Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Greatest Podcast in the World - Episode 3 (ADULTS ONLY)

We talk about CHUCK season 4, San Diego Comic Con 2010, and the CHUCK Tweet-Up as well as some other stuff.

ADULT LANGUAGE: Do not listen to this if you are easily offended or under 18.

SPOILER WARNING: Some season 4 spoilers.


  1. Hi Magnus,

    I saw the comic con video online on youtube, looked great, I also saw your comment on the personal lives of our beloved actors in the comments section - rock on, I love how in your podcasts and blogs that you are very protective of what people say about the actors and what they do in their personal lives, it is their business and their business alone. The cast all looked like they were having fun, they seemed a little subdued compared to the last 3 comic cons but hey maybe it is because it is becoming less of a novalty for them. Season 4 sounds really good, a question, do you think that if the new buy more is under CIA control in episode 1 then you got to think that chuck is back in the CIA in episode 1 along with Morgan. I mean what would be the point of them being there just for morgan and casey? So hopefully we get some flashbacks to how chuck is working in the CIA again (if he is) and maybe the tension this season will derive from chuck working his dads missions seperately from his CIA ones and keeping everyone except morgan in the dark over this.

  2. Hello Magnus,

    Comic Con yesterday was awesome, man Zach is so GQ smooth it is so cool. The line he had when he was playing with the crowd about how the love has always been there was awesome and funny and Zach is just so good at doing these public events. Looking at Tom's comment I agree about the actors private lives, it does not matter how many times people are told by either you in podcasts or other forums they just continue to say these harsh things, the price of being good at your job and to some extent fame - what a shame . Well anyway the panel was kind of cryptic on what is going to happen this season, do you have any more intel you can share.

  3. I don't have any intel to share right now. I know lots but as told to me in confidence.

  4. Linda Hamilton already shoot her scenes for episode 1 on friday, according to one of the stunt ppl. Also i think Adam and Yvonne can be excused from missing the fan event on friday since they were shooting that day as well.

  5. Jake Tyler DunhamJuly 25, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    Hi Magnus,

    I just looked at your comic con 2010 youtube comments and being in war with some ignorant person, you go man ! is it me or is Gomez just now owning everything, I mean he was so hillarious how he responded to all the questions and how he played up sitting between zach and yvonne and it is still not tiresome the fact that they still make fun of her saying naeiouooo., Plus I really loved the interview him and Zach did with G4. I think we may have found a new job for gomez after chuck and that is a tv presenter somewhere, any ideas .......

  6. Gomez is great. I am glad he is more recognition now. He should do more interviews.

  7. Jake Tyler DunhamJuly 25, 2010 at 3:13 PM

    Hi Magnus,

    Got it ! ah ha ! he does seem to know like all the relevant pop culture and there are a few late night shows going that could use fresh blood and he could so take over one of those and it would be cool because he has that personality and he has that knowledge and is quick on his feet, so off I go now to instigate a petition on his behalf to all the major networks, just kidding.

  8. Hi Magnus,

    I have just looked at the latest guest star list and wow Isaiah Mustafa is certainly good looking and big. I am thinkind with all these big musclely guys coming onto chuck, maybe we need to get our chuck beefed up a little, and apparently zach wanting to be superman he needs to beef up and pump more iron, and possibly shave his body, I think that is a prerequisite for the man of steel. So spread the word, zach you need to hit the gym if you want to be a superhero, you need to look more like casey or captain awesome.

  9. Diane, I think the chance of that happening is good if he gets Superman. :)

  10. I just loved the interaction between Zac and Yvonne. It was great how Zac was trying to stay in character while Yvonne was intently staring into his eyes trying to make him mess up. But notice Zac looked away to keep his concentration. Yvonne is such a good actress that she can do comedy without people realizing it( the couch scene in "The Tooth"). You are correct that they do read the blogs and this was the perfect way to give the fans what they wanted. Congradulations to the actors for pulling it off.

  11. So you had to bleep out Tess talking about who is dating on the show? .... lol funny!


  12. Her name is Elizabeth... and it had nothing to do with anyone dating anyone. Seems like you have your mind in a specific place.

  13. Did you guys see how josh gomesz said the one thing we have all learnt in season 3 is not to get in the way of you two. I think he was refering to the whole shaw saga, the fans response how shaw twice tried to hurt sarah and chuck shot him once and kicked his butt the second time, it was funny and certainly was a pointer to CF and JS on what to do in the future. Be aware future criminals on chuck to not get in the way of chuck and his girl or you will feel the full wrath of chuckfu, lol.

  14. You mean Josh Schwartz.

    Yeah, I thought it was something people missed but he was clearly addressing what we have been saying... there is no chemistry like Chuck and Sarah. New love interests are pointless. Sure, they can create problems for them but tossing in new love interests only hurts the story. This is not Gossip Girl.

  15. Hi Magnus,

    Talking about chemistry do you think it is a natural thing where two actors or characters just have it or do you think it is something that is built over time ?

  16. Hi Magnus,

    So this whole shaw catastrophy was Josh Schwartz grand idea ! I know it is your show but wow. Come to think of it I do feel like these actors are awesome and would be always professional, but is there a sense that they knew where the story was heading and so maybe they were not invested in trying to make a certain story line work. Like if I were either zach or yvonne and I knew that ultimatly I would end up with either chuck or sarah then maybe my heart would not be in any PLI, just a thought.

  17. Peter, there are different levels of chemistry. You can develop it over time but when talking about on-screen, you usually have it or you don't. Sometimes it is a big surprise (Morgan and Casey) and other times it is a no-brainer (Chuck and ANYONE). But we knew from the first second that Sarah and Shaw were on-screen that there was no chemistry.

  18. Ryan, I don't know. It is possible that Yvonne was so invested in her character's arc with Chuck that she had a hard time selling her romance with Shaw... but I doubt it. I actually bought her reaction in Fake Name at the end.

    The problem is really two-fold. One, the two actors had little to not chemistry. Two, the writers were afraid of pushing the relationship too far. So, they doomed the relationship and made fans LESS invested in the whole arc.

    Now, I think they succeeded in making the final seven episodes much better by having that arc, but since they wrote those first 12 episodes thinking they would NOT get a back six, that isn't going to count in their favor. NBC saved the show by picking up the back six.

  19. Hi Magnus,

    Is there any chance to bring back Carina(Mini Anden)?


  20. I will be surprised if Carina doesn't come back.

  21. Hi Magnus,

    I think judging by Yvonne's reaction she may be happy to have an angst free 13 episodes for her character, lol. To be fair for 2 and half seasons she has had the drama on a comedy/drama show so I do not blame her for that. Secondly she is actually really a funny actress, I really thought the comedic parts she had in honeymooners and other parts of the back six she was really good. Plus she plays well off zach, well because they are good together on screen, so here is to hoping. I am really psyched that they are going to give us a lot of stuff on her background, and hopefully that coincides with Nicole Richie coming back and hopefully she shares that stuff with chuck.

  22. Hello Magnus,

    I am also looking forward to seeing more of the sarah backstory but whether or not she shares this with chuck is to be seen. I always figured that the powers that be always had sarah not share stuff with chuck because she loves him and always wants him to trust her and see the best side of her and so she did not want him to know that she conned people or the details of how she killed people. As a romantic I am kind of ok with that except the name thing, that was just a bad move, they messed up. So I am not sure how they will play this.

  23. Hi Magnus,

    I noticed that Diane said that Zach may be the next superman and that for that to happen he will have to bulk up a bit. Now he looks super dishy (gorgeous) now and I guess he must be 130-140 pounds, to be superman i guess he would have to be 190-210 pounds, if that is all muscle man he is going to look so fine and hot (sorry I am a girl who has the hots for zach) but how looking like that could he possibly sell himself as a regular guy? (which is what chuck is) I mean he would just be too good looking, lol.

  24. I'm just curious about what they saw in Routh's performance that they extended his stay.

    I kinda of understand it after Op Awesome because he was good as a revenge driven nut. But after that they wrote him as one of the worst spies I've seen on any show.

  25. JC, they saw the same thing I saw in those first two episodes. They saw a guy who was doing well and of course they knew he was going to turn out to be the bad guy who would try to kill them all. What they hadn't anticipated was the terrible romantic chemistry he would have with Yvonne.

    But I still feel their biggest mistake last season was not mining the clear chemistry Kristin Kreuk had with anyone. I will go to my grave saying that her departure is what sank the ratings (for various reasons). So, I think the season 4 castings have been great. More strong minded women is always a good thing.

    Gina, I doubt Zac is 140 pounds. He is way too tall for that. He is probably 170. But you are right, if he bulks up it will look strange for his character... unless they write it into the show.

    Wilson, Chuck Vs. The Honeymooners is my favorite episode BECAUSE Yvonne got to show off her humor. She was BRILLIANT. An Emmy worthy episode. They need to milk that skillset!

  26. Was his stay extended once or twice? I'm guessing the romance was tacked on. It was those middle episodes what really killed his character for me. Not because of the romance per se, but Shaw did a 180 from how he was introduced.

    You mention the chemistry Kruek had with the cast, is the rumor about Hannah being more of a stalker type true? That those scenes were cut because of her chemistry with Zac. If true it makes me wonder once they saw how awkward the Shaw romance was why they went ahead with it.

    Not that any of this matters at this point. I'm just interested in what the thought process was behind some of decisions.


  27. JC, I really don't know what their thought process was. I can only guess. But they clearly had different ideas for the Shaw and Hannah stories and then they saw what they had shot and made changes.

    They just made the wrong choices and THEY KNOW IT.

  28. That's good to hear. I was worried that legit complaints would be lumped together with the fringe minority. Like what happened after Mask.

  29. Truth is that in the moment, people can't be objective about their work. So, they took it personally and resorted to attacking the complaints. But once they saw the reactions to those back six, it was easier to accept and admit that they had screwed up. If those back six had been terrible, they would NEVER have admitted their failures.

    Success tends to make one more honest about ones failures. ;)

  30. For me what killed the chemistry between Shaw and Sarah, was how Shaw character was presented.
    1. He was walking plot device, barely developed and changing from episode to episode - hard to identify with such a character.
    2. He was stiff, downright creepy even in some romantic scenes and completly charmless (i don't know if it was intentional), while it was less of a problem when he was in "cold agent mode" or when he was evil, during scenes where he was suppose to show his more emotional and sensitve side, it came really weird. It didn't help that BR was really wooden in the role.
    So i don't think such a character could have good romantic chemistry with anyone.

  31. "other" Diane says...

    Hey, just landed from my red-eye from San Diego and listened to your podcast first thing. Good stuff.

    I went to the Tweetup and I can't praise the organizers enough. I've been in several fandoms before this and I've never seen them organize anything as cool as this. ("For profit" convention companies like Creation Entertainment would have charged hundreds of dollars for the experience we had for just a few Happy-hour priced drinks.)

    I've been to nine CC's and this was a highlight of all of them.

    The people I met were cool and at least one asked "Are you the Diane who posts ratings stuff on Chuckgasmic". I was floored.

    For those who can now attach a face to the name, I am NOT the Diane who posted the note above about Zac's physique. Frankly, the Superman rumor stuff has me highly skeptical.

    If there are 2 Diane's posting here, I guess I have to come up with a way to differentiate.

    One more note--I agree with you, Magnus, about fan Q&A. I'm not a big fan because the questions are usually lame. But, I acknowledge that the cast honestly seemed upset that it got canceled and there are other people who have a higher opinion of it than I do. At the con, I was just more upset that the panel was cut short, despite the content of what was cut. I went to many different panels and the Chuck one is still the best.

  32. You should be "the real deal Diane." ;)

    You are famous now! We could have probably charged hundreds... and would have had it been Chuckfest 2 (all proceeds going to charity). But we couldn't do it, unfortunately. It was probably our best opportunity to raise tons of money.

    Anyway, glad you had fun.

  33. I enjoyed the podcast. As to season 4, I am just excited for it to begin. There were a lot of things about last season I didn't like and a lot that I did. Admittedly, the only real thing that put me off was the blaming and dumping on the fans.
    I like this show. I'm a fan and I hope this will be their best season ever. This cast deserves a GOOD season and I hope this is the one.


  34. "real deal Diane" says...

    Well, Little Chuck Fan was passing a jar about her charity and I through some money in that. It was cool to meet her too.

    My only sadness, as I told my friend, is that there probably won't be any more Chuck after this season for there to be another event at next year's con.

    (Of course, at one point, I didn't expect a Season 4 either.)

    Like you, I'm impressed with the marketing potential of the guest casting. Only the ratings results in September and October will reveal if any of it works.

  35. Let us not forget that FIREFLY fans still gather for events today... 8-years after it was canceled 3/4 of the way through the FIRST season.

    Sure, we might not have a SDCC presence but I wouldn't count us out for events every year for as long as people want them to celebrate our love for CHUCK.

  36. Hi Magnus,

    Based on what josh said about chuck and morgan being a bad but good but bad spy team and zach and josh's G4 interview it looks like chuck and morgan will be working secretly on the search for mom. I am so interested to see how this plays out because based on orions will he said these enemies are smart and cunning and governments are afraid to go after them. So to see how chuck and morgan deal with enemies unlike we have seen on chuck before is going to be interesting. I also think both chuck and morgan will be in the CIA in the beginning of season 4. How he will explain to sarah why he keeps on leaving in the middle of night will be interesting.

  37. Hi Guy's

    Tom I am with Magnus, back when they did the podcast for season 3 ep 1 magnus said if he were chuck and it was a choice between saving the world and sarah, he would choose sarah. I think Chuck should just stay in bed, lol.

  38. Frank said... Hi Magnus,

    I agree with your comment about chuck having chemistry with everybody, I also like Kristin Kreuk, I do wonder though how zach does have such excellent chemistry with all the girls that come through. I mean me I think I have excellent chemistry with my girl, but just her not every girl I meet, how does this guy do it. I saw Kristen on smallville and she did not have that same chemistry with Tom Welling imo that she had with Zach and she worked with Tom for years, as Lester put it in fake name "what is this guys secret with women".

  39. Hi everyone,

    I still see from the comments that some fans are still upset about the shaw arc. I get it I do but for me I also think that what was worse is that they made our characters do things they wold not do like chuck loves Sarah he would have tld her a better reason at the train station, casey is a pro he would have called shaw out on being a terrible spy and Sarah she suffered the worst. There are too many exames of her messing up so

  40. In my opinion , I think the main reason Schwedak put Sarah/Shaw together was for " shock value " when we find out that Sarah was the one that killed his wife. If S/S were just co-workers and Chuck and Sarah were together from the start and then in 12 we find out it was Sarah , the audience wouldn't give a hoot. But because there was that so-called relationship there it added a little twist . But like you've said all along Magnus the Sarah/Shaw chemistry didn't really make that scenario what it could have been.
    I get what they tried to do , but the fact that Zac and Yvonne ( C/S ) have that much chemistry together and the fact that %99.9 of the audience is invested in the Chuck/Sarah relationship , TPTB should have known that nobody would by Sarah with Shaw . Another actor , maybe .... . Who would you have liked to have seen instead of Brandon ? my pick would have been Timothy Olyphant .


  41. Sirus, it is nice when you all remember what I said.... since I sometimes forget I said it on the podcast. :)

    Frank, Zac is so good that he elevates every actor's skill level. A great actor can make a good actor push themselves to be better in the scene. Though, sometimes even a great actor can't save a bad actor.

    Harry, I have mentioned that many times and that is what Sirus is referencing. I never bought Chuck's reason nor his manner of telling Sarah about it. Writers, of all shows, need to stop being lazy and figure out a more creative way of getting characters in and out of situations. You can create that tension between Chuck and Sarah by SHOWING US first why he wants to be a spy (could be done in a montage), and THEN showing us their talk. Then have her upset for a few episodes that he made her go back to a job she didn't want, just so she can protect him (because she loves him). You can then increase the frustration she has with him changing from episode to episode until they break up.

    Jules, that is essentially why. But it didn't work. And part of why it didn't work is because the love story never felt GENUINE, from either side. Actually, the Chuck and Hannah romance felt genuine... so the writers decided that would be the one they ended quickly.


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