Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 67 (EXPLICIT)

First episode in 7 (or 8) straight days of actual podcasting! We talk CHUCK and the future of everything cool.

This episode has ADULT LANGUAGE.  Do not listen if you are sensitive to harsh language.

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Tracks used in this episode, in order of appearance:
Hi Magnus - Yvonne Strahovski
Sexual Healing - Ben Harper (cover)
Down With the Sickness - Disturbed
Angel of Death - Slayer
Outtake -Magnus and Amrit
Angel of Death -Slayer (continued)


  1. Still listening but wanted to say LOL! You must be high on chocolate Magnus. You have made me laugh a bunch of times already. Can't wait for geek furious, sounds exciting. Happy easter by the way.


  2. This podcast is so awesome! especially Amrit.



  3. John must be Amrit's sockpuppet.

  4. He must be a sucker for a british accent, like me!

  5. Must be the most amazing chocolate ever.

  6. You and Amrit are right chuck like the wire is not respected enough by the dumbass industry! Chuck rules!

  7. J says ...

    I was really looking forward to FYW :( . Though geek furious sounds RAD , look forward to it .

    I agree about making S5 more stand aloneish . I like the way cable shows structure their seasons . Mostly every hour is a self contained episode with the last minute or two focusing on the seasonal arc . More undercover missions , more accents from Yvonne , more Casey+Morgan and more hotness .

  8. So you are going to do a new episode of CYT every day until 2 May? I will listen to all of them! I love it. Since you are the trend setter that means everyone will follow your lead and do the same.


  9. That is the plan. I had actually planned on doing this at some point during season 3. But going for it now. Maybe I could just do a podcast every day!!!!

    OK, that is nuts.

  10. Magnus, so are you saying you're confident that Chuck will get a 5th season to calm everyone down and so that everyone will enjoy the last 3 episodes of the series, or do u honestly feel confident for a 5th season? and if so what makes you so confident that a 1.3 is enough for renewal even for NBC standards.

  11. only 3 minutes in and all i can say is, this is awesome.

  12. Magnus,

    Listening to the podcast as I am writing. Apologies for stating the obvious. Geek Furious sounds great. Very much looking forward to it. I would assume you're gonna want to cover everything from shows, movies, music, video games, tech, etc. Hope to be able to contribute.

    On this holiest of holy days. You sir, are my god.

    BTW, the Big 4 played Am I Evil in CA yesterday. This time Kerry King decided to jam along with them. Video to come.

    Lastly, did the bunny have vicious chocolaty horrible teeth?


  13. and about the wedding, like I said sometime before I think they are going to fake out with the wedding in 4.23 and bury it under all the drama, just like they did with the first proposal. so it is there, but it is not actually completed, so it is a hold over to season 5.

    rich (lowercase r)

  14. Steven, I am confident that my source is confident. I wouldn't have posted that just to calm you guys down. I don't like you people that much.

    Vlad, yep. All of that. And I saw the Big Four jam. I dig it but hopefully they go with a different song in the future. It is starting to feel like a Broadway production already. ;) OOH! GEEK FURIOUS!

    rich, I am eating a jellybean right now that tastes like buttered popcorn. That is gross.

  15. Season 3 is my favourite season and Shaw was just like I wanted him to be as PLI (an Ice man without passion, no chemistry with Sarah). I don't know why people still complain about him. Yeah they did Fake name and even the Final exam but all these episodes were introducing something big like american hero and the other guy. Sarah was hurt and was tryin something different from Chuck. I like it because I always want to see how Chuck is going to be without Sarah and the opposite.

    Sorry for my english


  16. I always thought that some fans ultimately don't trust the show runners and so throw around phrases like jumped the shark when the story takes a zig when a lot of people were expecting a zag. Even though we all should have a reasonable idea about how Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz run the show by this point.

  17. Yeah, it is almost always hyperbole brought on by unrealistic expectations. That is why I recommend staying away from forums and sites where people constantly over analyze any show. They are always the first to have a problem with the show and to perpetuate notions that its creative quality is declining, whether deserved or not.

  18. That was such an interesting podcast. I always love when you talk in depth about Chuck. I can't wait for the next podcast.

  19. Magnus, i'm with you on season 3. Dont get me wrong, i hated Shaw from the first time i saw him(but you're supposed to), but i dont get the hate so many people have for it, and i especially dont get the hate so many have for Hannah and the episodes she is in. Personally the big flaw i found there wasnt the relationship he had with her, but rather the abrupt way they cut it off. I liked her character and wouldve liked her around longer.

    My perspective might be different from someone who watched from the day the show launched, since i did a s1-4 marathon watch a few months ago.

  20. Like I often say, it is easy to be negative and people gravitate toward negativity. Avoid forums and such and you never hear it, so it never affects your opinion. :)

  21. Speaking as someone who really didn't like Fake Name (I get what they were trying to do as others have said, but didn't think the execution worked), I still don't get the negativity. It's been over a season and a half, and a lot of great stuff has happened since then. In fact, a lot of great stuff happened just after. Why dwell on the past?

    As for shark jumping, I would love to see Chuck jump a shark. Literally, as in the original reference. On Chuck, it could work :)


  22. in reply to: "Steven, I am confident that my source is confident. I wouldn't have posted that just to calm you guys down. I don't like you people that much."

    Thanks, that is good to hear!! =)

  23. That was a fun podcast. Thanks for that. I hope you got some good easter candy as well. ;)

  24. I couldn't agree more with you about your assessment of season 3. I personally enjoyed it very much, as did all of the people I know that watch Chuck. I even think that the majority of Chuck fans were very satisfied with it.

    You mentioned it before when you said that if there is one problem with the show-runners, it is that they take too much input from the fans.

    Personally, what I think happened is that crazy shippers, being crazy as they are, flooded message boards and made threats towards the show ad nauseam to the extent where this small portion of Chuck fans were the predominant voice of the fans online while the majority of Chuck fans were enjoying the show.

    I also completely agree with you about men having no interest in weddings. I've had very little interest in the long wedding plot but have continued watching for other reasons that continue to make Chuck the best show on television.

    I guess that, in short, what I'm trying to say is that if the show does get cancelled, it is a result of the crazy shippers that were unable to enjoy the show for what it is. I am by no means fond of the wedding arc, but I haven't tried to ruin the show for others because of it, I've continued to enjoy the show I love for what it is. The large drop in ratings in correlation to the wedding arc are inevitable, and although the show-runners should have never taken advice from fans to begin with, I find it very sad that a select group of selfish people went out of their way to try and change the show for their own, stubborn self-pleasure instead of letting the mass audience enjoy it.

    BTW, I thought it was hilarious after you finished explaining how men have no interest in weddings and then Amrit immediately jumped in and said how excited he is for the wedding.
    Also, I'm very glad to hear your optimism and prospects for a 5th season -- hope they come true!

  25. Nice podcast! I've realized lately that I enjoy/like same things in Chuck as you Magnus. So I figured that it's either me that are easy to influence, or we just like same things:) Tbh I don't really care but i'd like to say thanks for making me enjoy this show a little more than any other show on air!

    Also since you brought up the wedding, I really want it to happen this season, mostly since it already feels a bit dragged out and I can only imagine how it would feel going into a new season with that still unsolved... (yes I am a man)...

    And also I'm very positive about stand alone episodes for season 5, at least not any dragged out storylines. More arc-less stories = more time for comedy (buymore) and sexy (... I'm still very much a man)!


  26. So... new promo.

    Chuck\Sarah seem to be forgetting that Orion had the intersect. I know at least chuck knew. Is there a giant plot hole coming here?

    And if its not Chuck or Orion... who is agent X?

  27. Yes, giant plot hole coming. Quit the show now.

  28. If i quit the show then i can know what it feels like to be a nielsen viewer.

  29. That would probably have been so much wittier if I hadn't just made the some joke in a recent podcast.

  30. Did Yvonne pick "Phase Three" or did the fans behind Emmy4Yvonne pick that episode for her? I just started watching last summer, and "Phase Three" was right around when I was catching up to the new episodes and discovering the online fandom, but I was under the impression that the fans saw that episode and kind of ran with it, thus choosing her Emmy submission for her.

    I totally agree that she should submit "Wedding Planner" instead. "Phase Three" was fantastic, and Yvonne was fantastic in it, but it's not a comedy episode. I said that "Wedding Planner" should be her Emmy episode right after it ended last week, so I enjoyed the little discussion about that.

  31. The actor picks the episode but obviously the fans started the campaign because of Phase Three. My point has been that actors should pick episodes that CAN get them nominated and CAN win, not just the ones they like best. In this instance, I don't see how there is any way the Emmy voters pick up on her greatness based on that episode, since it will obviously be placed in the COMEDY category.

  32. Enjoyed this podcast! Liked your positive discussion of Season 3 ( I too did not hate it as much as the rest of the haters!) and how much the development of Sarah as a character has affected the lightness of this season. It's been great to watch her character evolve so much from the end of last season to now. In fact I was surprised so many people seemed to ignore the conversation with her dad during the fake reception in Wedding Planner, since to me it seemed very indicative of how much she has changed, and I was honestly surprised from a character perspective to hear her admit it out loud to her dad.

    Also agree with your point about the Emmy submission, a Wedding Planner or Seduction Impossible episode would be much better. I think the other reason is that Emmy voters would not expect an actress with Yvonne's looks who plays a character like Sarah to be able to pull off a lot of the more goofball comedy stuff on Chuck so well. This makes her stand out more which is something an award show is looking for, plus it goes to her credibility as an actress that she can carry off a broader range of scenes, emotions etc. on screen in a believable way.


  33. Magnus, there are even more weird and gross flavors of jellybeans than the flavor of buttered popcorn. There are(or were)jellybeans with flavors like pizza or sardines.


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