Monday, August 9, 2010

Killing Mama B

"Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children." -- William Makepeace Thackeray

 The search for Chuck's mom is the apparent end-game of season 4 and that demands one ponder some questions about the next 13 episodes.  Will she be good?  Will she be bad?  Will she be an alien?  Does she club cute baby seals in their brainzies?  The witch!

In the past couple of weeks we have jumped the Shaw-arc, split up Chuck and Sarah, and now it is time we kill Mama B!

I like to think of this scenario... what if Mama B is so bad that the US government wants her dead?  That the Ring, or some other nefarious organization, is protecting her from Chuck's former bosses?  And what if Sarah, still a CIA agent, is tasked with finding and killing the mother of the man she loves, without knowing that the target is his mom?  What would Sarah do if she found out?  What would Casey do?  WHAT WOULD THEY DO?!?!?!  What if Chuck and Morgan's search for mom, and Sarah and Casey's hunt to kill mom, intersect?!  OMFGBBQ!

What if the Lochness Monster and Jack the Ripper were one and the same?!  Bullcrabcakes, or not?!



  1. There MUST be some good left in her... she still wears the charm representing her children. But in your scenario... Casey would kill her, report that she has moved to Alaska to open a Curves gym. Sarah would put down her gun, extending her own charm bracelet in order to 'turn' MB back to the good side, only to take the killshot from MB just as CB enters the room. Fade to black. Gunshot sounds. End series. Fan pandemonium. Fedak never works again.

  2. Diane says...


    Plus, this definitely could dovetail into one of those "normal couple" problems between Chuck and Sarah. You know...forget to take out the trash, steal the covers, try to kill your boyfriend's mother.

  3. What if we find out Mama B gave birth to Shaw years ago and put him up for adoption ?

    What if we find out she's the CIA floozy?


  4. Harrison, I think there is still good in everyone, even Vader. And for all we know, Mama B starts off the season as an angel!

    Diane, it could be fun. When are they hiring me?

    Cole, everyone has always predicted something once they know it to be true.

    Babydoll, what if INDEED! That means Sarah had relations with brothers and... if she is preggers... OMG! Who is the daddy?!

    StrangeWorld, thanks for your support. You would think more would participate in the feed the bunny program. But they do not.

  5. How about Sarah wearing the bracelet, Mama B running into or capturing her, sees the bracelet gets suspicious, and starts asking questions?

  6. Tedgforce, that would be a really cool callback to something the hardcore fans find to be important. You would figure it is a no-brainer. Both are wearing bracelets related to something in the family. It only makes sense that Sarah's bracelet either save her life or put it in jeopardy.

  7. The runners said that Mama B would be shown in the first episode. Sarah and Casey had to shoot a scene W/O Chuck. I am guessing Sarah runs into Mama B they talk, Mama B sees the bracelet Sara is wearing and asks more questions and panics. But Sarah talking with this woman thinks she would be perfect for her father, who she just got off the phone with. At the end of the season Chuck & Sarah and Mama B and Jack B are all in a church having a dual wedding when the evil empire blows up the church, killing all.
    or did they???

  8. Chuck has to kill his mother to protect Sarah. He realizes because of her both of his parents are dead. Chuck dumps Sarah and calls Carina. They travel world fighting evil and hand cuffing each other to beds.

  9. I like your thought on Sarah being tasked to find Mama B but she doesn't know who it is. I can see it now- Sarah shoots Mama B on the CIA's orders. Chuck sees a replay on video and drops to his knees with a Shaw-like "NOOOOOOOOO!". Sarah is devastated but realizes it's an opportunity. She rushes off and shoots Casey's daughter (Casey: NOOOOO!!!), Bologia (Morgan: NOOOO!), Lester (Jeff: NOOOO!!), Beckman's man toy we saw in Tooth (Beckman: NOOOOO!), and just for good measure, Bryce's treasured severely handicapped baby sister just after she gets off her shift hand feeding baby seal pups. All of a sudden she's no longer the CIA agent who falls for all her partners. She's the CIA agent who kills her partner's loved ones. Reputation saved.

  10. Hi Magnus,

    I just saw one scene from season 4 and plus there are loads of spoilers coming out can you put a spoiler tag on your site so fans can speculate?

  11. Remember people, in the chuck universe things are always a lot simpler then people think they are. Thinking back to season 3 people thought that shaw and hannah had these major dark backgrounds and fans waited all season to see the other shoe drop only to realise that things were a lot simpler then they first appeared. I think with Mama B she will be a super spy sort of and she will probably work with these super organizations and come the end of season 4 she will be on the side of Team Bartowski and help them take down these organisations there will I think not be any major suprises.

  12. I typed a book long post full of ridiculousness about Chuck's dad and his persona "leaping" putting a strain on the family and running his crazed alien fighting wife out of the house. Consider yourselves blessed.

    Mama B is in witness protection. The end. @Mike, you're probably dead on, though. It's a simple explanation in the end.


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