Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 25 (ADULTS ONLY)

We Discuss CHUCK Versus The TIC TAC.

ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING! DO NOT let your kids hear this.  No one under the age of 18 should listen to this.  And any who finds expletives and sexually explicit talk offense should avoid this one like the swine flu.  Everyone else, listen to it 500 times.

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  1. Great episode. I don't know if this was better that vs the Beard, but great episode. I guess next episode will make people want to punch and kiss the writers. Lol. Or maybe kiss and punch, I guess this is the right order :) It'll be funny. Even if the episode won't be so funny. I'm waiting for your preview.

  2. It can't be true. How do you explain the drop in the ratings?

  3. Daylight Savings caused the drop in ratings. HOUSE and CHUCK dropped the exact same percentage from last week, even though both had the same drop in competition for the week. So, the 8PM hour got shafted. You will likely see both shows jump up at least 17% next week.

  4. Diane comment:

    Loved your podcast. In regards to what you said about Chuck knowing how to pick a lock and how people wonder how that happened...

    Don't people remember he spent months in training in Prague? Isn't that the kind of thing they would have taught him to do?

  5. Diane, bingo. People worry about the strangest things.

  6. dropping to 1.9 the week before DWTS airs is not good news, no matter how it's spun, no matter if it was Daylight Savings or not or whether House dropped the same. House isn't on the bubble.

    Having said that i loved the episode and will continue to watch and hope we get a 4th season. If not well ...


  7. You should see the NBC forums, people are going ape**** over "the ratings being a result of too much angst in the earlier episodes, now everyone is quitting the show." Total BS.

    WTF is daylight savings time anyway I guess?
    I'm still trying to figure out why I go to that forum lol.

    On a lighter note, loved the podcast. I liked the format of talking about the episode in order, keep up the good work.


  8. I don't know much about american tv but won't it be difficult to get a raise in viewers with Dancing with the Stars premiering next week? Isn't that the most viewed program in america?

  9. I don't want to talk ratings with you people. I am here to talk episodes. Go talk ratings with NBC forum, or CTV forums. Want to talk show... come here.

  10. Listening to the podcast, although I haven't seen 310.

  11. Sarah and Chuck were talking. And when the talk was starting to go there, Sarah stopped it. Again. Will they ever finish a talk? :)

    So it was the Casey/Chuck kiss. I said it wasn't cute :)

  12. Tulio! NO!

    Sarah, only my opinion matters. It was adorable. ;)

  13. But it was. And I said it wasn't cute. My mistake :)

    What about the talk? :)
    I'd like to see Sarah following her heart, finally. We all know where her heart is, right? I'm not talking Anatomy :)

  14. Sarah, those two will get to talk a little bit more in the next few episodes. There will be some nice stuff in the next episode... and some painful stuff.

  15. Why do need more painful stuff? Most of season 3 is painful.

    There really is no light at the end of the tunnel is there?


  16. I don't know why, but when you say "painful" it seems more painful. Lol. Maybe because I think you don't use a word just to use it :)

    I really want to see Casey and his "new life". It was sad in Tic Tac, but I think it could be very funny in next episode. Now the job at Buy More is his only job.

  17. I'm really wondering if I should wait to watch next week's episode until right before Chuck vs. American Hero, that way my shipper heart doesn't explode(although it sounds like there will be good and bad moments for shippers in the next episode?).

    Otherwise, nice podcast I like the new setup(this way it follows the story) :)

  18. If they put Sarah and Chuck together as partners--they should be together romantically because it would only enhance both aspects. It's too bad that episode 11--with only 2 left after it (before the back 6 was added)--will have them still driving people crazy. I don't get it. It's just a distraction. I'm ready for some build to C/s having a resolution, not an abrupt resolution in 12 and 13.

  19. Painful is ok so long at it's realistic and makes sense in some way and not that run of the mill angst for the sake of having agnst we got served in mask and fake name.


  20. Wow - Ep 3.10 was pretty heavy!
    Casey's past life - a woman he loved and a daughter... and getting fired!!??!?
    The general said that was his second - second chance. Did we get to see the first one?
    Wow - Casey as a civilian... what will he do without orders or a chain of command?

    Do you think we'll get another window into his soul again soon? This was the most human side of "The Casey"... and it was fantastic.
    - but I'd hate to think the whole reason was just for Chuck to see the ramifications for his own decisions based on Casey's life experience.

    Last night definitely vaulted back on the downward spiral of chaos and upheaval... I had really hoped that 3.09 was the turning point - but in the end it was only a brief pause.
    If anything it only heightened the level of anxiety within all the characters...grrrr.

    How much shakeup did they think the show needed?
    Change for the sake of change is often pointless.
    Who do you think they are making these Character or Plot changes for? The diehard fans?
    or are they hoping to attract an audience looking for something more serious or dramatic?

    What do you think has been the most satifying resolution within season 3 so far?

    I keep looking back through the past episodes to see if there are some clues or hints as to where the story or characters are headed?... I must be missing something...

    It was great to see Chuck and Sarah side by side again. But I'm afraid he's running out of chances to win back the affections of the girl he loves.... I only hope we get to see Shaw fumble the ball - 'cause Chuck is going to need some help - he can't manage this one on his own.
    BTW - loved your podcast this week - Gringo

  21. Love the podcast.

    I agree that the scene with Chuck inadvertedly ratting out Casey was so amazing. I adored that very much. Chuck trying to go back on it was so funny. Naaoo, I wouldn´t use the word positive. Loved Sarah and Casey so much, when she realized that she had to arrest Casey.

    I am not sure about spoilers ruining the Casey storyline. I think that regardless of any spoilers, I would never have believed, that Casey might have been a Ring agent. He has always been portrayed as extremly loyal to his country and after Sensei, I would never have believed him being a bad guy. So I don´t think spoilers were needed to ruin that moment.

    And Sarah did offer Chuck a gun before in 3.02, he refused than as well of course and ends up with the blow torch. But it was not the first time she offered that.

    Loved Chuck´s indignation about the Ring agents posing at the gas company as well.

    About Sarah being shocked when Chuck is strangling the guy, but not caring about Casey snapping Keller´s neck: I think a big difference was that Casey was extremly emotional and did what he did out of anger. Sarah was, I think, more shaken by Chuck being completely emotionless. I thought that was kind of understandable.

    I loved Casey telling Chuck, that he still can make his choice. But I agree about it being a little confusing. I do get that the setup of the show is that Chuck will get to have both. But I don´t get why he doesn´t even question, if that is possible. Sarah told him that in Prague, Ellie told him about being willing to give up her dream job for the guy she loves, and now Casey tells him, he has to make a choice. And he seems to still be convinced, that he will get to have both. Why is he not doubting that at all?

    I very much like to hear people being excited about 3.11. Very much looking forward to it.

    Thanks for the podcast. I enjoyed listening. Sorry if my comment is a bit long.

  22. I really liked those funny and sexy moments, in season two, with Sarah in Chuck's mind :)
    It's possible that we'll be able to see moments like those in the future? Or at least will we see again a very happy Sarah? This season she is so sad :(

  23. I love your podcasts. They always have me laughing. I'm currently in the library right now and breaking the silence with my giggles.

    Can't wait for 3.11! 3.10 was so awesome. It's what I consider an epic episode. :D


  24. Magnus, compliments on the podcast. Great comments and insights but a couple of things had me wondering:
    1. It was mentioned that there were three call backs to prior episodes - one being the Chuck Casey kiss but I couldn't figure out the other two - could you share them?
    2. I've always enjoyed your outtakes and there is always just a little bit of information snuck in there that gets me wondering - this week, was a comment you made about how we will know S&S are dating - kind of falls in line with your shipper comments in the podcast and really has me wondering is "rules" are indeed meant to be broken.
    Thanks for stayin up so late to get it out today!

  25. Great podcast. I laughed more during this podcast than during actual episode. This is the funniest cursing I've since George Carlin died. Keep up the good work.

  26. That was a great podcast. This was the funniest cursing I've heard since George Carlin died. You almost hurt my crazy shipper heart with your last comment but then I thought hard about. At the start of the episode we will see Saraha and Shaw together in some kind of romantic situation that leaves no doubt as to whether or not they are actually dating. Then Chuck and Sarah reconnect on the stakeout. Then something about the test causes Sarah to freak out. Also my shipperiness will be upset when they talk about the Prague Train Station Disaster.

    I'm guessing that Sarah and Shaw will be done with by the end of the episode but I have no idea how.

    It was great to see an episode without Mr. 2x4 present. Were my guesses anywhere close? I'm sorry if I posted twice because I'm not sure that my first post actually took.

  27. K, of course there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Anonymous, if that even is your name, of course you should watch.

    Sarah, sometimes painful is painful for us and sometimes it is more so for them. Casey will get to experience his new life in the next episode.

    awelle, but in 3.02 she wasn't pining for him NOT to use a gun.

    Bluth, I think you will get a very, very happy Sarah very, very soon.

    Gabby, fight the system! Laugh whenever you want!

    PeterO, watch the episode a few more times on Hulu. :) As for the rule... I suppose you mean the Sarah rule... it will only be broken if you want to believe it has. They will never show it or mention it directly (unlike with Chuck).

    sasikh85, I live to make you happy. :) As for Sarah and Shaw being done at the end of the episode... if you mean 11... then prepare to be disappointed. The wooden plank will be around for a little while longer. However, he may not be as happy to be around in a few episodes.

  28. What about the Sarah affect. The ratings have not been so good since she has been with Shaw. So you are telling me that after 3.11 her heart is still with the block of wood. Why is Sarah choosing him. Does Chuck get chosen by default because he is not made of wood?

    They want us to embrace the romance but the ever loyal Sarah is being loyal to the wrong guy. They better have a good explanation because if she chooses wood boy even after Chuck pleads his case then this would be beyond rediculous.

    I fear the Sarah affect and Wood Boy have doomed this show. Sigh..


  29. PJ, the ratings don't have an immediate effect like that. People tune out over time. But you get to test your theory soon enough. If fans bailed out when they got together, what will they do when... never mind.

  30. Does the ep end on a bad note between chuck and sarah since the next one is about him trying to win her back.


  31. "Sarah, sometimes painful is painful for us and sometimes it is more so for them."

    You made me smile. But maybe it's because I didn't get the hint. Or maybe I did :) Well, I prefer to think I did :)

    "I think you will get a very, very happy Sarah very, very soon."

    Then there'll be another Sarah very, very happy very, very soon :)

  32. Actually I wouldn't be that dissapointed if Shaw and Sarah were still dating after 3.11 because they barely seem like they are dating now. Sarah is obviously in love with someone else so I was never bothered by Shaw and her dating I just thought it was kind of lame. Also their final kiss at the end of The Mask looked like two 13 year olds tongue kissing for the first time. I got a little sick to my stomach when I saw that.

    The promos and summaries for the next two episodes suggest that Chuck thinks he has a real chance with Sarah again and might actually pursue. It seems unnlikely that he would do that if Sarah was still with Shaw. I do know that those things only tell part of the story and are often misleading but that is the impression I have formed.

    Also I don't see why Sarah would continue dating Shaw when she doesn't seem to like him that much anyway. Whatever happens I am very excited for the next few episodes and I love hearing what you guys think about the episodes. I don't always agree with you but your opinions are nevery crazy or hysterically shipperlike.

  33. It's interesting how many people don't think Chuck can woo Sarah all by his charming self. Give the guy, and the girl, a little more credit people.

  34. I thought this was a great episode. I found it exciting and emotional as well. I'm hoping Casey somehow finds his way back on the team soon, it won't be the same without him. He has already given up so much.
    Chuck was funny and he also scared me a little. And it was good having kick-butt Sarah back!

    Chuck can get the girl and he will do soon
    (I hope).


  35. Hey Magnus, thanks for another great podcast. Really enjoy listening to all your opinions on the show.

    Analysing the show in a linear format really works for me, but I would like to hear a little more "free-form" opinion. (Your podcast #24 was a great example of that IMHO.)

    Thanks again!

  36. Magnus, you are right about this being a good intro episode. Me and my brother and his finance watched Chuck vs the Tic Tac on his DVR. My brother has since...um...acquired..the first two seasons. Well, just as long as he watches on Mondays...


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