Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 71 (EXPLICIT)

Fifth episode in 7 straight days of actual podcasting! Amanda and Wendy join in to talk about everything under the sun.
This episode has ADULT LANGUAGE.  Do not listen if you are sensitive to harsh language.

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Tracks used in this episode, in order of appearance:
Edgecrusher - Fear Factory
Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin


  1. Oh great Prognosticator of all things Chuck.I'm not asking for resolution to the PSP plot point. I think I have one. As Agent X, did Mary turn her own intersect off using the PSP. That's how she knew about where and how to use it.

  2. Nice podcast you three. Or poopcast. Whatever you'd refer to it as. I actually listened to the whole thing. At least until you got to "Breaking Benjamin".. then I sort of stopped it.

    Anyway, as far as killing a main character goes, I dunno if you have to actually *kill* one from the title card, but maybe bring back a true threat to Team Bartowski? Fulcrum did a good job with that, really. The Ring was just a joke, and Volkoff.. well, he's been a great character, but his organization's been a joke too.

    Either way, keep up the awesome work, Magnus.

    And if you did kill a main character, go with Casey, because Captain Awesome is too awesome to bite the dust.

  3. Loving the podcast marathon. Makes work go by faster.

    I agree Wendy sounds horrible. Is she podcasting on her phone. She sounds like crap. Lol
    It's a shame because I like listening to her.

    The original Rich

  4. Sounds like my Skype when it's been open too long or what have you.. to the 'Wendy sounds horrible' comment.

    Amanda's giggle is also too cute.

  5. Nothings more plearsurable than listening to a podcast where people know what they are talking about.


  6. Heh... it helps to have people on who actually do what they are talking about for a living.

  7. A couple weeks ago I thought I read you say there was hotness coming up. Is dis da truth?


  8. I've totally enjoyed having a podcast everyday to listen to. I can't wait for the summer hiatus podcast marathon. Which I'm sure you're planning on doing. Right?...right?:)

  9. Yup... I am planning on doing a podcast every day until CHUCK returns!

    Unless it is cancelled.

  10. love the new graphic for the podcast

  11. Wow! What a podcast! How focused! You deserve every penny of that $33.00!

    Julie M!

  12. Just think how much more entertaining this episode would have been if you, Wendy, and Amanda were punch drunk.

  13. I should probably drink... might help with these chest pains.


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