Monday, May 3, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 31 (ADULTS ONLY)

We Discuss CHUCK Versus The ROLE MODELS.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this. This is an UNEDITED PODCAST with some offensive language and subject matter!

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  1. Rafe and Lauren should write the entirety of season 4.

  2. I think that scene on the couch OD was asking about actually is in the episode, because you can see Chuck wake up from a nightmare or something really quickly in the promo and he is in the same clothes, on the couch, and Sarah sitting behind him.


  3. I don't agree that this episode didn't really move the story anywhere. Okay, they could have had Ellie and Awesome in Africa a little longer, but they have to move the storyline along quickly with only six episodes to work with. The ending shows that The Ring going after Chuck's family now. That's a pretty big deal and definitely raises the stakes, and it makes them seem more like a legitimate threat (in the first 13, they mostly just harassed Shaw).

    I was afraid that the evil doctor was gonna be part of a terrible new love triangle with Ellie. Glad he was a bad guy instead.

  4. We acknowledged that they moved the story somewhat forward. But it was just a setup episode. You could have done all that in one episode AND do what will happen in the next one.

    My biggest problem with it was that it just wasn't written as well as some other episodes. It is a good episode and I am sure people like it, but I expect more from this show. Plus, the cheese was extra stinky in the second half.

  5. How is 1.9, right now? :(

  6. Waiting on finals to see if it stays 1.9 but... it is what I expected... and I have no idea how that affects renewal chances. I do know one thing for sure, it doesn't HELP them. But no clue if it hurts.

  7. 1.9 makes me :(

    also, I think the "monday nights can be a bit of a wasteland" thing might open up next week's episode. Just a random guess.

  8. Just a blah episode. Why did they have to go the route of Sarah not being sure if she should move in with Chuck? 1) She's there all the time 2) Wasn't she going to leave with him in the last episode? I specifically remember them starting that convo in the last episode. Why go through the unsure feelings again. It seems the major thing this year is that the writers aren't effectively communicating with each other. It's like a huge reveal or discussion in the previous episode never happened in the following episode. In season 2 there were always plot holes, but never huge gaping continuity issues. If something happened in a previous episode it was at least somewhat acknowledged and accepted the following week.


  9. Crash, I think you are experiencing a bit of revisionist memory. :) Fans complained about continuity far more during season 2. My biggest problem with season 3 is that when they have a lame episode, it is extra special cheesy too. One thing season 2 avoided was making things too cheesy. It didn't always work but it wasn't lazy. This episode was a bit lazy at times (with a touch of greatness).

  10. Magnus,

    Listened to the podcast, You can see from the NBC promo that Chuck wakes up from a dream while his head is Sarah's lap on the Couch. So the Couch scene is in 3.16


  11. Regarding the ratings: Do you think the reports from various pundits (Ausiello and Deadlines most notably) that the show was now a 'safe bet' maybe caused people to relax on their live viewership? I know I'm grasping at straws, as it's unlikely it made that big a difference in the ratings, but I wonder if a bump in Live+7 viewership may ultimately be the thing that saves the show.

    Or maybe it's too late altogether...

  12. HJ, I know. :)

    Anonymous, if that even is your name, no one knows why the ratings go up and down. Nielsen doesn't even know. People just tune in... tune out.. tune in... tune out... blah blah blah.

    I am kind of sick and tired of ratings at this point.

  13. Magnus, great podcast as usual. I agree that this episode was good, but not great....but how much of that is hangover from concentrated awesomeness from the last 2? For me, I think that is the case.

    I do have to disagree with the thoughts about Casey being OOC. I don't think him helping out Morgan is OOC. While Casey does put a premium on competance, he also has a VERY high regard on loyalty and bravery (Morgan DOES have a set of titanium rocks). Morgan was there for him when he hit rock bottom, and I don't think Casey will ever forget that. The bearded one, while not having the skill set of a field agent, is not without his virtues. And I think Casey (and Beckman) recognizes that. So I see him helping Morgan in the same light as him helping Chuck during the Red Test. He's watching the back of one of the few friends he has....and yes, as much as he would hate to admit it, Morgan falls into that category.

    Looking forward now, are they setting Morgan up to be one of the deaths? He is now in the spy world and closer to danger. He has been set up as someone who is absolutely loyal to Chuck and his teamates, and is even willing to sacrifice himself for them. Does he do it for real in the finale???

  14. I'm sorry to bring it up on then. It just seemed that it would be the most pertinent topic of discussion and debate for at least the next 2 weeks.

  15. Paul, we were talking about him CONFESSING his friendship to Morgan. No matter how much the man has changed, he would still retain the walls he built up for years. I don't buy him being so verbally open. He is a shower not a teller.

  16. I didn't mind the episode , but it didn't blow me away either . Especially after last week. It had some good moments and some blah mixed in along the way.
    In regards to the ratings , most of Chuck's audience is skewed to the male side . Having the Celtics/Cavs game competing against Chuck in the East , then the Suns/Spurs game competing on the west coast didn't help matters . A loss of 700k viewers clearly watched basketball instead :(


    Wolverines !! :)

  17. I just read this somewhere... but there are lots and lots of Nielsen experts in here who seem to know little to nothing about Nielsen. ;)

  18. I really liked this episode. I loved the CS chemistry and I thought the Morgan/Casey story was funny. I think the Hart to Hart spoof set the tone for this episode. The whole episode was unserious and light-hearted. The last scene with the ring agent transitions us back to more serious mythology episodes.

    The first 13 episodes were disappointing for me. I won't elaborate b/c I think we are all tired of debating the Shaw arc and the CS WTWT. However for me the show is back on track and I am really looking forward to the rest of the season. The Ring is now after Chuck and his family, Orion is coming back, and it sounds like the Intersect is going to cause Chuck some problems. All these storylines sound fun.


  19. We better get some Huey Lewis in the next episode.

  20. I was worried that the writers could still find a way to keep Chuck and Sarah apart especially the way this episode began and how creepy Morgan was to Sarah. The way the show ended and the the final scene of the promo for 16 put is as there is no going back.
    I thought they moved the show forward on many levels. Chuck moved forward to realize that Sarah is truly a good and loyal spy who keeps him grounded,not to idolize people for what they have done, and that he should re think his gun phobia.
    Sarah had the most growth. She showed her maturity in how she was able to overlook Chucks quirkeyness in his cleaning and pacing, how she did not sell the Turners out but helped with the tripple cross, the value on her owne life by not dealing with the tiger, her future and growing old with Chuck, The pictures she had of her and Chuck, and finally the "I need him to be ok" statement tone and facial expressions in the Promo. Season 1 Casey would not have given Morgan the time of Day but is now giving up on teaching Morgan the basic spy attributes but knows he needs to move into a creative area where he can use Morgan. Morgan also learned that he can not be the traditional Spy. I disagree that this could have been handled in other episodes. All couples (Chuck & Sarah, Morgan & Casey, Ellie and Devon)needed this episode as a way for us to see them mature and move forward. There is not another show that moves the characters forward with such an emphasis of growth. And the pussy cat was fun.
    All monday night network shows, the viewers were down.

  21. Hey Magnus,
    I wasn't crazy about this episode. It felt a little disjointed. I think the one positive that I took from the episode is that Sarah was willing to make sacrifices for Chuck's sake and for the relationship. In the long run, that solidifies them as a legitimate couple. Once again, though, that magic editing in the promo made the crazy shippers erupt into a frenzy. Also, Morgan working in tandem with Casey has always made me laugh.

    Ratings: While a 1.9 is pretty awful, I'm siding with Schwartz on this one and gonna not worry about one episode killing renewal chances. Doesn't necessarily help, but not the nails in the coffin. I think NBC is probably waiting to see if things play out like the season 2 finale business. Keeping a positive outlook on things.


  22. Hola Amigo - I'd much prefer a steady diet of EP's like this - rather than much of the hyper angst/agony from earlier in this season!
    I love the comedy, the casual, the conversation, and the fun from Sarah.
    I love that Chuck's anxiety has been replaced with assertiveness - even aggression.
    Casey seems to be lonely and depressed.
    Morgan is finally getting a chance to shine - and doing a fantastic job.
    BTW - I think there were more opportunities for some great gags or punch lines that somehow got missed. It seemed the whole EP was written then rewritten - more than once. As if they changed there minds about too many characters and plots heading into the grand finale - and this EP was the transiton... as you've said - setup for what's coming soon!

  23. Hey Magnus,
    Listened to and voted for your podcast. Didn't think it was that bad. Had a question though. You mentioned that there were several scenes you believe were shot for Role Models, but cut during the editing process. I got the impresssion from your comment that they would have potentially shifted the tone of the episode a bit. I was curious what those scenes were, and what you believe the rationale was for dropping them. If you want to ignore this request since the response would be too much of a hassle, I understand.

  24. Does Casey ever actually TEACH Morgan? A little instruction, rather than a series of aptitude tests, might go a long way. It seems to me he was being rather unfair to the little bearded one by almost firing him. I'm sure at the very least he could be taught how to handle a gun...


  25. Peter... the "firing" had nothing to do with anything CHUCK related. It was a line in the sand issue and I erased it. Nothing more than that. I would probably have done the same thing if I had been in her shoes. And I would have expected that result.

    bg, I don't know what those scenes would have done for the episode since I never got to see them in the episode.

    Dean, I thought the same thing. I would have loved to have seen them continue the shooting training. But I guess the writers didn't want them to so they could keep Morgan from becoming too capable.

  26. This is in my top 3--14, 15 and Colonel. I thought it was extremely well written and I was afraid when I saw Klemmer's name on it. I was pleasantly surprised. This was quinessential Chuck to me--a fun caper, that actually made sense, Chuck and Ellie, Chuck and Morgan, Casey and anyone, and of course finally Chuck and Sarah as "official". I've waited 3 years for this and I thought it was the best so far this season after Honeymooners. Great lines, excellent music, tightly written. I am not easily won over, but this was the one that made up for 1-13 for me.


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