Monday, June 28, 2010

The Greatest Podcast in the World - Episode 2 (ADULTS ONLY)

We talk about lots of stuff including CHUCK, kissing, THE BRADY BUNCH, and other things. Opens up with epicness.

ADULT LANGUAGE so this is only for adults.  But if you are ever going to listen to a podcast, listen to the first 3 minutes of this one.  Worth your time.


  1. Hi Magnus,

    Your segment on kissing as an expert myself, on the money, as for confidence thing, totally agree. My question is that in a couple of your podcasts you have mentioned that yvonne is a shipper, I have never read that or seen an interview, how do you know that and secondly is zach a shipper?

  2. Even prior to season 3, Yvonne was known to have said she wanted Chuck and Sarah together and talked about her dream scenario being them together, Mr. and Mrs. Smith style.

    As for Zac being a shipper... I don't think so. He has never indicated that he was one.

  3. Hi Magnus,

    I think I might have heard that interview on youtube, she mentioned that she thought a good story line would be for chuck and sarah to run away and then she said that it was a bad idea because their would be no show. I thought she was just joking but ok, fair enough.

  4. the math on your polls do not accurately reflect total votes so far and it would apperar your percentages are based on the total votes.

    fix the addition on your total votes and that will remedy percentages. PS: when you add up all the percentages you can not have more than or less than 100%

  5. Skippy... they are percentages of VOTERS not just votes. So, 60% of voters voted for a particular choice, since two of the polls allow for MULTIPLE choices.

  6. Magnus. Not much of a Shaw fan myself, but I did find this piece, Why Sarah and Shaw Mattered, to be compelling. If nothing else, I think it made sense of something that made no sense to me. It's here:

    And I'm fascinated by how universal the scorn for Mask and Fake Name are. It's pretty clear that shipper, non-shipper, whatever, no one liked those two.

  7. That article pretty much states exactly what Lou and I have been saying for 4 months. :)


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