Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 78 (EXPLICIT)

Three girls and one guy... discuss our feelings about CHUCK season 4, what may happen in season 5, and other things. Outtakes are at the end of the podcast.
This episode has ADULT LANGUAGE.  Do not listen if you are sensitive to harsh language.

Tracks used in this episode, in order of appearance:
Underground - Life of Agony
Outtakes - the chicks and me


  1. Thanks for the very enjoyable podcast. I can't argue with anything said, though your attempts at Australian accents continue to be atrocious :p :)

  2. Just an idea but what if Harry Tang aka C.S. Lee came back for a couple of episodes I think that would be cool and yes I know he is on dexter but they can let him come for 2 or 3 episodes or more. I think if he was still around in the rest of season 1 and 2 I think it would have helped because there would be a cool thing which could make chuck have harry as the bad guy at work and the ring or Vulcrum in the outside world. They could do that this season with the bad group for this season and harry tang being at work and he could be the face of the new buymore owner so then people will not know that chuck is the real owner.

  3. I am pretty sure the humor in it was that our Australian accents were atrocious. :)

  4. That was really fun to listen to.

    You cracked my up with the discussion of disappearing Clara.

    I'm also glad that I'm not the only one who wants to see Chuck's exes and Cole return in Season 5.

  5. Hi Magnus

    You were all talking at about 1:01.00 on the podcast about Morgan filling Caseys apartment with women... it would be great if the writers did a shout out to a scene from The Pink Panther when Clouseau comes back from the dead only to find Cato has turned his apartment into a brothel, and Clouseau shouts at him and says he's turned his apartment into a "Chinese Nookie Factory".

  6. So much agree with you! I love all your ideas, the baby-sit Chuck/Sarah with baby Clara, so hilarious!

    About to have one bad guy in entiere season, I'm agree, don't working well. The best episodes of chuck are "independants", there is more time for funny moments between Chuck & Sarah and also crazy things happening in the buy more.

    I had the same crazy idea for Sarah in season five: She need to be the new boss of buy more! this could be so much fun!

    Thanks to you, I so enjoyed this podcast !

    Last thing, what do you think to opening of a gun shop in buy more for Casey?

  7. I am not sure California laws would allow for a gun shop in a Buy More but I like it.

  8. Great podcast. I vote we replace Fedak and Schwartz with you folks for season 5. Then again, that might be kind of like replacing them with Jeff.

    Regarding Casey and Guns More, I believe WalMart (LargeMart?) still sells rifles and shotguns in some but not all stores in CA. No handguns though.


  9. Thanks for the fun podcast. The four of you work really well together. And I pretty much agree with all of your points.

    I especially agree with how fun it is to see Sarah and Casey out of their element. I loved that setup in the first season just as much as Chuck being the fish out of water in the spy world. And I really missed seeing them having to have cover jobs. Casey at the Buy More was always so much fun and I loved Sarah having a boss at the Wienerlicious.

    If there really is much more Buy More next season, I hope we see Sarah and Casey having to work there a lot.

  10. Good to hear some people enjoyed it.

    I wonder if we ever do another.

  11. Great Podcast!!!
    I think Papa B could come back because he got shot right outside the regeneration lab that The Ring used to bring Shaw back.
    But I can also see the rationale for leaving him dead.

    Regardless, looking forward to Season 5 & more podcasts!!

  12. So his son and daughter didn't even check to make sure he was dead before giving up on him? Is that what any human being on planet Earth would do? See their father "killed" and then not want the body back?

    Come on.

  13. Maybe Shaw/Ring/CIA took Chuck's father while Chuck was in custody. Elly couldn't do anything about it at the time. Perhaps they just assumed that the Ring disposed of the body, but tried and failed to get info after they brought down Shaw/Ring. This could be consistent with Decker's insinuation of some
    kind of over- arcing conspiracy.

  14. That would be the dumbest writing on the show yet. So they just ASSUMED their father was dead? Chuck is a spy with a spy team, oh and he is the Intersect with the massive resources of the entire US government. No explanation makes any sense.

    He would have wanted to see his father's body and would have scorched the Earth looking for it.

  15. don't think this worked before. But with the whole Papa B thing, the only way that i could imagine him coming back is if he uploaded a copy of his mind into a computer to have a virtual intelligence. Then he could be like Zordon in the power rangers with his face on a screen giving missions to the gang

  16. I don't think Stephen Bartowski has any good reason to come back, and I'm not even worried about plot logic here. I just think it would be a silly turn of events. I mean some people have to actually stay dead on this show, don't they?


  17. Good podcast.

    I liked Season 4 a lot.

    My favorite episodes were.

    First fight
    Fear of death
    Phase three
    Push mix
    Seduction Impossible
    A team
    Wedding planner
    Last details

    The only episodes i didn't like were Cat Squad and Murder.
    I thought Cat Squad was going to be good because i've enjoyed all the Sarah backstory episodes but that one could have been a lot better.

    The two things that I didn't think worked in season 4 was Linda Hamilton's character and Morgan being intersected.

    I just don't think Linda Hamilton's character was fleshed out all that well.
    It's explained that she left her kids to go on this mission to bring down Volkoff industries.

    15 years later she's still working on that one mission and isn't any closer to bringing Volkoff down.
    When Chuck, Casey and Sarah become involved they take down Volkoff within a matter of months.

    Then in the second half of the season they elude to the fact that Mama B went undercover to try and help Hartley after he was turned into Volkoff.
    Yet 15 years later he's still evil while Dekker changed him back into Hartley within a matter of seconds.
    That whole thing wasn't written very well.

    In season 2 I thought the whole twist of Stephen Bartowski being a spy and being the creator of the intersect was better written than the Mary Bartowski arc.

    The plan for season 5 seems to be Chuck's evolution as a spy and as a person.

    In season 1 & 2 Chuck was a fish out of water thrust into the spy world.
    Then in season 3 he's learning to be a spy with the intersect.
    In season 4 he is a spy with the intersect.
    Season 5 will probably be him learning to be a spy without the intersect.

    It seems like the writers want him to also be in the handler role with Morgan.
    Like Casey and Sarah were in season 1 & 2.
    He'll understand what they went through.

    Chuck will come full circle as a character by the end of the show.
    That's not a bad direction to go in but it could be achieved without Morgan being the intersect.

    The only way Scott Bakula could realistically come back would be in a flashback.

    If they do the whole he never died thing it will be one of the biggest jump the shark moments of all time.

    I hope the whole thing with Dekker telling Chuck that he was all part of a plan is explained that Dekker was just pulling his chain.

    P.S. the guy that played Cole is going to be a regular on Desperate Housewives next season.
    He won't be available to come back.

  18. You mentioned during the podcast that Matt Bomer was suppose to come back as Bryce Larkin for season 3 until he got White Collar.

    Do you know what the original plan for his character was?

  19. I have probably talked about this here and on podcasts 30 times by now but... one more time... Bryce was the Shaw character, essentially. But he turned out to be working for the bad guys and turned Sarah against Chuck or some crap and then Chuck had to prove himself and try to take down Bryce etc etc. Enter Shaw arc.

  20. okay thanks.

    I'm new to the Chuckgasmic blog that's why i didn't know.

  21. Great podcast!

    Chuck/Sarah were definitely my fav part of the season. The Morgan/Casey dynamic was good too.

  22. too bad about the Bryce / Shaw character that could have been a great story!


  23. I liked those ideas about everybody watching Baby Clara and losing her.

    Sarah interacting with the Buy more employees. she hasn't had much interaction with them except for a little bit in Season 1 so that be great.

    I agree now that Morgan is the intersect the best way to handle it was as Magnus suggested.

    I hope the writers make all that happen next season.

    I have an idea for Casey's character.

    In Agent X Casey's telling everyone that they can't tell Beckman about Volkoff because the CIA would send someone to kill them.

    Then in Chuck versus the Ciffhanger when Casey is sitting with Decker at the table he tells him that he knows what he's really trying to do.

    Casey sounded like one of his previous jobs with the NSA was as the guy that killed people when they found out too much.

    They could do a flashback scene where it depicts Casey as being sent to kill people that have found out major government secrets.

    That might be a litte too dark for a show like Chuck though.

  24. i know this is random but what would your top 5 episodes of all time be?
    Im guessing that colonial and lethal weapon would make an appearance. Im just curious of your opinion magnus because you seem to judge the episodes more than just the sarah/chuck relationship
    For me personally, first fight would have to be in there (love turtle) and best friend (the randomness of jeffster) would also have to be on the list

  25. Hmmmm... I think I should leave that for a podcast. :)

  26. The best part in this season without doubt was Chuck and Sarah. In season 3 the only thing is realy not worked was Chuck and Sarah, in this season this was may be the only thing that always worked.
    My biggest dissapointed was Chuck himself in this season, and I don't think he is spy without the Intersect, everything that they show us proved this. When He first lose the intesect, He immediately captured. Then it was the chance , to Sarah teaching him to how defend himself, but now, instead he go to stript class. Oh and yeh, in the Anniversary he take down, 10 guys, but int the seson, someone always kicking he's ass, including womans. May be Magnus, or Sisskj can say, I not understod the show method, may be true . But they take a step once they say Chuck is now become a Spy, and after the amizing, back six in season 3, which is still my favorite season, that six episode, not the first 13, so after that, this season, is a little weak for Chuck.
    But hey season 5 is the finale, so nevermind anymore :)


    the only thing that I desperately want in season 5., is more hotness, seriously!!!! more real kiss I mean REAL kiss, not like two children or grandma/grandpa kiss. it is so serious now, that people now starting to think , may be there is something wrong or unspoken problem between the actors.

  27. BTW
    The podcast Awesome as usual. Do you want 100 episode of the podcast? I assume 13 more podcast will be, becasue there will be 13 more episode of Chuck, but you going for the hundred?

  28. I have no goal in mind for episode numbers. I am still debating moving this site's content to GeekFurious.com, which would mean the podcast would move there too (or the CHUCK content would become part of the new Geek Furious podcast).

    We shall see how things go over the next few months. Still not sure what would be the best course of action. Truth is, I need to drive traffic to the new site but I also don't want to abandon this one outright.

  29. Hey Magnus

    Will we ever get to see some of the cool hiding spots for your spoilers since you're not doing it in future?

  30. Sure:

    1. My PS3 profile status message. The one that was discovered by one person was "Casey falls from a great height" or something like that.

    2. Somewhere on the profile picture of my @AgentSamLisa Twitter account. I updated it periodically and left different spoilers on it, no one ever found them. One of the biggest was "4.13 Quiet Engagement" that was up there for at least six weeks.

    3. In the bio of my account on this site, under one or more of the "favorites" section. I would sometimes only leave those spoilers up for an hour. One of them was "Papa B, gone baby gone, forever" in season 3.

    4. I would also post spoilers in really old articles that no longer received any hits. :) No one ever found one. One of those spoilers was "Sarah's death interrupted by a wedding."

  31. Magnus, are you an Icelandic spy who uses a crossbow???

  32. I am Icelandic but not a spy and no Icelandic would ever use a crossbow.

  33. Magnus,

    So no more spoilers? Is this just because you're tired of it or because you yourself are looking to be spoiler free for this last go-around?

    Your spoilers were always on the vague/cryptic end of the spectrum, so I didn't mind reading them at all. However, you obviously had all the straight info to hand. Did it mess with your enjoyment of the show at all?


  34. Jim, those reasons and more. I have lost interest in doing spoilers. Most of them just got passed around the fandom anyway without much credit to the source.

  35. Thanks for the podcast. You guys are fun listening to.

    I really enjoyed season 4, a very fun season,
    Though the number of episodes that sucked seems higher than before, especially in the back 11 (Muuurder, Agenx X, Masquerade...).

    I agree with you that the show needs to do more standalone episodes; there are too many inconsistencies in the longer storylines. The quick/non-resolutions of dramatic storylines are also becoming annoying, and affecting my investment in those.

    The spy/mythology part of the show has never been my reason for investment in the show so I can't forgive inconsistencies in those. What I am less forgiving of is the portrayal of Chuck at times this season. He has seemed spineless. It feels like they have taken his best qualities and given them to Morgan. With the awful cliffhanger it seems like it will continue next season.

    That said I am looking forward the next and final season. With a fixed end date this show will hopefully get a proper ending.

    - an

  36. I am willing to bet money that by the midpoint of next season, fans will be screaming about "HOW DARE THEY DO THIS NOW?!"

    Proper ending? Come on.

  37. No matter how well planed the ending will be, on some sort of level it will still suck cause it's the end of a fantastic show.
    I think you are right Magnus usually fans don't respond well to changes, even though i doubt there will be fan`riots like in season3 with the whole Chuck&Sarah / Hannah&Shaw arc :)

  38. I don't know why you would doubt such a thing.

    If I say it will happen, it will happen.

  39. If u say so then you are probably right like always :)) But i can't help to wonder what's going to cause that uproar, cause i don't think Morgan will be that bad :))
    The only way they could screw us up so hard is to make Sarah sleep with Morgan =)) (and that will be kind of funny from my point of view)

  40. Uh huh.... we shall see what peeps have to say in 6 months. :)

  41. Given that people managed to routinely freak out over THIS season, which was as low stress/angst as I can imagine, I'm sure they'll find a way to freak out over just about anything.


  42. Season Five Conspiracy theory----
    I hope I am not jinxing this because I think it's a brilliant direction for the writers to go in.
    BECKMAN!!!! They were talking about Beckman! Duh. Totally obvious. She's the ONLY one who could be behind the CONSPIRACY. She killed Agent Graham to seize control of "Operation Moron". She sent Bryce on the mission to send the Intersect to Chuck. She has guided their every move. Beckman is the new baddie, fingers crossed. It makes sense fiscally because they won't have to pay a lot for Gary Oldman or some similar actor to "one up" the brilliant turn by Timothy Dalton. Heck, find ANY reason to bring Dalton back and I'll be happy. Don't care how shaky the reasoning is. Just bring back Dalton. Morgan's Intersect is most likely a personality change like Volkoff's was. He will not be able to deal with it well (the "ONE RING" yes!) and Ellie will have to help save him, FINALLY giving her character something relevant to do on the show. Hilarity ensues... As the glasses were intended for Chuck, this lends to the Beckman theory.
    And yeah, Pappa B better be actually, really, truly, dead. Though, the obvious question to Ellie would be: "Did you see blood? Was there brain matter? Did you see any brain matter?"
    Trying to reference the Ring's resurrection machine thingamajig (or whatev) from S3 would waste time. I doubt that's the direction they'll choose.
    Bakula + Flashback = Awesome
    Bakula + brain preserved in a jar = uh wha..?

  43. I know father's day was yesterday but an awesome present is a 007 license to kill with Timothy Dalton.

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