Friday, December 25, 2009

CHUCK Seasons 1 & 2 REWATCH in 2-weeks!

Some have requested a schedule for a rewatch of Season's 1 & 2 of CHUCK.  I am not going to run an organized rewatch since we just finished a June 1st to December 21st rewatch effort.  However, I am providing those who wish to have one a reasonable schedule for rewatching all of CHUCK before Season 3 starts on January 10th.

You can purchase both seasons of CHUCK via AMAZON here (some of the best prices around):

ATTENTION: You can get 2 episodes of CHUCK FREE from AMAZON until January 3rd, 2010 by going to their site and using a promotional code.  Since the rewatch schedule for Season 2 starts one day before the DVD is released, I recommend using the code to get episodes 1 and 2 for free.

  • Download 2 eps of Chuck free from Amazon w/ $4 VOD credit. Enter promo code ‘AVODGIFT.’
  • Credit ends Jan. 3rd
  • Go to Season 1 and/or Season 2 
  • Click on “Redeem a gift card…” and enter code.

Season 1 Rewatch Schedule

Dec. 28: Ep. 1-2
Dec. 29: Ep. 3-4
Dec. 30: Ep. 5-6
Dec. 31: Ep. 7-8
Jan. 1: Ep. 9-10
Jan. 2: Ep. 11-12
Jan. 3: Ep. 13

Season 2 Rewatch Schedule

Jan. 4: Ep. 1-2
Jan. 5: Ep. 3-5
Jan. 6: Ep. 6-8
Jan. 7: Ep. 9-11
Jan. 8: Ep. 12-14
Jan. 9: Ep. 15-18
Jan. 10: Ep. 19-22

CHUCK is back! Tell everyone you know!

JANUARY 10th at 9PM on NBC, Episode 1: Chuck Versus The Pink Slip
JANUARY 10th at 10PM on NBC, Episode 2: Chuck Versus The Three Words
JANUARY 11th at 8PM on NBC, Episode 3 Chuck Versus The Angel De La Muerte


  1. Just an Idea since I am guessing everyone is free new years eve and day why not do 7 episodes one day and 6 the next day we could start at noon on both day so then first night done at 7pm and 6pm the next so then all we have is season 2

  2. A thought: There are probably a couple of hundred older Chuck-related videos on Youtube that are still getting views. What do you think about adding comments that provide the date and time of the Season 3 premier to those Chuck-related You-tube vids that lack that information? Is it already too late for a campaign like that to have an effect?

  3. Not a terrible idea but if months of fans trying to expose new people to the show and weeks of big time promotion by NBC hasn't clued people into the show returning, I doubt that will make any big splash... or even a little one. But do I think it would hurt? Nope.


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