Monday, November 23, 2009

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 13 (Rated PG)

CHUCK HAS A RELEASE DATE and we talk about it all.

We talk about the announcement of the show coming back, the Season 3 preview and TV promos, Ali Adler, Twitter's @LittleChuckFan, and how I plan on destroying any potential relationship with Yvonne Strahovski's publicist.

There is no cursing in this episode so the kids can listen (unless you object to the word "suck").

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  1. I liked podcast 13 a lot because it had both a interesting rumor about the show's S4 chances, and a more holiday feel, maybe because things have been more upbeat in general in chuckland. I liked the bluntness in episode 12 because it captured the vibe at the time but we are into the holidays now and kids hear the show so I liked 13 too.

    I expect the mood to be more upbeat about the show on a lot of fronts, if not perhaps aboard the crazy-ship.

    Would be so awesome to have Bailey on the show!


  2. I am sure we will return to the crazy shipper war sooner or later but episode 13 was about the joy of CHUCK more than anything.

    Episode 12 is still one of my favorite, though. Episodes 4 and 6 are #1 and #2 favorites.

  3. I would agree that 12 was my favorite. But I believe 14 could end up being awesome since Bailey will be on it.


  4. Yeah, that should be interesting. I am totally just going to wing that one.

    Oh wait, I wing them all.


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