Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear DR - September 17th, 2009

Since the last "Dear DR" was so popular, I am of course prepared for another!  So, here we go:

DR, if you know something about season 3 that would calm the shippers down, then why not share it? -- Your Mother

First, it is really weird when you call me DR.  Second, what makes you think I know something about season 3?  Third, even if I did know something about season 3, the stuff I might possibly know is not going to calm down the shippers at all.  If anything, it is going to drive them insane!  I mean, they are imagining Chuck and Sarah having love interests that likely don't go anywhere but still keep Chuck and Sarah apart.  They have NO CLUE just how inaccurate that belief... never mind.  I should stop now.

Not to mention that Sarah ends up not tru... agh! Sheesh.

Ok!  Ok!  Stop right there!  Wait!  WHAT?!  You are saying Chuck and Sarah end up with other people and not only that but Sarah ends up not trusting Chuck!  THIS IS THE WORST SEASON EVER! -- Crazy Shipper About To Lose His... Ship

Woah!  Woah!  I never said any of those things!!!

I implied them. 

I quit the show!  I frakin' quit the show!  That is frakin' it!  I can't believe we SAVED the show and our reward is the worst Chuck and Sarah news ever!  This sucks! -- New Supernatural Shipper

That is probably the best idea you ever had.


Dean and Sam ARE brothers and it is just wrong to ship them!

Please, DR!  Please tell me that something good happens between Chuck and Sarah!  Why would  the writers do this after all we have complained to them about?  Is this like an eff-yew to us for annoying them? -- Gilligan

Well, after Bryce is finally killed for real.... oh wait, that was the original plot.  Never mind.

I will just say this: if you stick it out and enjoy the show and get your friends into it and STOP BADMOUTHING THE SHOW, I promise you that season 4 will be like royalty and birds.

Royalty and birds?!  Why are you playing mind games, dammit?! -- Crazy Shipper #467

Maybe I just don't know anything and am messing with you.  Or, I am just not willing to publicly leak the whole season to the world.  I don't think the people on the show would appreciate that.

I knew you didn't know anything! -- Alex aka Mamma's Boy

We shall see in 6 months. ;)

Or, if reaches $25,000 by Zac's birthday (the 29th of this month), I promise to tell you all a lot more. :)


  1. Well played sir. Well played.

    Awesome (no pun intended) graphic.

    Vlad (ButchRules)

  2. The graphic was made by Laurie Taylor Gregg... aka the brains and admin behind :) She makes all my graphics.

  3. You know, it's not nice to tease, dude. ;-) But you know what? I've just about decided that I don't want to know ANYTHING about the upcoming season. I don't wanna know who the guest stars are going to be, I don't wanna know anything about possible scripts, I don't wanna know the name of any episodes...I just want to watch the show unfold because I'm sure whatever the writers have planned will be, yes, awesome.

  4. Bethany, You've been reading my mind ("Stop that"!)


    Magnus, Laurie is Da Bomb!


  5. Laurie is amazing. I just drop these requests on her and she makes magic happen. She should be charging me for this stuff.

    Bethany, teasing is the best part! Though, if you don't want to be spoiled, I will be sure to put spoiler warnings in future postings (if they contain them). No worries, though, the spoilers I posted in this blog are only completely true. ;)

  6. Okay you messing with us, lol.


  7. You will know in 5 1/2 months or so if I am messing with you. :) You should save all these blogs in your favorites and come back to them when season 3 is over.

  8. Thank you so much for this blog. You actually convinced me to skip out on S3. If even half of the stuff you predicted was true that sounds like a dreadful season. Maybe I will check back in season 4. That is supposed to a good season right.

    I am not a crazy shipper, more like some who wants to be entertained. I don't find the idea of them with other people entertaining in the least. I think me and my family will watch CBS comedies instead. This blog was an eye opener and it convinced to not waste anymore time on a show where the producers are hell bent on agitating the base. Hopefully more people see what a hackjob Josh Schwartz is.
    A wise man once said it is not the destination it's the journey. Well for this fan no destination is worth the journey you portrayed here. Good luck getting S4 you are going to need it.

  9. Anonymous, if that even IS your name (I have my doubts)... you are definitely not a crazy shipper. You are just full of it. Completely and utterly, without a doubt, full of it. The fact that your parents named you something as ridiculous as "Anonymous" proves that to me.

    My parents named me something cool like MAGNUS. See how much more assertive that name is? Not as wimpy and full of pooh like your name.

    No, ANONYMOUS, you will be back because the people who actually quit shows, just quit them. They don't need to post about doing it.

  10. Notice he says he ain't crazy and then utterly slams Josh, claims that Josh is hell bent on agitating the base (paranoid much), adds a major personal insult toward Josh, and swears he will quit for a season but maybe he checks back. LOL.

    Don't bother checking back Alex and by the way since you have quit the show how about getting lost so we don't need to read your pathetic negative whiny baby complaints anymore. OR ARE YOU JUST BLUFFING AND NOT MAN ENOUGH TO GROW A PAIR AND WALK AWAY?


    P.S. As usual the hateshippers screen themselves out as not understanding reality or logic.

    I quote Magnus: "I mean, they are imagining Chuck and Sarah having love interests that likely don't go anywhere but still keep Chuck and Sarah apart. They have NO CLUE just how inaccurate that belief... never mind"

    Gee...sounds kinda like Magnus is saying that 'potential' love interests maybe serve the purpose of driving them together. But then the hateshippers want to hate Josh and want to hate season three and want in paticular to ruin the experience for any positive and mature and sane fans (notice Alex's disgraceful whining even on a thread about Sarah and Ellie being friends, what a douchbag) so anytime a blogger says the word 'potential' it is all over for good. Doom and Gloom. Little baby whiny pants.

    A Wise man once said get a clue, grow a pair and don't freaking believe everything a blogger says...or doesn't say.....or maybe did not imply....or maybe did. Or did he?

  11. Wow, Dave... that... was... brilliant. :)

  12. Point of order. According to the Show Sam States "Sam/Dean" shippers are called Slashers for supernatural.


  13. Magnus,

    What have you wrought? ;)

    Rendering shippers to practically self immolate. You (and only you) will be held responsible. Something tells me you wouldn't want it any other way.

    What a wicked, tangled web you weave. This stuff will get me through the winter of Chuck until S3.

    Tremendous. Love it.


  14. Vlad, I am a harmless munchkin. I don't know why these shippers get so worked up.

    Granted, ANYTHING will set them off.

  15. Magnus,

    By the time you're finished, the mere mention of the word TRAPEZOID will be considered a declaration of war by the shippers.

    Harmless munchkin?
    More like Killer Bunny with "vicious horrible teeth". :)


  16. All I can say is if the Chuck/Morgan Bromance angst continues, I don't know if I can keep watching the show. I mean how can Chuck and Morgan have other Bromance love interests in S3? Don't tell me Sarah is going to be a 3rd wheel again. Haven't the writers done that already?
    Oh you mean Chuck and Sarah - never mind.

    Gord aka gababoutchuck

  17. How do you talk to this doctor dude i wanna see if he knows how to get auditions :) for chuck that it :P

  18. You want to audition for CHUCK?

    Get an agent.

  19. HAHAHA Gord gets the post of the day!



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