Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CHUCK Season 5 gallery

Click the link and enjoy the view.


  1. great pictures...chuck and sarah are so cute :))

  2. Decent shoot
    What i like : paying attention to details, Zac & Yvonne wearing the wedding rings like a true married couple
    Adam being in character with a gun in his hand (Just like Casey)
    What i don't like : many things but i won't post them because it's the last season and i feel like we shouldn't complain and just enjoy what we like about the show`s last run
    Overall, i liked previous shoots with the cast a lot more

  3. Really? You found things to complain about in 6 promotional photos? That is super lame. Also, if one of those things is "the presence of Morgan at all" that's even worse. Personally, I think they are pretty good; the group photo is cool with everyone looking bad ass! Sadly, it just makes me impatient, sigh...

  4. Nope, not "the presence of Morgan" i understand that now he is a big part of the show therefore he has to be a big part of the promotional stuff too
    Josh Gomez was included in cast shoots before, in season1 and that's my favorite shoot with this cast
    I disliked other stuff but like i said before, i'm not even going to mention them

  5. I don't remember NBC issuing shots like this last year, though I think they may have had a shoot for the bookend shots in the promos.

    I like these a lot more than the Season 3 shots in the tux that keep getting re-used for DVD covers and such. There's no attempt to make Chuck look even a tad goofy.

    Nothing to complain about from my perspective. I'm glad NBC released them. The key art for the season comes from the same shoot and I already have it as my laptop background.

  6. All I saw were one solo picture of Yvonne, one with her leaning on something (garden gnome?) and one with her leaning against something (tackling dummy?). Were there other pictures or people in that set?

    But seriously, I think the pictures look great. Best promo pics to date, leaving aside the Chuck/Sarah one with the Buymore blowing up in the background.


  7. I have a question for you Magnus, not that i am not appreciative NBC used the funds to make a cast photo shoot but why now,when they know the show is ending after 13 episodes ?
    They did no cast photo shoots for seasons 3 and 4, when a season extension was a possibility and they do it now ?
    It makes absolutely no sense publicity wise, it's like when they needed to attract viewers they don't do it but when they move the show on the Friday death slot they advertise for it
    Does that make any sense to you Magnus ?

  8. I’m curious to the things you don’t like? I think they’re a tad too serious, makes the show seem like a serious spy show with no humour, lol. But that’s not a cpmplaint, just an observation.

    I’m surprised we even got promo shoots. Since it’s the last season I didn’t think they would bother.

    I’m starting to think this might not be the last season after all.

  9. They (the photos) make me depressive, I remember how the photos from the 1st 2nd sesons were, and those just remind me of how much the show has changed. I mean, look at Chuck now... He looks like one of those CSI guys. That's just sad.

  10. I have no idea why they are doing it. Seems like a strange thing to do... but there is no way in hell we are getting a sixth season.

  11. cheers, you read my mind :) that was the actual question
    I thought maybe with the new airing day and with them advertising for the show again (after 2 seasons of pause) maybe they where thinking Chuck can work better on a Friday night like other cult shows and NBC where considering to give the show another shot but if you are saying there is no chance in hell we are getting an extension then you are probably right, like always :(

  12. People are definitely reading too much into these photos getting released. It doesn't cost a lot to get take some photos and put them on the internet. They've had photographers on set to shoot episode stuff.

    The question I have is will the season premiere get the EPK treatment like last year's did...and several episodes during the season?

  13. I know people are saying that the photo shoot didn't cost them alot but I still think they shouldn't have done it and the reason why is WB and NBC are cutting back cost for this show I waste money having photos when they could be using it on cool scene or even promos for this final season.

  14. I didn't see AdriaN'S note when I wrote mine. But, I want to stress to fans that putting new photos up that journalists can access and use is far from being "advertising".

    As far as I've seen they haven't purchased any magazine space, outdoor ads, transit ads, or anything that really costs money..

    They haven't aired any on-air promos and I'm not expecting anything of that nature for weeks. Last year, the first Chuck promo aired ten days prior to the premiere--9.11.10.

    If they air any promos prior to 10.11.11, I'll get impressed.

  15. Hot Hot Hot pictures of Yvonne is Maxim check them out

  16. Don't see what's so costly about that shoot that they shouldn't have done it? They have the set and the lighting is there, the actors get dressed up every day anyway and I bet WB-studios has some fulltime photographers whose job is to take those on-set photos of episodes and do promo shoots of various WB-productions.

    Even if it's the last season on NBC, WB still needs promotional stuff to sell it elsewhere and on DVD/BR.

  17. Neah Magnus i disagree ! some of these photos are way more "revealing" then the video, some of the outfits are :O like the one she wears on the cover, or the one when she`s flipping the camera, those have more cleavage then any other outfit from the video :D

  18. Hotness isn't necessarily about being "revealing."

  19. True but i'm the adept of "The more you see" :D

  20. I believe in the less you see, the more you can imagine.

  21. Unfortunately for you current female celebrities leave less to imagination :D
    On a Chuck related note, i know your blog is going to be spoiler free for this season but if you still get the info are you going to do those teasers at least ? it could be a good exercise for imagination :D

  22. A funny thing happened when I went to the Maxim link. I first got an ad for "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Ahhhh, if only that was a Chuck ad.

    It's cool they at least mention Chuck on the cover.

    But, seriously, does anyone read that magazine regularly? I know you guys will because of Yvonne, but can you name who was on the cover of the last issue without googling it?

    And, if you can name it, did it make you want to watch the chick's next project?

  23. I used to get Maxim in the mail for free and I never read it.

    Adrian'S... I have no idea what I may or may not do with super secret fake insider info I receive. I have written a couple of teaser blogs already but didn't post them. Maybe I will...

    Maybe I won't.

  24. @MediaSavant i doubt Maxim used Chuck on the cover next to her name because they wanted to advertise for the show or anything like that
    Killer Elite also mentions Chuck whenever they use her name, it's probably because she`s not that well known and they use "Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski" so people would know who she is

    @Magnus i hope you decide to do those teaser blogs, if you have the time cause guessing games are always fun


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