Monday, June 14, 2010

The Greatest Podcast in the World - Episode 1 (ADULTS ONLY)

WHAT?!  A NEW podcast?!

Kind of... this is just a silly little thing Liz and I did that isn't just focused on CHUCK.  Though, we do talk about CHUCK and season 3 but we also talk about many other things.  The easily offended should avoid it.


  1. We interrupt this comment page for a very special announcement: Liz is hot. And now back to your regularly scheduled commenting..... ;o)

  2. How dare you talk about my future wife like that?!

    You are banned for life!

  3. Great... now she is going to get a swelled head and demand more pay.

  4. :o)

    Just trying to make the summer interesting....

  5. If Liz is your future wife I guess Hannah is free for me lol


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