Saturday, July 17, 2010


After over 3,000 voters and over 7,500 selections, the results are in for the ChuckGasmic season 3 polls!

So what did the fans say?  Well, let's see.


It is interesting when you read forums or other fan related discussion streams, because our Agent Sarah Walker received some of the biggest complaints.  Yet nearly 1,000 votes indicate that through all the complaints and venom, Sarah/Sam is #1!  She is followed by her dearest love, Chuck Bartowski; his bestest bud, Morgan; and her partner, colonel to civilian father back to colonel, John Casey.  Rounding out the top 5 is Bartowski's brief but insanely gorgeous ex-girlfriend, Hannah.

Sarah Walker          964 (49%)
Chuck Bartowski    862 (44%)
Morgan Grimes       729 (37%)
John Casey              709 (36%)
Hannah                     426 (21%) 
*Percentages indicate total percentage of voters who voted for the particular character and not percentage of total votes.  Multiple choices were allowed.


While I did screw this poll up and mispelled Mary McDonnell's name (I blame someone for making me think of McDonalds that night), I think most voters saw through that and knew who I meant.  Hopefully it didn't skew the numbers too much.  Granted, this is not a scientific poll so... the clear winner was Lynda Carter.  And though executive producer Josh Schwartz has said that she is not in the running to play Chuck and Ellie's mother, the fans voted for her overwhelmingly.  In a distant second was Mary McDonnell followed closely by Sela Ward.
Lynda Carter      145 (33%)
Mary McDonald  66 (15%)
Sela Ward           59 (13%)


Looking at the results for this poll the first thing that jumps out is that the final seven episodes dominated the vote count.  Could this be a result of the episodes being fresh in the memory of voters?  Sure.  But based on my subjective point of view, I think it is simply because the season got better as it went along.  The votes, while not scientific proof of anything, reveal that those who voted in the poll were far more receptive to the positive Chuck and Sarah dynamics of the story than the negative.  This is no surprise.

The most popular episode was Chuck Versus the Honeymooners (episode 14) and the least popular was Chuck Versus the Mask (episode 7).  The finale was second place with both episodes getting the exact same number of votes.  Chuck Versus the Tic Tac was a close 6th and so it makes the final list.

Episode 14 - Chuck Vs. The Honeymooners   503 (61%)
Episode 18 - Chuck Vs. The Subway                 413 (50%)
Episode 19 - Chuck Vs. The Ring: Part 2         413 (50%)
Episode 13 - Chuck Vs. The Other Guy            377 (45%)
Episode 9 – Chuck Vs. The Beard                      256 (31%)
Episode 10 – Chuck Vs. The Tic Tac                   249 (30%)
*Percentages indicate total percentage of voters who voted for the particular episode and not percentage of total votes.  Multiple choices were allowed.

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