Sunday, April 4, 2010


People are scared that CHUCK might be canceled and want to do what they can to save it.  That means we have new people joining our Twitter trending effort.
Below are steps to make it happen.

1. CREATE a TWITTER account

2. DO NOT click the "Protect my tweets" box (under SETTINGS > Account)).  If it is clicked, UNCLICK IT.  Your tweets will NOT be counted in the trend if this is enabled.

3. Follow @ChuckMeMondays

4. At 6PM ET (5PM CT, 4PM MT, 3PM PT) on Monday, we start TWEETING (that is what they call it on Twitter... it means we are commenting/posting) the term/phrase we want to trend

5. We want to trend one term and it is #SaveChuck

"But how do you trend a topic?!" you ask.  Easy.  Just tweet any series of messages (about 100 per hour is safe) using the #SaveChuck  term within the messages.  An example would be:

Please watch CHUCK! Because we want it back for another season! #SaveChuck

Some people just tweet things like:

#SaveChuck #SaveChuck #SaveChuck #SaveChuck

... and then add a 1 or some number after it to differentiate it from their other tweets (Twitter will NOT allow the exact same tweet twice no matter how hard you try).  Some people say that if you do this, it will get you blocked from trending since Twitter considers it spam.  This may be true but no one has ever shown any evidence of this and we have trended many times using this method.  But I recommend trying to just tweet the term in legitimate messages.


It can take OVER an hour for a trend to actually show itself on the trend list.  So, don't quit tweeting just because the term hasn't trended yet.  It is often right on the verge of trending when people quit.  Also, don't tweet more than 100 times (well, it is like 125) per hour or you will end up in TWITTER JAIL for an hour.  If you do end up there, have a backup account.


  1. I will be writing on my stuff up until Monday but I will be for the TRENDING! ;D


  2. no cancelling of chuck, i'm warning you nbc! lol... pls don't do that.. my week won't ever be the same!

  3. This isn't at all that surprising from the network that let Conan O'Brien go. But that's how it is. If the ratings go down, it's either they take you out, or you get moved. But that's just my take on this.


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