Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yvonne Strahovski IS on Twitter

After months and months of people pretending to be Yvonne, or people thinking fan sites were Yvonne on Twitter, the real deal has finally created an account! So, FOLLOW HER!

CLICK and FOLLOW Yvonne Strahovski on Twitter!

Yes.  I am SURE it is her. 


  1. I'd so laugh if it wasn't her and we'd followed her for no reason lol

  2. how do u know tht it's really her? :S

  3. It is her. I am not guessing. Adam Baldwin confirmed it. I wouldn't tell you to follow her if I thought it wasn't her.

  4. it is her, Adam Baldwin had tweeted that he was trying to get her on twitter.

  5. Now hopefully people are respectful and don't act like crazy fanboys/girls, and scare her off of twitter....


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