Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why CHUCK Sucks...

... up all of my free time.

Chuck Bartowski is just such a lovable dude, even when he is breaking up with his girlfriend in front of her parents (miss you, Hannah), you can't help but like the guy.  He is very brave, loyal, and he is willing to sacrifice himself for those he loves.  He is the character saddled with the most burden on the show and he carries it well, never losing the true essence of who he was prior to becoming the Intersect.

Sarah Walker is a trained government killer with a massive heart.  But she doesn't know it until she meets Chuck and then her whole world is turned upside down as she slowly loses touch with the trained killer and pines for the life she never had... as a normal girl.  And yet, once she is able to define who she is within a loving relationship, she is able to find an identity within the spy world, where she maybe thought she didn't have one.  That makes Sarah/Sam the deepest, most complex character on the show.  Plus, when she does her southern accent... an angel gets its wings.

John Casey is dangerous to people whose middle name is Danger.  He is not just a trained killer but someone who enjoys his job.  Unlike Agent Walker, Colonel Casey chose the life and lives to serve, never questioning whether he should.  And yet, the longer he remains on the mission to protect Chuck, he slowly gains a heart and finds himself not only caring about Chuck but also his friends and family.

Morgan Grimes is the best best-friend a friend can have.  He is loyal, honest, protective, and dedicated.  But what truly defines his character is what he does when danger comes his way.  He doesn't run away, LIKE HE SHOULD.  Instead, he runs into danger due to a sense of duty to his friends and/or country.  Morgan may not be the most capable person, but he is a born Marine.  Always faithful.

Devon Woodcomb aka Captain Awesome has earned his nickname at every turn.  Not only is he an excellent doctor, athlete, friend, brother-in-law, spy, and husband, but he is someone who excels at everything while still seeing the best in people.  If everyone else sees you as a loser, Devon sees you as untapped potential.  Probably the kindest character on the show.

Ellie Woodcomb was forced to become both mother and father to Chuck and though still just a kid herself, raised a great human being.  Also, she has always been the most logical element of the show, usually doing the most rational thing, centering the show's perspective when necessary.

Jeff and Lester aka Jeffster are dreamer losers who find something they aren't quite good at and yet do it with a passion.  They are lovable because they are so genuinely messed up.  It is difficult to not appreciate the joy these nutjobs receive from feeling like rock stars, even if they are just loud karaoke players.

Big Mike isn't just the Buy More manager, he is the godfather.  He yells big, eats big, and loves big.  For a guy who seems so angry, he has a lot of love to give.  Plus, he is just really funny.  Who doesn't look forward to a Big Mike scene?  WHO?  Whoever you are, DEMON!

I could go on... and on... and on... and seriously on about why CHUCK sucks up so much of my time and has continued to do so for far too long now.  But for me, it is about the characters first, humor and action second, and story is somewhere in there.

So, tell me what it is about CHUCK that sucks up so much of your time.  And perhaps, if enough people hear about it, CHUCK can "suck" for 4 more years!

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  1. I think that you summed it up pretty well. Chuck represents the dream so many geeks have of one day being called on to be the hero. He's very smart, funny and caring, someone who I would want to be best friends with. He's actually a role model to me, both as a geek and as a person. I strive to be more like him and watching the show makes me get to be a part of his life.

  2. This isn't very interesting, but ditto. I feel the same way. No matter what character is on screen I enjoy seeing them. (Okay, Shaw was the obvious exception to that.)
    I love the humor, but what I love most about the humour is that it isn't centered around one character. Every one of the characters have their own sense of humor and "funny lines". It's a joy to watch every actor onscreen.

  3. From the first episode of season 1 to the finale of season 3, the depth of each character has drawn me in. Chuck's obvious pathetic social life struck a chord with me and the overarching geek themes were an added plus. I found myself rooting for Chuck every single scene, no matter how cheesy it might have been. From Morgan to Jeffster, Devon & Ellie, or Casey, Chuck & Sarah, I could not get enough of the characters and how they all had a unique relationship with each other. Regardless of how "unscientific" the concept of an Intersect may be, the scenario feels so real. I find myself wanting to be there in their world and in their ongoing story.

    That's why Chuck time up.

  4. All of the above, plus:-

    Casey's carefully hidden heart. Watching and listening carefully, it's there in his eyes and his grunts. His feelings came out, right on his sleeve in '..vs the Undercover Lover' with Ilsa. He showed desire with Carina; tenderness with Kathleen. In the scene where Beckman rightly demotes him back to civilian, he's holding on to his devastation by a thread and we can see it. Adam should get an Emmy nomination for this beautifully layered, subtle acting.

    Stephen Bartowski. Truly awesome character and performance from first to last. I wish we hadn't seen the last of him. I wold have loved to see him and Casey facing off against each other.

    Guest stars. As it has been said elsewhere, 'Chuck' takes actors from other fandoms and makes them awesome in their roles on 'Chuck'.

    The pop culture/gaming/film references.

    Someone has either worked in retail or has observed it very carefully. The 'Buy More' crowd have been beautifully cast.

  5. I am offended that no one was offended.

  6. How could you say such true things about this show that we all love??? Why Magnus, Why?! *Offended*

  7. Hi Magnus great insight when is your next podcast

  8. We recorded the podcast earlier today. I will edit it tomorrow, most likely. Hope to have it out on Monday. I have lots of editing to do. Lots of rambling.

  9. I love watching Chuck. Mainly in the intervals of the study, Chuck feeds all tastes, it has everything, comedy, drama, romance, moments when you get emotional and one that is almost unbelievable. I love the episodes by heart, could say that would be eternal, it is nice to watch a good job of a good team. I am Brazilian and a big fan.

  10. The Adventure is Chuck's. The Journey is Sarah's. I watch for the Journey.
    I've always enjoyed the show, but perhaps the premise and promotion of it being a Geeks Only show prevented me from really getting into it... slowly but surely the characters drew me in. The Characters getter deeper each time I watch an episode...
    Chuck Sucks my time... because off-screen I've found a fandom with values I appreciate and a cast and crew who are determined to stay true to themselves, not to some Hollywood image. They remain accessible, they support local charities, they encourage a ten year old to be a strong 'character' and cope with peer pressure... and each possesses a smile that could light a city and yet seems directed at each fan individually.

  11. I totally ditto what Harrison had to say about the actors remaining accessible. To reach out to a loyal fan like Zac did to @LittleChuckFan was absolutely awesome and then also to broadcast live on set at 2:30 in the morning to fans around the world. What more can you say about an awesome show, awesome actors and fans every where supporting the show they love. This is why I allow Chuck to Suck up all of my time - it is so worth it all. Just wish my family felt the same way!!

  12. Not to mention Zac pulling together the actors to show up to our two fan events (Chuckfest and the Chuck Tweet-Up). How many other casts of a network television show have done that? I am pretty sure that CHUCK is the only one.

  13. Yeah this cast is so well loved I see the interviews that are done and the other day Zac was talking to Kristin and I think it is the first time I have seen her hug and kiss on the cheek another actor. The fans, critics, audience ... everybody loves this cast and the way that they are so humble and loving they deserve it, they are so charming and sweet. I was at comic con and some of the screams the cast members got were just insane, I mean my ears were ringing after Zac and Adams introduction, there was so much love and it is wonderful. This show sucks up all my time because of the fact that each cast member and character on the show like each other and that has not deterred over time one iota, I hope when all is said and done and in (fingers crossed 5 more seasons) the show is over that these cast members stay in touch and keep going with the fans, they will move onto movies and have massive careers I have no doubt but I look forward to interacting with them, they are awesome.

  14. Yeah I have seen clips where Zac also lets the media into his home, He like chuck loves the games, especially Guitar Hero and Rock Star. We get to see his friends play these games with him and he lets people into his life when other actors would not, so that is very nice of him. I just wonder where he gets the energy. He kinda reminds me (Zac is a fan of Quantum Leap) of Dr Sam Beckett where at one time he is an actor who gives us chuck (working 12-18 hour days), then he sings, then he dances and then he is in Europe, he is all over the place and the most wonderful thing is that he does it because he wants to see the fans and make them happy and he is awesome, I think it must be an unknown source of energy. Please keep going I love you Zac, you always smile and I wish you well in your movie career after chuck and hope you do have a career like Tom Hanks with multiple oscars and Emmy's godspeed.

  15. Myself personally just became a fan this year . I knew what the premise of Chuck was , but had no interest because I watched HIMYM and DVR'd House . During the Sunday night Football there was a lot of promotion for a few weeks leading up to it and I decided to tape it and maybe give it a shot . The first episode I saw was vs the three words , I liked it . But what really sold me was the intro credits/theme song . Anyways I saw 3.02 and 3.03 back to back a few days after the initial airing . I liked the show so much I went out and bought both seasons on Blu-ray , watched them all in 2 days. Then the next week I bought both seasons on itunes to have on my laptop . Then discovered the Chuck fandom and this blog and now spend an unhealthy amount of time online searching out CHUCK related news/info .



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