Monday, April 19, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 29 (Family Friendly)

We talk about the first 13 episodes of Season 3.

This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY episode so everyone can listen.  We talk about the first 13, new writers, Ali Adler, set visits, fan campaigns, and more.

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  1. Great Podcast

    I think you guys summed up a lot people's feelings with the season well at least mine. I was being told a lot but I wasn't seeing it onscreen. And not just the Sarah/Shaw thing.

  2. I love Princess Bailey! This is a young lady with the power to change the world. :)

  3. Princess Bailey will one day be president.

  4. Magnus (and gang), I really really enjoyed this podcast. It just summed up the season, thus far, superbly!

    I agreed with all of you on several points.

    1) They could've used misfiring flashes more.

    2) The middle of Shaw's arc didn't work. Totally agree with Wendy that they could've made Shaw more of a confidant and it would've been more believable. Sarah could've still pursued him as a possible love interest, but having him be distanced and just be a sounding board would've worked much better.

    3) TOTALLY AGREE with Magnus, the writers or TPTB decided it was time to even things out and give Sarah a relationship AND then not really giving the full relationship. WTH is that about? Either be specific with her and Shaw or don't. I think we are all just confused at this point.

    4) Lou, spot on, enjoyed the character development this season and feel that it was needed and did it's job.

    ALSO, huge props to Princess Bailey for keeping the Paris Scene secret. Man, I know 30 and 40 year olds that can't keep lesser things secret. Bailey's only 9, WOW.

    Oh snap, on Princess Bailey's comeback to Magnus on having KK being Chuck's love interest over Sarah. On the ball, that girl is. Are you sure she's only NINE?

    The only thing I didn't agree with is being upset over the name reveal. Eh, it just didn't bug me in the context of the scene. I think it moved it along. But that's just my opinion and you know what "they" say about those ;)

    Looking forward to the back 6 now!! Sorry for writing a novel in comments :)

  5. Great podcast Magnus!

  6. Paul, thanks.

    Christine, the name reveal is a problem for me because it should mean something. It was used as a way to leverage her interest in Shaw at the moment that Chuck realizes why he has to dump Hannah. So, they tossed it away for the worst idea they have ever had (since Sensei).

  7. Do you think they'll bring up the name again? It could be used again to create some tension within the relationship.

  8. It was a problem to have the name reveal with Shaw. It was built up over the previous seasons to be something intimate between Chuck and Sarah. Mainly because Bryce really didn't care enough about who Sarah really was to ask. Shaw, well, Shaw didn't really care either, i guess. What I had a bigger problem with is that it was never brought up again after that. For such a big thing, it was dropped quickly and never revisited. It was a huge letdown. At least in my opinion.


  9. Great episode, Magnus. +1 insightful.

    No, not you. Bailey! ;)

    Well, okay. You too.

    My wife & I watched every episode and I remember laughing lots together as we did. But for some reason it was the darker scenes or the ones where C&S were suffering the most trauma that stuck in my mind.
    On rewatching the entire season in (fairly) rapid order, I can't believe I forgot all those great lines - even Shaw's "That happens to the best of us."

    I can't say yet that I liked this season (1-13) as much as S2, but I have a feeling that it will wear very well as time goes on.

  10. Magnus, I know you didn't like the name reveal. Do you think/know that they will address it (even if only briefly) in an upcoming eps? I know we've discussed this in previous threads, but just wanted to get your opinion on it moving forward.

  11. Paul, I am sure they will address it at some point, in some manner, but it won't change how it was revealed. That is why it bothered me so much. It is not something they can do twice. You can't fix that.

  12. Hi Magnus,
    Gotta agree with the other posters about how you summed up my feelings on the season in the podcast. I'm with you that they completely blew the name reveal, and you can't get that back, but I think a geniune conversation between Chuck and Sarah addressing what happened (and presumably confirming that Sarah will always be Sarah to Chuck) will at least fix some of the damage.
    I remember Ali Adler tweeted when the whole Mask controversy hit, "give me a chance to fix it". Everyone was expecting her to do it in Fake Name, which was ridiculous.....but it looks like Honeymooners was the episode she was talking about.

  13. Ozzie, it would seem that is the case. :)

  14. Hi Magnus...

    I guess I've just come to look at the name reveal as this...

    To Chuck, she's always going to be Sarah. She's just not Sam anymore, if she ever really was. I think when you look at her past, she has had many, many, many alias's, and Sam is just one of many names she went by and it happens to be the one on her birth certificate. The last time she probably went by Sam for an extended period of time was probably in Elementary School, if even then.

    She's at her best when she's Sarah, which I think is probably who she truly is. Chuck has always brought out her best and truest self.

    In the end, no one knows her true last name. This will be the last BIG reveal I think. The only time I can see this last name thing coming up and having meaning is IF and WHEN her and Chuck get married, where of course, it would be part of their vows. (the last name) This, IMHO, would mean the MOST of anything, giving up the old last name for the new (Bartowski)...and being with her true love!

    Sappy, probably, but in my world, this is what makes sense to me, and probably why the Sam reveal just didn't bug me. I just don't view it as a big thing because that's not who she really has ever been. She's just Sarah, and that's all we need to know.

    Having said all that, I do understand why people are upset about it. You (the upset group) view the name reveal as something more than I do. The way they handled the reveal was fine, to me. If they had chosen to do it more flippantly, I probably wouldn't agree and I'd be in your camp.

    I think everyone, no matter how they view it, is entitled to their opinion and justified to how they feel. I can certainly see both sides of this coin.

  15. Christine, while I agree with Magnus in that it WAS a squandered opportunity for a great bonding moment between Chuck and Sarah, I also agree you in that Sarah hasn't been Sam in a long, long time. I think she will end up wanting to be the woman that she sees reflected in Chuck's eyes, by whatever name she goes by.

  16. I too like the way your podcast summerized the entire season. However after watching the episodes again, I watched them again and this time I listed my questions against plot lines and stories. What I found was twenty five stories and about fifty questions that were left un answered. So for me I always felt that this season was rushed things were left out. With the 25 stories I am beginning to think that they had season 3 plotted out and had to reduce it from 23 to 13 episodes but told the same amount of stories. Don't get me wrong I loved it but feel they were being rushed and were not able to tell the whole story. So I pray that NBC makes up its mind this month and gives Chuck 23 episodes for next season.

  17. ZD, I think you are either super confused or supremely anal retentive. There is no way there are 50 unresolved elements of the story. With all due respect, you may be kookoo for coco puffs.

    And it was written with 13 in mind.

  18. The idea of Eve Shaw coming back was such a great idea. Not only as a great villain to come after Chuck, but it would open a great story for Sarah. All those years of living with the guilt of killing her and to find out she was alive.

  19. JC, yeah... I really dig the idea. I also love the reverse of that idea, of Shaw having survived and coming back to now have a problem with both Chuck and Sarah. But Eve Shaw.... I just dig the whole idea of having a reoccurring villain who is a woman.

  20. My only objection to bringing back the other Shaw is it reduces that emotional impact of Chuck's first kill. Especially in regards to him doing it to save Sarah. But I guess it just depends on how its handled.

  21. JC, the fact that Chuck was willing to kill Shaw won't be taken away if the guy were to have survived. Also, it would complicate things for Chuck as Shaw would now be his worst enemy... who he failed to kill when he had the chance.

  22. Yeah I can see that, especially if Shaw was to kill someone who Chuck cared about.

    But I have to say the idea of Sarah vs Eve fight like in Cougars would be epic.

    I'm open to anything as long as it makes the show better.

  23. Magnus,

    Is Rachel going to be on this weeks podcast ? I fear if she is you might have to kick her off because every time you try to talk , all we'll hear is her squeeing in the background from how awesome the episode was . lol




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