Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 39 (ADULTS ONLY)

We also talk about renaming CHUCK and some other useless things.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. This PODCAST has offensive language and subject matter!

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  1. The most genius thing I have ever heard! If I say so myself... which I just did... about myself.

    OK, so it sucks but Chuckzee rules!

  2. even though it's too late what about and this might be stupid "flash in time" like back in time from Back to the future it was one of the songs titles I think. also instead of bartowski "brotowski". like putting bromance and bartowski put together. Also "The Grime files" like the X files.

  3. Did I hear that right ? Chuckzee is no more ?

    Noooooooooo !

    That crazy bunny had some set of pipes and was a lyrical poet :)

    Did the rest of your usual crew bail out on the podcast all together , or just the fact that its summer time and everybody's on holidays ?


  4. I am considering killing Chuckzee off. I thought he was fun but didn't generate much interest.

    As for the crew... I am sure some will be back for the episode analysis stuff once the season starts. People are just busy right now and I am not pushing anyone to do the show during vacation time.


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