Monday, February 15, 2010

Chuck You Tuesday - Episode 21 (PG podcast)

In this episode we discuss season 3 so far; the controversy over episode 7; the media; ratings and renewal chances; fake Chuck spoilers and Kina Grannis... and more.

PG podcast.  No curse words are used.  

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  1. Hey Mag, got into Chuck through a younger brother between seasons 2 and 3. Podcast is *Devon voice* "Awesome." I was curious if we are going to have any "It's hard to say goodbye." moments this season or if that was a Bryce Larkin thing.

  2. I have not heard of that line being used this season. It was most likely a Bryce Larkin thing.

  3. Hey Magnus, enjoyed the podcast, as always. Love Kina so that was a highlight :)
    There were some things that you guys discussed, about Sarah mostly, that I thought were a little bit unresolved... The girls kept talking about Sarah's angle in her new "relationship" with Shaw and Michael disagreed, which I was happy to hear. I agree that you see is basically what you get with the Chuck story. But I feel like there needs to be more introspection(?) into Sarah's character. Her saying, "When you touched my neck at the party, I guess it was kind of nice" was not a full 180, I don't think, (though a slightly poorly delivered line...) You start to get an understanding of Sarah's sadness in that moment when Shaw asks, "really?" and Sarah quietly says, "really.." If you watch the scene again, she frowns at the end of saying "really." (beautifully done). We need to understand the immense loneliness that Sarah feels right now. She has no one to talk to honestly. She can't let Chuck know how she's feeling. Casey is...well, Casey. Shaw is finally someone she can quietly talk to because he is seperate from everything that is making her sad...(?) (I don't really know how to explain what I want to say but that's kind of it)

    Does any of that make sense? I might be projecting my own feelings into it, but I feel like it makes everything that went down in the last episode completely legitimate.

  4. That is an interesting take on it. I am not sure if we will go back to that discussion in the next podcast but I will keep it in mind if we do. It is true that she is lonely and it could be playing into her reasons for accepting Shaw's advances but... things will be a bit more clear in the next episode and I think we can discuss it more then.

  5. Amy, good post. What you say makes lots of sense to me. I also think that she was being honest when she told Shaw that she kinda liked the way he touched her neck, why wouldn't she? Shaw is very attractive, smart and respectful, and IMO, the kiss was HOT. Any straight woman would be turned on by it. Including Sarah. Plus yes, I agree that she is feeling very lonely and isolated. And I also think that the way she reacted to most of his advances was, well.. she was just confused and possibly also playing hard to get. Yes, I know she is still in love with Chuck, but she is not with him. So in my mind, She is a free woman, and I'm totally ok with her if she decides to date Shaw or somebody else. Besides, they make a truly hot couple, IMO.

    Whatever, we know it won't last, so I don't mind it. Let the girl have some fun. I would in her place. Life is short. ;)



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