Thursday, October 1, 2009

Zac's Birthday Madness and Chuck Me Mondays

First of all, it was a fun and successful birthday bash for Zachary Levi all around.  First of all, We Heart Chuck has now raised nearly $21,000 in the name of Chuck Bartowski, helped by the recent birthday donations for Zac's birthday.  We also trended #HappyBDZacLevi (sure, a day late) in honor of our guy.  So, congratulations to everyone involved!

We Heart Chuck has a lot planned down the line so check the site out often to see what you can do to help.

ALSO, Zac posted a thank you and more names of those who contributed.

As for Chuck Me Mondays, this coming Monday we will watch:

9PM ET / 8PM CT / 7PM MT / 6PM PT

Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

Our new hashtag for now and likely until the show returns is:


We are returning to the use of a hashtag due to popular demand.  We are using this one to help promote the charity effort.  So, push it to the world on any day and any night or morning... trend it whenever it pleases you or you have 20 friends on at 3AM. ;)

Finally, Chuck You Tuesday episode 11 is out!  This is the first episode analysis of season 2 (episodes 1 - 4).  You can click on the links in the sidebar or you can click on the banner for it above... or just CLICK ME!

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