Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chuck Me Mondays Strategy for September 28th

First and most important... the 29th is Zachary Levi's birthday!  So, I hope you have already gone to and given and sent him your extra special birthday message.

Second, our term/tag will change next week.  I hope we can make this baby trend so get every single person on the planet involved.  Starting Monday and continuing until whenever, we will be using:


We are also watching TWO AMAZING episodes (yeah, we have to because of how NBC has done this):

9PM ET / 8PM CT / 7PM MT / 6PM PT:

Episode 203: Chuck Versus the Break-Up

10PM ET / 9PM CT / 8PM MT / 7PM PT:

Episode 204: Chuck Versus The Cougars

Even if you can't watch the episodes with us, please tweet the hashtag.  We want our guy Zac to have the best birthday ever. :)


  1. I don't know why we are doing a double episode this coming up week because it is just take away from how long this is going to go because I think by the time we finish chuck season 02 it will be late january or early febuary and then by that time we will have a better idea of when season 3 is going to happen in march and also then we can do what we did a couple of weeks ago with the whole favorite episodes but only both season 1,2 and not just one season

  2. I don't think I have ever seen a comment on my blog from you that was anything but negative.

    In any event:

    NBC, in their infinite wisdom, decided to put their episodes up for free for a LIMITED time. So, to make sure people can watch the episodes for free, we have to watch two this week or next week. I decided this week.

  3. I was a fan supporter during the WGA strike. Does this infinite wisdom have anything to do with the contract with the writers/directors/actors, and NBC getting free streaning rights but only for a limited time?

    Monday nights are still trainwreck time in my TV schedule, but the Emmys are not keeping me from Mad Men this week, so I don't have to do what I did last CMM:
    Mad Men
    1st hour of House
    2nd hour of House
    Big Bang

    I might be able to do it. I don't want to get behind. seems to have skipped an ep. Are we?
    Pardon the scatterbrain but I'm doing like 5 fandoms at the moment, it's September, and even Scott Bakula isn't getting all my attention. (it's more like "*another* interview? groan."

  4. It could have something to do with that, though I don't know for how long the episodes were on initially (or at all?). Though, the second half episodes were put up twice and they went far beyond the timeframe of not paying residuals.

    Plus, NBC receives a premium on online advertising that is greater than that of licensing and residual payments. I think this is probably WB not wanting the show online for free when the DVD is coming out in a few months. So, they give the episodes out in pieces and for a limited time. Though, I could be wrong.

    As for being able to watch both episodes... thankfully, I DVR most shows anyway (except Chuck... I always watch it live). Though, I hope that people tweet more than watch. :) I would love to see Zac's birthday trend.

  5. I DVR Chuck AND watch it live. Cause I want to watch it again. And cause digital TV is prettier but my DVR is analog. I keep thinking I'm going to have to get up and figure out which disc to put in, but season 2 is still on the DVR.

  6. sorry not trying to be negative just think of the long term thats all

  7. And you think I am not thinking of the long term?


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