaps make me a bad person so I will not say I hat the guy ... well lets put it that way I have disliked Kilborn since his early days as the (mean spirited joking) host of The Daily Show before Stewart got the job and actually made it fun to watch.
    So as long the guy gets pummeled in the Ep. I'm golden.

    :( now I feel dirty just having said that out loud.


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