Friday, January 6, 2012



[Quasi Press Release]
After 5 years of action, romance, hilarity, and heart CHUCK will be airing its final two episodes on NBC Friday, January 27th from 8-10pm EST.  Rather than sit at home and be sad, I’d like to gather a few fellow fans together and celebrate the charmed existence of our beloved ‘little show that could’ by watching the finale episodes of CHUCK in a big group.  Are you prepared to be heart-warmed?  Then check out the details below…
When -- Friday January 27th, Check-In and access to the Private Screening area will open at 6:30pm
Where --  2nd Floor of the NBC Store at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York NY (Visit their Facebook page for more details about the store:
Who can come? – This event is open to all ages, but you must secure a spot on the guest list and you’ll need to present a valid photo ID upon arrival for Check-In.
What will the party entail? --  We’ll start off the night with trivia for prizes and each attendee will be provided with popcorn and one soda courtesy of our venue, the NBC Store.  Additional snacks or beverages will be available for purchase from The CafĂ© & the NBC Store is offering all attendees a 30% discount on any Chuck merchandise they purchase that night. 
Cost? – No charge, but seating is limited so you have to RSVP and get a confirmation.  The NBC Store is being kind enough to let us utilize their 2nd floor private viewing area to watch the show on their 108” Screen TV…so everyone please tweet them a thank you (@NBCStore).
Attire – Shoes and shirt required but otherwise just casual and comfortable.  Chuck, Nerd, or BuyMore gear is encouraged and costumes are AWESOME.
How do I get on the list?Send an email to the following account with the Subject Line ‘I want to attend the Chuck NYC Finale Party’.  Please include your full name, home town, contact email and/or phone number.  Since attendance is capped at 50 guests, please ONLY submit a RSVP request if you are certain you’re going to attend.  You will receive a confirmation or regrets email within 3 days and once all tickets are assigned this post will be updated and it will be announced via the @NerdTweetUp Twitter account that admission is closed.
If you have questions please send them to the e-mail address or remit them to the @NerdTweetUp Twitter feed.  I’m looking forward to greeting familiar faces and hoping to meet some new ones as well.  Saying goodbye to CHUCK will undoubtedly be difficult, but I’m excited to see how the journey ends and so very grateful for all the amazing people I’ve met along the way…I hope you’ll be one of them.

Wendy Farrington


  1. Thanks so much to everyone who is responsible for making this happen!!

  2. That would be Wendy and NBC Store. :)

  3. Finally, a CHUCK-related event I'd be able to attend!! And what a perfect way to say farewell to the show!

  4. Capacity has been reached and registration is now CLOSED.

  5. This should be fun.

    Is Bob Greenblatt attending?

  6. Uh, who or what is Bob Greenblatt?


  7. Yes. Google has been taken down by the Omen virus.

    Actually, I just assumed he was someone in the Chuck fan community based on your exchange with MediaSavant (the sarcasm only works if you know who he is already).


  8. Sweet Bob attending I love that guy. Is this party by chance taking place in a 20 story building.


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