Monday, April 26, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 30 (ADULTS ONLY)


ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. This is mostly an UNEDITED PODCAST with some sick sick evil anti-French, anti-Canadian, anti-Boston, anti-planet Earth, anti-everything rant that also talks about the best episode ever!

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  1. That dude who decides what trends on Twitter must really effing love Justin Bieber.

  2. Best episode ever? Yes, yes, it was.

    Best Chuck and Sarah interaction, hands down. Pretty solid action. Strong on comedy. It's just about perfect.

    I wonder if the crazy shippers will return and be less crazy? Then again, the majority of the crazy shippers are probably dead.

    Their loss.

  3. Crazy shippers are incapable of talking right now because after lighting up and smoking a cigarette, they fell asleep. ;)

  4. Judkins & Lefranc are simply amazing. We get another callback to the pilot about Sarah not having a favorite band.

    And other shows could learn about how to do romance just from the ending.

  5. Can there more "family friendly" podcasts? Just sayin'.

    In episode-related thoughts: It's like they dialed the squeee up to eleven!


  6. Great podcast and great episode! So many great things to say. My favorite thing however, was the final scene, complete with a Nina Simone song. The way they just laid there holding each other and kissing each other tenderly was one of the most romantic scene I've ever seen on TV.

    BTW the "Intersect on Chuck" was a callback to the Wookie.

  7. Paul, yep. Best scene. It is going to get into a knife fight with the end of Lethal Weapon... for me. And now I will need to go back to check out Wookiee (TWO E'S NOOB!). ;)

    --erica, I am trying to do LESS family friendly podcasts, not more. Unfortunately, my time is about to get sucked up by the real world so I will have less and less time to dedicate to the fandom. That means not editing the podcast (which is why I started that experiment early) and that means not worrying about the language we use.

    I just hope the show gets renewed next week so I can sleep... period.

  8. I appreciated the fact that it was a turn on for them when they realized that they were both going after the terrorist.. Let me ask though, would they have come to the realization that they can have both(Relationship and spy life) if they had done this from 3.1? Or was the character "growth" of the 13 episodes necessary?


  9. Yuri, the writers would say it was necessary. I can probably answer that with more perspective once I see the whole season. Right now, it doesn't feel like it was necessary but... maybe it was.

  10. The final scene was the most romantic this scene. The Paris hotel room was more giddy in tone, the scene last night was much sexier and more romantic. More similar to Colonel in its intensity. I think YS and ZL did an excellent job selling that scene. When they sell it, they sell it. They were brilliantly cast in this series. Their chemistry is needed to make these scenes work. We've all sat through shows where the chemistry is just not there. Shaw comes to mind. I think the show is discussed alot without always recognizing the work they are doing and they are both doing good work this season even when not given the best material.

  11. Magnus, I think it was necessary, but could have been done a little less sloppily.

  12. So here we go... Canadian talking here and on behalf of my country may I just say that Lou is nuts. That was one freakin awesome episode of chuck, quite possibly my favorite to date! Oh, and I laughed hysterically at all the Canadian jokes. "Every American knows to act Canadian when traveling abroad so as to be while liked" haha.

  13. I think that Chuck, the character, is in a much better place professionally now than he was in 3.1. He couldn't even flash on a zipline then and, now, he's riding the top of a moving train. As hated as Shaw was, he did push Chuck professionally to a place that he is Sarah's equal and that just as important to the Lovers together/spies together dynamic as the emotional relationship. IMO.


  14. Great episode, 2.1 on the demo is kinda meh though, considering we only have two more episodes to make it count.

  15. would have been higher if stations didnt take it of for a basketball game

  16. Basketball game pre-empted CHUCK in a market that represents something like 1% of total ratings. I don't think 1% was going to push it that much over the edge. Also, CHUCK was not going up against a new HIMYM on CBS. Still, it held steady and that is a good thing. Next week is very important for telling us how it will trend in the coming weeks. If it holds the 2.1, then I expect it to increase in the final few weeks to a 2.2 or 2.3 (which would be similar to last year).

  17. As a die hard Star Wars fan I am very glad to see you correcting people's spelling of the word "wookiee". It's a pet peeve of mine.

    Also, loved the podcast. I died laughing a bunch of times, although that could have been 3 am's fault :)

  18. It was a great feelgood type episode. Obviously I can't watch a full season of this ahem while I still have my man parts but it was a nice break from all the gloom that came before.

    I was mildly annoyed that in a way they pretty much invalidated huge chunks of season 3 with this (Sarah never really wanted to run away from the spy life it seems) but ... there's an upside. I m sure somebody will edit the final castle scene from American Hero into the end of Pink Slip and it's pretty much like the rest of Season 3 never existed.

    Hope next two weeks (before the upfronts) we can get back to around 2.3 on the demo and secure at least a midseason replacement order. But either way, I 'm kinda glad we 're back to the Chuck we all loved and finally done with the contrived drama. This show can do light drama very well, but in my opinion when they go overboard with it the show just doesn't work.

    Excellent podcast, as always, minor thing, you guys should try to avoid talking over each other so much


  19. Magnus thank you for the positive podcast it was very giddy. I enjoyed the symbolism of Chuck and Sarah fighting together as one. every fight scene they worked together without saying a thing in unison becaused they were handcuffed together. The writers mastered this in showing that they were together even though they have been apart. The Final scenes with Ellie and the music selection are my favorite to date. First Ellie being assured that Chuck will be well take care of then flowing into the music scene showing just how romantic and lovingly Chuck and Sarah will be taking care of each other.

  20. I really enjoyed this episode. It was one of my favorites. Seeing Sarah smile and relax was a treat and I thought the closing love scene was as realistic as the heat in Colonel. Kudos to the actors.

    I'm optimistic the upcoming episodes will move on from the flaws we saw earlier this season. I'm willing to forgive the plot holes and inconsistent character behavior if they are left in the dust. But will we ever call back to Beckman's S301 line about protecting the world from Chuck? I thought that would be a theme for the season and it's completely evaporated from the show.

    I have two comments about the podcast. First, I don't get why everyone was ragging on Lou for ranking Honeymooners with a 92. Isn't this an A? It seems like nearly every member in your group gives the episodes scores in the nineties and with a range of 1-100, what is the difference in a few points? They are all still A's, right? I think your rankings would benefit from a wider range, or a number that corresponds to some of the critical commentary we hear on the podcast. When the scores are basically the same, everything flattens out and loses value. To quote Ellie, "If everything is awesome, then awesome by definition is just mediocre."

    Secondly, I'm an advocate for fewer guests on your show. Every time someone made a great point worth exploring during the most recent podcast, he or she would be shouted down by the horde and the subject would change.

    Still love the podcast, though. And I appreciate everything you're doing for my favorite show.

    Bad Leg

  21. So... more people on the podcast and talk more over each other. Check.

  22. How would you rate this episode on a scale of 1 to 100?


  23. Hey Magnus,

    I loved the episode last night, which is definitely the best episode of Chuck ever filmed. I hope that Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak pay attention to what the fans think of this episode as they should realize that the show is better if Chuck and Sarah are together. If they ever split them up then they will just be committing show suicide now.

    Anyways, I was wondering if you will continue to post teasers for the next five episodes over the coming weeks and with what information you have about the next five episodes, do you think that any episode will top 3.14.


  24. The "Morgan is like the intersect on you" line was actually Sarah in "vs. the Wookie," back in S1 (leaving Chuck's place at the start after the trivia game with Ellie/Awesome/Morgan, while Carina is spying)

  25. AB, I think any of the next 5 could top it. Though, there are scenes in 3.14 that I am not sure can ever be topped (just like there are moments in episodes from season 1 and 2 that can never be topped). But as I always say, execution is key. Sometimes great concepts don't turn out great.

    As for teasers, I am not sure. I might... and I might not.

  26. Meghan, listen to the podcast and you will know my rating.

  27. A comment was made about not trending during this episode, The logic is simple. This episode was so good that nobody wanted to do anything but soak it in watch and enjoy it. We relaxed in the afterglow during the commercials and then intently watched. House on the other hand was so boring that everyone tweeted to keep from falling asleep, remedy Watch Chuck.

  28. I wanna hijack this discussion of the podcast for a second and talk ratings. (I won't post this stuff at The Live + 7 18-49 rating was a 2.61.

    One thing I noticed, though, while studying the ratings was that Chuck was the highest rated NBC show for Men 18-49 that week. It was a 2.74. 2nd place on that demo was the Apprentice. The caveat is that a lot of other strong NBC shows were repeats that week.

    I should note that even with "Honeymooners" the Male 18-49 ratings are doing well. They went up over "Other Guy"(2.2 to 2.3). It's the Women 18-49 ratings that are lagging. If the show could get those up, it would be in a lot better shape ratings-wise.

    Diane (a woman in the 25-54 age group, not 18-49)

  29. I hate to say this, because I find his writing pretentious and boring, but I agree with Lou. Although a very good episode, I didn't think this was the best ever. My favorite is still "Dream Job", followed by "The Other Guy", and then "The Ring". I was thinking 94, though...


  30. Dean, Lou's writing is pretentious? So what does that make you for saying so? Also, I wouldn't even put "Other Guy" in the same league as "Dream Job" and I think "The Ring" is half great and half not-following-the-same-show-from-the-previous-week. So, I think Lou is beating you in taste right now. :)

    ZD, there is no logic in what you are saying. We start trying to trend 4-hours before the episode starts. Were people watching it in their minds before they knew what was coming? We had over 6,000 tweets of the term in the first hour. Our problem is that we still seem to lack NUMBER OF PEOPLE putting in enough NUMBERS OF TWEETS. 50 people can't trend on a Monday. We need more people to participate.

  31. Diane, what episode are you talking about when comparing to the others?

    As always, thank you for delivering the numbers and feel free to hijack whatever you like. :)

  32. Wish I could put some positive powered expletives in this comment. Damn good episode. Epic podcast.

    98/100 on both, fitting that your best podcast gets to go with the best episode so far of Chuck. I almost feel bad laughing at/over some strangers like that, poor Rachel...

    Favorite moment on Honeymoon?

    Elly *picks up dumbbells out of the suitcase*: "Devon what are theese???"
    Awesome: *points at himself* : "Babe -- This didn't happen by accident!"

    Second most favorite moment?

    Norwegian flag behind Casey outside the hotel!!!!(little known fact is that the only two countries to not run Chuck on TV is Norway and probably Albania or something). Just proves that us Norwegians have no taste whatsoever.


  33. Heh.... my favorite moment, other than that ending, is this whole scene:

    SARAH: You know, Chuck I can't fake this, not with you.

    CHUCK: What?! [propping himself up, looking stunned] You've been faking it the whole time?!

    There are like 12 bits of genius in a few seconds.

    I also love, love, love the scene where Sarah and Chuck drug the "terrorists." Yvonne is so adorably funny in that sequence:

    "I made an oopsy!"

  34. I just thought I would let anyone who listened to the podcast know that I did not die in my car. I escaped...

  35. Magnus and gang, fun podcast as always. Laughed really hard about doing the ratings all up front. You guys are genius!

    In regards to the people wishing the podcast 'be more PG' and to basically 'be more organized and not have people talk over each other'...hrm, what podcast have they been listening to anyhow, obviously not this one :D The Chuckgasmic podcast is unique and different, and if you are looking for the PG and more organized thing, there is another podcast at another website you might like better ;) Just sayin....

    I love Chuckgasmic podcasts tho...

    The only other thing I wish to say is that I'm kind of in Lou's camp. I don't think it was the best episode ever. Was it cute? Oh heck yeah. But, I kind of got a weird icky feeling as just a bit too mushy for my tastes. I totally could've done without the ring exchange scene. BUT...this is just my opinion.

    Everything else was grand. Morgan and Casey were so great. Jeff and Lester, classic. Super fun spy action was superb. AND many, many quotable moments.

    I do, however, feel that an episode like this was needed, after dragging the fans back and forth over the coals with the story this season. So I'll give it a pass and I also would give it about 92, which IS still an A. I'd place Colonel, The Ring, The Other Guy, heck even Tic Tac, all above it.

    I disagree with the poster above who said that this episode basically negated everything the season had laid out. I, myself, view it as this...the things that happened in this episode, the over the top super shippery goodness, couldn't have happened in this manner if everything that lead up to it didn't happen. By dragging Chuck and Sarah through the hell of earlier, they can be together, with no impediments, from here on out. Oh yeah, they'll still be misunderstandings, but with the writers doing it this way, there's not a feasible way to introduce a PLI ever again.

    Just my take on it, but then again, I have enjoyed the ride they took me on this season and looking back on it, I makes sense to me, even if I questioned some things as they happened.

    It's nice to have the show firing on all cylinders now, just don't over do the mushy love stuff. AND by saying that, I guess I can safely say, yeah, I'm probably not a crazy shipper :D

    Looking forward to next week's episode AND podcast!

  36. Sam04:

    My only complaint about this episode is that it invalidates a lot of the things that Sarah said before the episode. She wouldn't talk to Chuck because he wouldn't run away. Then there were many times when she was worried about Chuck losing his soul. I also got the impression especially that she wanted to quit being a spy (especially in 3.08). I always thought that this reluctance to be a spy didn't fit the character and this episode proved that I was right.

    Of course on it's own this was the best episode of the series. Chuck and Sarah were adorable, funny, and hot. Morgan and Casey were very funny. I especially like the fact that Morgan wasn't intimidated by Casey's strangling story. Chuck would have been very scared.

    While I am still a little annoyed about much of this season this episode was so good that it doesn't bother me anymore.

    I agree with you on Kristin Kreuk. Kreuk and Tricia Helfer are the only guest stars that are as hot as Yvonne. The only reason that I didn't hate Chuck and Hannah was how freakin pretty Kristin Kreuk is.

    My rating for the episode is 96.

  37. Hey, just finished hearing to the podcast. Someone (was it Liz?) asked for a url where, from Europe, you can watch Chuck live?

    I use

    And it works. Check it out.

    Awesome podcast =D

  38. Sam04:

    Magnus your comment about calling an ex just to snuggle was the funniest thing I've heard from your podcasts which have had a lot of funny moments.

    The first time that I watched this episode I thought that the Chuck and Sarah stuff was a little over the top but that changed the second time that I watched it. This episode captured that excited can't keep your hands to yourself feeling that happens at the beginning of a relationship.

    Rachel I respectfully disagree on your comment about dragging Sarah and Chuck through hell being neccessary. Since 1.09 it has been pretty obvious that Chucka and Sarah are in love with each other. The writers could have put them together at any point after that and it would have been believable.

    A lot of the C/S angst this season seemed like a repeat of stuff that had already happened previously. The worst for me was the handshake at the end 3.03 which was an exact copy of a scene at the end of 1.11. I don't think that Chuck needed to almost lose Sarah to figure out how much he love her. It was pretty clear already that he knew how strong his feelings for her were.

    However I understand your point and it is nice to discuss this kind of thing in place where the worst case scenario is the most discussed topic.

  39. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have said that about Lou. That wasn't nice.

    I stand by my love for "Dream Job", though... I love that bit where he yells at his Dad and that part at the end where Sarah and Casey drag him out of R.I. as the music plays "Your Da' is gone, gone, gone..."


  40. No need to apologize Dean. Taste is subjective. Stick to your guns - it ain't easy. Look at what I went through with the this podcast. :D

    And people misunderstand me. I loved the episode. Its just not one of my favs.

  41. What is with you guys thinking KK is hot? She's like a half person she's so small.

  42. Meredith, because she is gorgeous and has intense eyes the melt my evil heart.

    OldDarth, why do you hate this episode?!?!?!?! ;)

    We were a bit hard on OD in this podcast... mostly for the sake of humor. :)

  43. Now you tell me! ;)

  44. The episode was wonderful. There is a good mix of comedy, action, romance. The Yvonne/Zachary's chemistry is incredible. And they did a great job. Morgan and Casey are so funny. I can't wait for next episode.

    Come on, 92 is a good rating :) But I give it 95. As Colonel. But maybe Honeymooners will have a 95.1, in the future :)

    By the way, people always complain. This is a general truth. But I can't believe they are complaining for the fact that Chuck and Sarah kissed too many times in the last episode. They don't kiss and they complain. They kiss a couple of times, and they complain for the lack of passion. They kiss a lot and they complain. Damn.

  45. Bluth, you can never please everyone, or even most people. That is why the writers can't really take much of what is said in a forum or on Twitter to heart. If you do one thing, then someone will complain. If you try to please that person, then someone else complains. You just have to do what you feel is right. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I think that this season has worked fine for the most part.

    I also remember people talking about how terrible the first half of season 2 was last year.... mostly because of Jill. Now those complaints are about Shaw. Someone is always unhappy and then they try to project that unhappiness on the entire fan base or the whole season.

  46. "Diane, what episode are you talking about when comparing to the others?"

    The Live + 7 figures I referred to were for "Other Guy". Sorry, I wasn't clear.


  47. Writers should never change the story they want to tell. I love that they were willing to take risks this season. But like you said it's all in the execution. So hopefully they learned what didn't work on that level.

  48. Magnus ,

    Dirty Dancing was one of my favourites too ... Wolverines !! lol

    @ DIane , thanks for all the ratings info :) !!

    Glad to hear Jess escaped from her car.


  49. Jules, I think there are some who are still confused about that one. "Wolverines?! When did that happen in DIRTY DANCING?!"

  50. Magnus,

    That part of the podcast was freaking hilarious ! I've never laughed so hard during one of your podcasts before :) vs the honeymooners was great ! Loved every minute of it. Hoping we can get the ratings up a bit and hopefully some good renewal news to boot, eh ! lol

    Wolverines !


  51. Magnus said - Jules, I think there are some who are still confused about that one. "Wolverines?! When did that happen in DIRTY DANCING?!"

    Right after the Russians invaded the country club and put Baby in the corner... ;o)

  52. Paul, exactly!

    Oh... a teaser for the next episode... let me see... here we go:

    Teaser 1
    Either thou, or I, or both must go with him!

  53. One item that everyone has seemed to underrated or forgotten is that Lester still doesn't know Ellie and Awesome's last name. Jeffster played at their wedding after trying furiously to get the job for their reception and assumed that their invitations to play at the going away party were lost in the mail, and he still has no clue what their last name is!

    That was a great scene was great, especially when adding the lime juice and turtleneck jokes.


  54. This my all time favorite episode. It was WIN WIN WIN. It warmed my cynical little heart. ;-) Chuck and Sarah were as awesome written this way as I knew they'd always be.


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