Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TVLine: CHUCK final 'Big Bad" is...

The show has brought in some dude from a little known movie... click to find out who!


  1. good choice its suited to bring a bearded villain to fight the bearded intersect

  2. braveheart is little know??

    that's a shame

  3. What happened to the Gertrude chick? Is she over and done with by episode 10?

  4. "braveheart is little know??"

    Welcome to the site... it's called sarcasm.

  5. Hopefully we find out that Sarah had a steamy relaysh with this dude lol . Don't even think about when it could have possibly have happened . The time line on this show is so f'ed up already :) . A few episodes left to possibly freak out the fan base one last time .. Muahaha ! This guy is going to be Shaw x 10 and also a better actor ( no offense BR ) . Bring it on !!

    2 more days til Halloween eps of Parks&Rec and COMMUNITY . And three til some other show premiers . That just got me a little excited just writing that . I think I just peed a little !

  6. AdrianS can post as long as he remembers Sarah and Yvonne are different people and to separate all actors from their characters... and to realize and accept that what these people do in their private lives isn't his concern... and if he wants to make it his concern, keep it locked up in a deep dark place where all his other creepy thoughts go to wage war against each other.

  7. Magnus if you have a way to check the ip of the posters please do and see those are not my posts
    For the delusional person who keeps calling my name every time he sees a post he doesn't agree with you might want to check a shrink because you probably have problems if you identify all internet users with me

    As for what i posted before about the actors i don't feel like those where posts invading their private lives. I didn't post stuff like actor X dates actor Y
    My posts where in regard to their performances on the show
    when i said its going to be a noticeable difference in quality with Josh Gomez as the intersect it wasn't a insult to Josh as an actor
    it was my personal opinion, funny how its a opinion shared in reviews after the first 3 episodes
    they talk about how unlike Zach, Josh is not able to do his own fight scenes and unfortunately his double is significantly taller
    These sort of things can't be talked about using the character because it's not Morgan's fault the actor who plays him is not physically fit to throw a high kick or do a fight routine and the producers where not able to find him a double who can do those things and have the same height

  8. You are already pushing it.... especially since you should know by now that Zac doesn't spell the shortening of his name with an H.

  9. Fine then Zac :)
    btw. Magnus to clear things off i am not the fan who went on Zac doorsteps to mingle either
    Just to make things clear :))

  10. Well, at least you didn't do that.

  11. I know u don't do spoilers anymore but are you going to do reviews post episodes ? or are they going to be included in the Geek furious pod cast ?

  12. I haven't decided what I am going to do. I will probably write up a review for each episode on GeekFurious.com and likely discuss the episode on the poopcast. But we shall see... anything can change in the next couple of days.


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