Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Want to Save Chuck? Rename It!

"CHUCK" Sucks!

Our friend until the end on Twitter, HeatherG71 launched a little game based on the idea that CHUCK would improve its ratings by changing its name (I instigated this so send me the hate mail if you are somehow offended by the notion that CHUCK is a terrible name for a show).

So, jump on Twitter and participate or post your ideas here in the comment section.  The hashtag for this happy little Twitter game is #RenameChuck.


  1. Now I feel like I have arrived. You're the best Magnus!

  2. The Intersect Diaries
    CSI Burbank
    Walker's Anatomy

  3. lol .....

    Jersey Chuck
    Modern Bartowskis


  4. the matrix tv series
    the greatest love story
    walkertowski express
    casey's run

  5. I almost thought this was serious. Glad to see it's just a game.

    If we really were to get to the point where we needed a formulaic, copycat show name to survive, just forget it, and let the show die with dignity.

  6. 1. Spies Enhanced
    2. HD Chuck
    3. Black Op Specialists
    4. Morgan Rules
    5. The Age of the Nerd
    6. Chemically Enriched

  7. Intersect and the City
    Burbank Vice
    Two and A Half Spies

  8. You got to keep the same name man, I love this show and cast, I think platonically they all love each other the cast, zach loves everyone, yvonne and the rest love each other. The only one that I do not know about is zac and josh, man they are funny together and have a real real life bromance going on. I saw josh's comic con 2009 interview where he said that when him and zac hardly worked together zac would come to him when they stopped shooting and say I miss you my little buddy, zach and josh shippers there should be some out there because there is a real love brewing, lol. But seriously keep it at chuck.

  9. 3. The Bartowski Identity (it just rolls of the tongue)

    2. From Burbank with Love. (Ah - how sweet)

    and in honor of an idiot:



  10. Death By CornDogs
    Chuck E. Cheeseballs
    The Morgan
    Grunt 411
    Chucky Charms
    The Sarah Walker Chronicles

  11. Walker, CIA Handler

    Two Guys a Girl and an Intersect

    Touched by an Agent*

    *-credit goes to SerendipityWAF on Twitter, I loved that one!

  12. 1. The Burbank Shore
    2. Saved by the Nerd
    3. Nerds Gone Wild
    4. The Show that Avoids Cancellation

  13. Boy Meets Spy
    Pimp my Intersect
    The Nerd Herder of Burbank
    Chuck Bartowski : The Spy who Shagged Me
    The Bartowski Bunch
    Who's the Spy?
    The Handler
    Citizen Carmichael
    Saving Chuck Bartowski
    Back to the Buymore
    Inglourious Nerdherders
    There Will be Beckman

  14. spy more
    bend it like beckman

  15. Sarah The Nerd Slayer
    Bartowski's Creek
    Gossip Spies

  16. Joe 90, TNG
    Spies 'n nerds 'n retail, oh my!

  17. Lola, dice:

    "Nerds, not geeks"
    "The new Adventures of the old numbnuts"
    "Chuck Me!"
    "The Nerd, the Spy and the Ugly"
    "Once a Nerd..."

  18. Honey, I Blew Up the Buy More
    Keeping Up with the Bartorwki's
    The Girl with the Chuck Tattoo
    CSI: Burbank
    Survivor: Buymoria
    Everybody Hates Shaw
    Dude, Where's my Mom?
    To Stop a Predator - from blowing up the Buy More
    Diary of a Wimpy CIA Agent
    Chuck the Vampire Slayer
    Secret Agent Apprentice
    Modery Spy Family
    Are You Smarter than an FBI Agent?
    It's Always Sunny in Buymoria
    Burbank, 91501
    Law & Order: Special Agents' Unit
    Twilight: New Mom
    So You Think You can Flash?
    Harry Potter and the Intersect 2.0
    American Intersect
    Gossip Nerd
    The Secret Life of Chuck's Little Brother - Justin Bieber

  19. Oh and please post your OWN. If you are posting what someone else tweeted, please credit them. Thanks.

  20. Beckman's Angels
    Carmichael: the legend of Chuck Bartowski
    An Evening of Morgan
    Intersect: The Chuck Bartowski Chronicles
    Chuck Bartowski: Rise of the Nerds

  21. Kung Fu Chuck
    Spy Club
    Once Upon a Time in Burbank
    The Big Bartowski
    How To Train Your Intersect
    The Adventures of Chuck Bartowski

  22. Here's a compilation of some of the Tweets I've posted today:

    So You Think You Can Spy?
    Gaga for Chuck
    Bad BROmance
    Where Spies and Nerds Intersect
    America's Got Spies
    The Bartowski Chronicles
    Human Flashing Software for Spies on any Mobile Network

  23. Here's what I posted on Twitter:

    Legend of the Sneaker
    Battlestar Buymoria
    A Kick Ass Chick and a Nerd
    The Betty White Show
    Hey Look There's Justin Bieber!

    (Celeste aka Nerdherder76)

  24. Mr. and Mrs. Carmichael
    Chucking Blood
    Two and a half Spies

  25. only a few...
    No Ordinary Nerd
    Morgan's Ball Z
    Sarah: Warrior princess
    Tales from the store
    How to be a spy, for dummies
    The rogue of The Ring
    How to find a mom in 10 days (@RuTiNha_SMF)
    The Dudes of Hazard (rides on the General Beckman)
    Toy store
    America's best spy crew
    American hero
    that's it...

  26. A few more

    Chuck Files
    2 and a Half Spies
    and The Nerdy Bunch

    (Celeste aka Nerdherder76)

  27. @___DB___ said:
    1. I Am Become Nerd.
    2. Lifestyles of the Nerdy and Lethal.

  28. The Hero of Castle - The Man they call John.
    Lady Feelings and the Moron
    How I Met My Mother
    Extreme Makeover - Buymore Edition
    Dancing with the Spies


  29. "Everything you wanted to know about SPIES but were afraid to ask."

  30. If you want credit for it... you should probably sign your name to it, if you are posting as ANONYMOUS.

  31. Burbankinator: The Sarah Walker Chronicles

    Nightline with John Casey

    Desperate Spywives

    Gossip Spies

    How I Met Your CIA Handler

    Real Spywives of Burbank

    Say Yes To The Intersect


    The Nerd Whisperer

    Chuckstar Buymoria


  32. Spooks: CIA Files
    Spy Note
    Prince of Orange Orange
    Spy Stalker
    Birds of Buymoria
    Sam XX
    Buymoria: The Final Conflict
    Carmichael: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Buymore Ties
    New Adventures of Old Chuck

  33. "Caseynator"
    "The Nerd Code"

    "Nerd sandwich" (@OldDarth)
    & man do I LOVE @NerdHerder76 "Legend of the SNEAKER" line :D

    "Lethal Nerd 4"
    "Chris Fedak's chance to blow shit up!"
    & in "honor" of this pesky rating thingy! ;D how about: "Monday Night Fights"

  34. Diary of a Wimpy Sidekick
    The League of Extraordinary Spies.
    Morgan's Island: The lil' Buddy Years
    Chuck & Morgan's Excellent Adventure
    The Carmichael Deception
    The Chronicles of John Casey: the Grunt Years

  35. Thelma and Louise Resurrected (zac is so louise).
    Chucko and the man.
    To Sarah with Love
    Chuck and Morgans Bogus Adventures
    Dude who stole my mom
    The greatest love story ever
    City of angels

  36. Meerkat and the beaver (chuck and sarah)
    the Sarah who loved me
    I heard it throught the chuckvine
    Angstville free
    The daddy and mommy issue chronicals of Chuck and Sarah
    It's a new dawn, it's a new day and I'm feeling good.

  37. Top ten substitute names for "Chuck" from the movies:

    #10 Raging RedBull
    #9 Crouching Morgan, Hidden Agent
    #8 Spy Hard
    #7 To Kill a MockingNerd
    #6 About a Gameboy
    #5 BrainMan
    #4 The Spyland of Dr. BuyMoreau
    #3 Das Geek
    #2 Mommie DEArest
    #1 All About Eve ... Oh wait, that's last season

  38. I see that one of mine was also someone else's - great minds sometimes think alike. Or, in my case, YOUR great minds and MY feeble mind sometimes think alike.

  39. Would not surprise me to see a bunch of similar ones. Especially when basing them on other shows.

  40. Magnus, please tell us your top 10 so far.

  41. I won't even compile a top 10 list until Friday night. And you will hear it on the podcast. :)

  42. Intersect: The Sarah Walker Chronicles

  43. lol .......

    Chuck and Sarah's excellent adventures
    The NERD whisperer
    Chuck Notice
    The Intersect affairs
    The Best Damn Spy Action Comedy Romance Drama Show-Period
    Spy Town

    Ron Swanson

  44. Magnus, the 2 I posted on twitter were

    - The Spy Who Chucked Me
    - The Man From CHUCKLE

    Lots of great stuff out there!

  45. Wendy had some really funny ones, and DorkiliciousD's last one was the best. But It's your podcast ;)

  46. I have seen some on Twitter I really like but am only going to take the ones posted here. It would be way too much work to find the best posted on Twitter.

  47. Okay...since Magnus is lazy ;-) I guess I'll post some of my faves from before they're lost to the Interweb & capacity contraints of Twitter.

    - Double Rainbows over Burbank
    - 'NOT the Jay Leno Show'
    - Pretty Little Underground Lairs
    - $#!% my CIA Handler Says
    - Charles Carmichael in Charge
    - Dr. StrangeChuck or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Intersect
    - 'C.S.I. -Burbank' because C.S.I. = Casey Sarah Intersect
    - Sarah Walker Getting Married?
    - Get Smarter
    - Secret Diary of a CIA Asset
    - Flight of the NerdHerds
    - ChuckTales (FYI I grew up on the Disney Afternoon & DuckTales was my fave)
    - Project Run Away
    - Sarah Walker: The Deadliest Catch
    - My So Called Spy Life
    - The B-Team
    - Desperate Green Shirts
    - Battlestore Buymoria
    - iChuck
    - Dancing with the Intersect
    - Chuck vs. The Real Betty Twilight of Jersey Shore

    My apologies if some of these are repeats...my sincerest apologies if some of these just plain suck.

  48. LiL Brother: Burbank Edition
    The Family Spy

  49. Big Mike and Jeffster
    The Dream Team
    The Anti-neo-liberal fascists and anarchists and the hypocrite fat-cat suits they eventually grow up to become show

  50. The Secret Nerd
    The unknown life hidden in a normal guy
    the unknown life hidden in a normal nerd

    -Vic (ILoveYvastra twitter)

  51. The Subway Series
    Revenge of the Nerds
    The Spy Who Loves Sarah

  52. AWESOME!!
    All things AWESOME!


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